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Courtney Aragon, a registered nurse turned inner light coach, embarked on a journey of discovery that took her from coast to coast across the United States. As a travel nurse for three adventurous years, she immersed herself in diverse cultures and communities, embracing the thrill of exploration and the joy of connecting with people from all walks of life.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Courtney’s essence is infused with a delightful quirkiness that has been a constant companion since her earliest days. From childhood, she danced to the rhythm of her own drum, harboring a boundless imagination and an intuitive grasp of the world around her. While her uniqueness may have posed challenges in her youth, Courtney now cherishes it as a priceless asset that enriches her life and empowers her to chart her own course.

Today, Courtney Aragon stands as the example of embracing authenticity and innovation, drawing upon her distinct perspective to illuminate new pathways and inspire those around her. Whether nurturing her clients with empathy and insight or embracing the wonders of travel, she embodies the spirit of adventure and the power of embracing one’s true self. Through her journey, Courtney reminds us all of the beauty of being different and the endless possibilities that arise when we dare to see the world through our own lens.

Tell our readers about your journey from registered nurse into the coaching space ; when did you really step forward into your power and claim your gifts?

I always knew that I would help people in some way and that I was meant to be a healer – I believe that’s initially why I pursued nursing. It was a safe and secure job choice. However, after a few years of nursing, I came to the realization that I wasn’t helping people in the way I truly desired. I wanted to dive deeper with people. I desired to facilitate healing beyond just the physical realm; I wanted to explore the depths of emotions and the soul as well.

Now tell us a bit about your own personal journey of going into the catalyst and the transformations. What has been the catalyst for your growth?

Firstly, it was about surrendering to the Universe, asking for help, and truly going within to listen, even when it felt daunting. I followed the call of my heart and soul, trusting that I would be guided. Another significant catalyst was working with coaches and healers. Their guidance propelled me from one level to another rapidly. It was like going from zero to sixty in no time. Having experts to help me uncover my blind spots and navigate deep within myself was incredibly beneficial.

What is the advice that you would now give looking back at this younger version of you that didn’t have those tools perhaps or that wasn’t able to see what you’re able to see today?

I would tell myself to trust myself and not get tangled up in the influence of other people or my external environment. Instead, I would encourage myself to trust my feelings and have faith in the universe. Trust my guides, trust my soul, and follow those nudges of the soul because they will always guide me to where I need to be. Opportunities will naturally gravitate towards me as long as I trust myself.

Now when it comes to your current work, Courtney, can you walk us through what it looks like to work with you and step into your world?

I keep my offerings quite straightforward. As a quantum coach, I primarily offer one-to-one coaching sessions, typically spanning three to six months. Within these coaching containers, the focus is on guiding individuals to reconnect with their true selves and align with the life their soul envisions. This journey may involve embracing significant changes or simply fine-tuning one’s current path.

Central to my approach is the exploration of inner desires and innate purpose. I assist clients in uncovering their authentic aspirations and stepping into their personal power. To facilitate this process, I employ various modalities including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, guided meditations, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, dream work, and shadow work. Delving into the unconscious mind allows us to address deeply rooted beliefs, emotions, and energy blockages that may be hindering personal growth.

Furthermore, I incorporate time techniques and timeline work, enabling clients to revisit pivotal moments in their lives and release associated beliefs or emotions. Inner child work and parts integration are also integral components of my coaching methodology, creating a holistic approach tailored to each individual’s needs Ultimately, the aim of this transformative work is to peel away layers of self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, allowing individuals to align more closely with their soul’s true calling.

Currently in terms of you and your work and what you’re looking to do, as you know, we’re all about manifesting in this issue, what does that look like for you?

I’m excited to mention that I’ll be hosting a retreat called ‘Follow Your Magic’ in Sedona this October, alongside a couple of fellow coaches. We held this retreat last year, and it was a tremendous success. We’re gearing up for the presale phase, and I’m thrilled about the prospect.

While I have a deep affection for one-to-one coaching due to the profound connections it fosters, I envision myself leading group programs that culminate in retreat experiences. There’s something incredibly compelling about the retreat space—it’s transformative and fosters a sense of community in breathtaking settings.

I’m particularly drawn to the idea of retreats because of their ability to catalyze profound shifts in a short amount of time, bringing people together in ways that are truly magical. I see retreats as an avenue for manifesting opportunities for personal growth and community building. Ultimately, my goal is to blend one-to-one coaching, group programs, and community engagement to create a vibrant community dedicated to making positive changes in the world.

Do you have a certain number you’d like to reach? When it comes to manifesting and like, will you set those types of goals for yourself?

I mean, eventually I’d love to be a millionaire — I’m claiming that. However, my current focus lies in building a community and effecting change, even if it begins on a small scale and ripples outward. This is my guiding principle.

“I really tune into what my soul wants for me.”

I take baby steps towards where I feel called, trusting that clarity will emerge along the way. I simply flow with the process, allowing my intuition to lead me forward.”

When it comes to stepping into your own abundance, do you have certain rituals, practices, rules, things that you’ll do to really step into an abundance?

Absolutely, I believe abundance is a matter of frequency. It’s about maintaining a high frequency regardless of life’s circumstances. For me, daily meditation is key. During these sessions, I focus on acknowledging my emotions and diving deep into self-awareness. As I reach a state of stillness where thoughts and logic fade away, I tune into the frequencies of love, abundance, surrender, and trust, carrying these vibrations with me throughout the day.

When actively manifesting something in my life, I leverage my vivid imagination and capacity for deep emotional connection. I immerse myself in the feeling of already having what I desire, holding onto that sensation and carrying it with me as if it’s already a reality.

Now, when it comes to living in a harmonious way – if you have found the magical formula for living a harmonious life, what does that look like for you?

I would definitely say – Boundaries. Having good boundaries when it comes to your business life and your work life, knowing when to turn off business and work mode and knowing when to turn on just enjoyment in presence mode. Also, to have fun. 

Another thing, just getting out into nature is so huge. Connecting with yourself outside, getting sunlight, fueling your body, mind, and spirit with high-quality, healthy food, water, sunlight, nature, exercise, like mobility that feels good. I love to do yoga. I love to lift weights. I love to hike, just like mixing it up.

And then of course, loving yourself every day, looking at yourself in the mirror, and celebrating yourself, even for the small things. Even if you have an off day and you decide to take a day off and you knew that was what you needed, just celebrating that. And I’d say the last thing would be for sure community, surrounding yourself with people who are lifting you up, who support you, who are on the same vibe and the same frequency, because you are so much like the people that you hang around with. So it’s important to dial that in.

“Trust yourself above all else.”

A big thing I would love to tell people, and that’s been coming through with so many of the people I’ve worked with, is the power of really feeling your feelings and not shying away from them. Just allowing yourself, even when it’s crying or even when it feels really hard, and also just allowing yourself to feel those beautiful, joyful feelings of elation too. We’re here for the full spectrum of the human experience, and that includes everything. I believe that’s a big part of living a well-balanced life: not shying away from anything that you feel and just allowing yourself to feel it fully because that’s very healing.

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“We’re here for the full spectrum of the human experience and that includes everything.”

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