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Devina Serpentine is an Intuitive Tantric Transformation Coach, for women, men, and couples. Her transformative work is deeply focused on self love and relationships, intimacy, sacred sensuality, self empowerment, and abundance/money/biz mindset. Devina is a 200 hour RYT Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Energy Healer and Tantric Transformation Coach specializing in tantric embodiment and Subconscious Reprogramming through Hypnosis, NLP and EFT. She is also the
Podcast Host of The Love, Sex, and Money Magick Podcast on Spotify and Anchor and is the Founder of Dragon Mystery School.

Gorgeous Devina! Let us begin with telling our readers more about you, especially the pars that are not so known from your social media presence.

This is an interesting one, because I feel like I’m pretty transparent, but I truly think that maybe what people won’t notice about me is that I have definitely been on this healing journey, and journey of transformation for over almost a decade at this point. I also would say that I’m so passionate about music and about art. I don’t necessarily share a lot of that with my audience, but I was in a psychedelic-goth metal band for a little bit with a few friends of mine, before I had my son. I’ve always had this passion for the creative realm and for the mystical, so something about me is I’ve always been naturally in tune with channeling from my heart, channeling from my soul, and so music always has come naturally to me. I’ve always had a large affinity for music and the creative realm like art, music and creativity.

Walk us through your journey of healing and what that looked like.

I believe that it really started for me in junior year of high school. It was probably my lowest point, I feel like that is one of the most important years in high school. That is what I’ve always felt, like junior year is the year you have to put in all your effort and do your best because when senior year comes, you can just completely relax.

I was really struggling with a lot of depression, I was struggling with a lot of sadness, shame, suicidal thoughts, just feeling really unworthy and insecure, and I feel a lot of those feelings and limitations truly did stem from certain experiences I went through that were not positive experiences, but they were for sure meant to help me become the powerful potent healer,
teacher, and coach that I am today. 

It’s been a journey, being at those low points, just feeling so unhappy within myself because I didn’t love myself. Feeling so unworthy, something shifted in me as I started moving into senior year. I really started feeling a shift in myself, I craved freedom from the weights I was placing on myself and negativity drowning me out, I was like “this isn’t me, I’m a happy person, I’m passionate, I’m unique, I’m meant to do something great, I can do this”. I’m somebody that really cares about myself and others, I care about my life, I care about making the world a better place, helping others has always come so naturally to me since I was really young, so shifting from a completely negative mindset to learning to embrace my super powers and gifts was a journey I’ve been on the last 11-12 years. I’m grateful for the lows, it’s taught me so much about
gratitude, life, and resilience. My lowest point truly was that junior year timeframe.

When I started moving out of that deep funk I was in, everything changed for me. My entire reality literally 360d. I was becoming enlightened through the daily practices and the daily rituals I started to implement, which was deepening my spirituality through yoga, working with the elements, meditation, finding successful mentors to learn from, and living a holistic lifestyle. A lot of those things started helping me heal and becoming more empowered on my path. It really allowed me to realize holy sh*t, if I can turn my life around and find wholeness within me, anyone can. I can help others do the same. Even though I wasn’t where I am today, I shifted a lot, I healed a lot, and it was really pivotal for me because I noticed that I was really coming back home to myself, I was really finding that I started to really love myself again, and to find that joy
within myself again that I had lost prior to this. I chose to be a victor not a victim of my circumstances.

Being on a spiritual path and staying consistent with my daily practices has played an enormous role in my path to enlightenment as a healer & teacher, healing myself and having the realization that we are all powerful creators & healers, and we can create the life we desire for ourselves and we all have the ability to heal ourselves and 360 our lives.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
I would honestly say to my younger self, “everything is working out better than you could have ever imagined. You are a magnet for success. Anything you put your heart and soul into, go after it and f*ck the judgement, f*ck all the things in your head that are telling you that you’re not good enough”.

How do you embody this version of success? What practices do you implement regularly? 

I am a big believer in rituals. To me, life is magical, and I truly believe that I live a magical life, so I want to remind everybody that the more you believe that, that you are magic, the more you believe that your life is magical, and that you are the creator of your magical life, and every single day you do something to inspire that within yourself, you are getting closer and closer to
that state of inner love and bliss. For me, I have rituals where I wake up and I focus on saying something positive throughout my day, like for example recently it’s been “my success is inevitable”, or “I’m a magnet for success”, or, especially this one, this one really hit home for me because I feel like people do struggle with limiting beliefs, “I am capable of handling massive success” because part of the work I do with my clients is helping them rewrite their old stories & limiting beliefs, we focus on rewiring the subconscious mind, and people don’t realize that’s where those limiting beliefs like to live, in the subconscious.

