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Kelly is a Financial planner turned Business Coach, specializing in money mindset and abundance coaching. Her love for animals, particularly her rescue dog Hazel, complements her deep connection with nature. With a background in psychology and over fifteen years of exploring mindset and emotional intelligence, Kelly is committed to personal growth.

Inspired by Bob Proctor’s teachings, she offers transformative coaching programs and aims to make a significant impact through service. Kelly’s magical formula for a harmonious life revolves around embracing the present moment and finding joy in both big achievements and everyday blessings.

Tell us about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your online presence?

After spending two decades as a financial planner and working in the finance industry, I decided to take a bold step and establish my own coaching business. This transition has provided me with a distinct advantage when it comes to coaching individuals on money mindset and abundance. Additionally, my deep affection for animals, particularly our beloved rescue dog Hazel, has further enriched my life. Nature serves as my ultimate sanctuary, allowing me to connect with my inner self. There’s nothing I enjoy more than embarking on hikes with my husband through forests or climbing mountains.

What brought you into the field of psychology and emotional intelligence?

I have had a longstanding fascination with psychology and even pursued several psychology courses during my time at university. Over the past 15 years, I have been actively exploring the concepts of mindset and emotional intelligence. However, it was not until 2020, when I came across the work of Bob Proctor, that I truly delved into these areas. Since then, I have been deeply committed to studying myself and the universal laws on a daily basis.

When it comes to your own personal journey of deep healing and liberation, what has been the catalyst for your growth?

My life underwent a complete transformation when I was introduced to the work of Bob Proctor and his Thinking Into Results program, which I now teach. Through studying and introspecting with the guidance of my own coach, I have assumed personal responsibility for my life and results. This journey has led me to truly understand and embrace who I am, cultivating profound self-love even with my imperfections. By challenging my beliefs, particularly those surrounding myself, I have experienced unimaginable healing and growth. Changing our perception of ourselves and recognizing our own worth creates an abundance of healing and self-love.

Advice to your younger self? Other women that are “stuck” in a specific place?

First and foremost, I encourage you to have faith in your abilities and limitless potential. As women, we often find ourselves dismantling our own confidence over time. It is crucial to truly believe in yourself so much that you are willing to invest in your personal growth and mindset. In my personal experience, investing in a coach has been the most beneficial decision I’ve made. Having been an athlete in my younger years, I understand the value of having a coach and the accountability they provide. Having someone who can push you when needed, while also recognizing and appreciating your strengths, can truly transform your life. Remember, you have the power to become the woman you aspire to be right now. You have the capability to achieve, accomplish, and acquire anything your heart desires.

Walk us through your offers and enrollments for women who want to join your space?

I provide both six-month and one-year group coaching programs, during which I guide you through the highly acclaimed courses designed by Bob Proctor: Thinking Into Results and Lead the Field. Additionally, I offer personalized one-on-one coaching sessions.

MANIFEST WITH US : What are you actively calling in now?

This year, I am determined to achieve my ambitious business goals and make a significant impact through service. I have multiple projects in progress, and I am eagerly looking forward to witnessing their unfolding. Additionally, I am embarking on a health and fitness journey with a massive objective in mind: conquering the 29029 Everesting challenge. Within a span of 36 hours, I aim to ascend 29029 feet, which is equivalent to Mount Everest’s height.

What are your rules and rituals for an abundance mindset?

I adhere to a consistent morning routine where I begin my day with gratitude, study, and visualizing my goals.. By envisioning myself already having achieved my goals and embodying the woman I aspire to be, I cultivate an abundant mindset. Additionally, I make it a point to assess my emotions throughout the day. Am I feeling scarcity or abundance? Fear or joy? Because I understand the feeling is the secret. I prioritize keeping myself in a positive state of being.

What is your magical formula for living a harmonious life?

Embrace the present, cherish every moment and discover joy each day. Sometimes, it’s about relishing the big occasions and momentous triumphs, while other times it’s about celebrating the little moments of our everyday existence. Whether it’s taking a small step towards our goals, savoring a cup of coffee in the morning, finding solace in our comfy beds, or witnessing the sheer delight on my dogs face during her walk, these are the moments that deserve our appreciation.

Photography by Heike Delmore

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