We really have to remind ourselves every single day of our power and innate magik! So I love to say my daily affirmations. It’s a must. I write them on my mirrors, I journal them, I speak them out loud, I sing them, I visualize, & speak my affirmations into existence every single day.

I for sure love sleeping to some really nice Solfeggio binaural beats and also visualizing me feeling amazing, having all the things I want, feeling whole and complete before going to bed. Forgiving myself for whatever I feel I need to forgive myself for as well, sometimes it can be forgiving myself for being so hard on myself etc, I can be extremely hard on myself and self
critical, I think many of us are like this. I have tons of rituals, but I’ll give you some of my favorites.

I love making magik out of anything, life is magikal, and I love working with candles, making natual healing elixirs, oil potions, natural incense…when I craft my magik, I always set my intentions as I work with it. Right now I have an abundance candle I made, and then I have a couple’s twin flame candle for me and my twinflame, who is the dad of my son. I just put my
intentions of bringing more love, harmony and intimacy into that one, and then my other one is all about being the flow of abundance and allowing myself open to receiving abundance, and so it can vary for me, but I love my candles, I love my incenses, and my oils, they always put me in a relaxed state, my morning meditation and affirmations are key, and I love tuning into some of my favorite coaches podcasts. I’ll study from my coaches & mentors and I love studying from really successful entrepreneurs, it’s always so inspiring & activating. Stuff like that, I for sure recommend. Learning from successful people that inspire you is a must!

When it comes to women who want to join your space, give us everything that you are doing in the next year in terms of courses, offers, your different services to work with you.

I have a lot of exciting things happening right now. First of all, I am an Instagram lover, so even though I have my own website which is, people can always just hit me up directly on Instagram which is @alchemydragonessllc, it’s my favorite way to connect. I’m not the kind of person that’s like “no, don’t DM me”, I’ve probably ran a few ads in my entire life of having my business up and running, but I am a firm believer in scaling your business organically, & making connections organically is my favorite, so that’s what I did. I did everything organically, just connecting with like-minded souls. So when it comes to connecting, my DMs are always open, message me on my IG, that’s my favorite place to connect.

I have some freebies that can be found on my Instagram in my links, and I always encourage people to connect with me. Like, ask me, what do you need? I got you!! I’m open to offering people my time, I want people to feel important & heard. I want people to know I care. I’m here to give my all, that’s why I do what I do. And I still get to live life and have boundaries. If you’re somebody completely new to my world that’s interested in what I do, just reach out! If you don’t ask, you’re closing doors of opportunity rather than opening them.

Some of my favorite and primary courses are my two signature 1:1 mentorship programs; I have one for women, it’s called “Wealthy Luxurious Activated Goddess”, the name of the program says it all! Ha! and I then have one for men which is called “Awaken the Dragon: The Empowered Masculine”, and those two are my favorite one-on-one programs for men and for
women. Then I have a group program that is coming up next year, launching January 2023, and this is going to be for women, for men, for couples, for whoever, and it’s going to be an online space where we really dive deeper into tantric embodiment, mastering tantra through breath work, energy work & mindset, for deepening your self intimacy & intimacy in relationships, I’ll be teaching sex magik, and a lot of subconscious reprogramming.

Some of my favorite methods that I’ve actually studied and trained in, but what I do is a little different. I combine hypnosis, with breath work, guided meditation and some sex magik energy activations. It’s a very unique process. I love what I do. I activate people & teach them how to live an orgasmic life & manifest anything they want. My podcast The Love, Sex and Money Magick Podcast, is a little dive into this potent work I do, so that’s why it’s kind of like my theme because I love to help people transform their lives, deepening into their self-love, & self-intimacy so that everything in their lives can prosper. Their relationships, their businesses etc., I bring the money codes! A lot of my clients come to me struggling with limiting beliefs and after working with me they’re really bringing in the abundance that they want, manifesting money, and transforming their relationship to money & their intimate relationships. So working around those subjects is what I specialize in! I encourage people to reach out to me to make sure we’re a fit for each other energetically, that’s how we connect, on Instagram. Rarely do I send people to my website, but I have one that I made completely on my own. It’s definitely my vibe once you see it! Ha!

Photo Credit- Sam Loera

I have a women’s retreat “Return of the Sacred Feminine” that is actually coming up this weekend in Joshua Tree, California, so we’re going to be recording some delicious content there, and that’s going to be actually on a landing page that you guys can find to purchase the online digital courses. It’s going to be on self-love rituals for women, tantric transformation, eroticism, sex magik, and my girlfriend & one of my biz partners Emily and I are going to be doing that together, so that’s going to be a digital course that can be purchased. We can’t wait to share the magik with you all in this online course for women that we’ve been creating!

What is your big vision that you want to manifest now?

I love manifesting. It’s funny because before I really niched down on who I am and what I do, really my realm has always revolved around manifestation, so I’m a huge believer in manifestation. Actually, one of my clients recently who was working with me in a three month container manifested $135,000 from killing it in sales and most importantly II helped him manifest his dream girlfriend, his “dream wifey”. He is going to do a video testimonial for me, so a lot of my clients after working with me tend to manifest more money, they manifest more opportunities, pretty much anything, like the relationship of their dreams, literally whatever they desire I help them activate the codes & clear the baggage holding them back from having what it is they went.

For me, one of my biggest visions is to launch more online digital courses, so anyone can have access to my teachings, which I’ve been working on! I’ve done a lot of one-on-one and group stuff and I absolutely adore 1:1 coaching! I already have a podcast that I launched this year. It’s so fun to me to be able to share the work I do with as many people as possible in the online space and am definitely keeping that going. I have a few books that are in the works. One of them is all about awakening your inner dragon and what that means, and so that’s something I really want to launch and put out there, but honestly right now it’s just really hitting bigger money goals, and it’s not like “oh my gosh, I want to hit big money goals”, but because I really want to be able to continue to scale my business and lead others/be of service in way that still allows me the freedom to be a mom and be there for my family without sacrificing myself. I love entrepreneurship so much. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you aren’t happy or don’t have the freedom to be with your family & loved ones. I plan on transforming millions of peoples lives; women, men, and couples all over the world. I want to leave this planet and world a better place and be remembered for my gifts of helping people transform their lives! My desire is for all beings
to truly understand that they are SO powerful and divine and that they can create anything they want. They can live a life of abundance, of pleasure, of love, of freedom. Peace and prosperity for all is my true desire.

So this thing that recently happened in Iran, I’m half Persian actually, it really was close to my heart because that’s what is happening in the feminine collective, HUGE SHIFTS. My retreat is called Return of the Sacred Feminine, and that’s what really is happening, the divine feminine is really waking up to her sovereignty all over the globe, and it’s really sad to see this harsh patriarchal system still in play, but women are so powerful and I can’t believe I, myself, no matter what I’ve gone through, I’ve manifested this beautiful life, so I truly believe in our power so much, as a collective. I live in one of the most gorgeous places in the Orange County hills. I manifested my significant other who is my twin flame & love of my life. We met in yoga, and we ended up creating a life together, my son, who is the sweetest, wildest toddler ever, hehe! I manifested my son with my twin flame, and our life together continuing to grow, learn, travel together & leave a legacy behind, creating generational wealth for ourselves and our son, is such a blessing. My hubby and I did not come from a wealthy background. We are self made. I truly admire that.

What I really have a big vision of is my hubby and I coaching together, so I really want to do more podcasts with him and create some online courses with him and I coaching other couples. I would love to do that for couples, with him at some point. Right now, my biggest visions are just continuing to scale my business, continuing to help people and transform billions of lives. I love Instagram and creating content, so people will always be able to have free content through my Instagram, it’s a hobby not just a job! Haha! I would love to continue to help as many people as possible, women, men and couples, and just helping people realize they can create the life of their dreams and manifest whatever the f*ck they want.

When it comes to clients that you have worked with, or are working with currently, what do you want them to retain the most from the work that you do?

I truly want them to realize that they are such powerful beings, that their ability to once again live a life of freedom, of pleasure, of sovereignty, of grace, power and abundance, is limitless. I want it to be forever imprinted in their soul and their mind and their heart that they have limitless capabilities and potential to create anything.

If they’re having issues in their relationship, they can fix it, they can solve it. Sometimes two people aren’t meant to be, but also there’s that realization that you can literally solve anything. I’m a solution based person, I just want my clients to always understand their power as creatrix, creators, as powerful beings that they are, they can manifest anything that they want. They can go from living in pain, poverty & scarcity to learning how to create a life of true love, prosperity & abundance. If they have an idea for business, they can go out and make it happen. The mindset in what I teach & embody is what I love so much. Most success is not overnight. I just want them to be left with the deep inner knowing & belief that they are so powerful and they can live a life of true happiness, love, & abundance no matter the circumstances!

Finish this sentence “my gifts to the world are…”

Magnetic, divine, brilliance.

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