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On devotion to life and enlightenment

Introducing the one and only, Michaela of SheWolf Impact. An Accelerated Ascension Master, and Divine Design Business Mentor, lover of tattoos, reading 3 books at a time, and former (almost) famous pop band singer! Through her own personal and spiritual awakening, she has pivoted from being a former very successful business coach to now helping humans exit the 3D Matrix, awaken to their TRUE self (their God Consciousness) and activate their Divine DNA — as a result living and manifesting a life from 12D Pure Bliss Consciousness. She enjoys helping women create heaven here on earth so they can live a life full of incredible wealth, health, love and self expression.


Tell our readers a bit more about yourself and especially the parts that are not so known from your social media.

I live in Austria in the mountains in a little village. For everyone who thinks you have to live in America or at hotspots in order to achieve wealth and success, that’s not the case. Apart from that I have two white shepherds. They are literally my babies. I had a twin sister, an identical twin sister, which I only mentioned in one post who passed away. And finally, the question on how LIFE really works so we get to live a life in pure bliss, where wealth is simply a natural byproduct of it, has always been a significant question to me.

Walk us through your awakening, from the lowest point in your journey.

My journey as an entrepreneur, specifically in coaching, started in the beginning of 2021. I started out as a strategy coach, business coach, mindset coach, including all the pattern work and many of my clients, including myself went to million dollar
businesses through that work. What led to my enlightenment, and I purposely want to call it enlightenment here
because enlightenment is different to healing, manifesting and all the things people are doing in order to create their reality, was the passing of my identical twin sister in February 2022. Up to the date of her passing I was mentoring wealth and success like you see everyone else doing in the world – the energetics, the intuition, the subconscious, the beliefs, the strategy. You name it.

I thought this was a normal way of creating and having success because that’s what you see the entire world doing. I never really questioned it. Of course, I have heard about enlightened people but back then I could not really understand it, because to me, enlightenment was just another way of spirituality. I thought spirituality is working inside, meditating and all these techniques… in order to change the outside world, in order to feel good inside. That’s how most people perceive it. Spirituality is not about gaining something, it is about losing something. YOURSELF. The concept of self. It wasn’t until the day when my twin sister died, where everything about life, happiness, business, success… as I knew it, changed within ONE moment. Nothing of what I was taught about how life works and how wealth is being created made sense anymore. Everything started to feel as if one and one equaled eight.

At first, I thought I had an identity crisis, because losing your identical twin makes you question your identity. So the most important question of my life started to arise within me: WHO AM I REALLY? Little did I know that this was the
beginning of the most amazing journey I have ever been on. I experienced what I call the ego exit… or the exit of the matrix. If you have watched the movie Matrix, you know what I am speaking of. Before my twin died I really thought I knew who I was. One of the identities was “a successful business coach, helping other entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 7-
figures”, another one was “a 40 year old female entrepreneur smashing it in the online space”. And these are just 2 of the many identities the self-concept holds. But none of that was true. That was not me. It was just my self-concept. Made up
by my mind. Every identification we give ourselves are simply just self-concepts of our ego. And none of that is REALLY us.

So when I went deep into the rabbit hole I discovered how life is really intended to work for us, so we, as children of god, source, universe, get to live our happiest, healthiest, wealthiest and most fulfilling lives possible. And I purposely say how life
is WORKING FOR US… rather than us trying to create reality or make things and life happen a certain way on the outside, so we get to feel and experience freedom, bliss, wealth, love etc.

On this path I also discovered that concepts like manifestation, healing, attuning to desires, or “how to create success” are literally taking you further away from truth and further away from who you REALLY are. All these concepts are simply built on the same foundation: Conditional Receiving. Our self-concept made us buy into the idea that in order for us to feel good inside, we have to create or change or achieve something on the outside. And nothing could be further from the truth. And so most humans are living life the reverse way like Benjamin Button… not even questioning that there is another way. And so was I, until February 2022. It would not have been through her passing that I had my enlightenment. So I really consider this event as one of the best things life has given me. Losing her made me find myself. The real self. It liberated me from all the insanity and struggle that is going on in this world.

What advice would you give to a younger Michaela?

The one advice I would give her would be you should be experiencing the life that’s happening to you, not the one you wish was happening.

How do you embody success today in your daily life?

Devotion. It’s not a specific practice. It is a lifestyle. Divinity, God, Source, Universe have such an amazing plan for each and every single one of us in store, if WE (through our self-concepts) stop standing in the way of these amazing lives
being created and experienced THROUGH us. I no longer set a desire or an intention. Because every desire is rooted in an
emotion that we originally did not want to feel. For example: My parents did not have a lot of money, so my self-concept disliked not having a lot of money. That was my self-concepts reference. Based on that reference, my self-concept formed its
preference: Having a lot of money & success. So before my enlightenment my desire was success. And don’t get me wrong here, money is an amazing resource, but it is not responsible for my well-being anymore.

So through devoting my life to life, I embody non-resistance. I gave up my entire self-concept, meaning I exited my personal and the collective belief system altogether. Living life in non-resistance is the most spiritual practice you can ever do and you will find that it’s no longer you seeking things. It’s them finding you. Because you are in a permanent state of non-resistance and in the present moment of NOW.

What practices do you implement regularly to stay in ease and flow?

Apart from devotion it is being present in the Now. That’s literally it. Reality appears the moment perception is removed altogether. And not only that. You become supernatural. There is a favorite quote that I love: MAN MINUS MIND EQUALS GOD. That’s exactly who you really are. 

When it comes to women wanting to enrol in your courses, walk us through everything that you currently have space for? 

I do have paid masterclasses. They are mainly about wealth and money from the quantum side of things. They are very useful for people who are either just starting in their journey or for people who are still trying to create or manifest money and
yet, are not ready to give up their self-concept, as not everyone is. They contain practices where you get to experience moments of that non-resistant state and therefore attract differently.

I also have my accelerated ascension programs, which are available as group or private work for humans to experience their enlightenment as well as ascending into higher levels of consciousness. The ascension program is split in three sections.
The first one is “Wealth Ascension”, where we mainly focus on the wealth aspect of consciousness. That means I unplug humans from their millions (!) of personal and collective money- and wealth beliefs of the 3D through keycode activation in their DNA. Next, these keycodes are also going to ascend their wealth consciousness into highest timelines and levels of 12D Consciousness.

The second one is “Source Portal” It is a 3 and/or 6 months ongoing mastermind where I do similar, yet different, things with people. In this sacred container I ran divine DNA Activations for humans who are ready to awaken. Once the divine
DNA is activated, they are being unplugged entirely from their self-concept altogether. At first there is an adjustment phase to this life without self-concept. But then you will start to KNOW THYSELF (Chirstconsciousness). The second program is “Supernatural Self”. It is an ongoing 5 months mastermind for humans to practice devotion to life in order to live in a state of permanent non-resistance and in the special moment of NOW. It is that program that made me – by divinity – a multimillionaire… without following a certain strategy, healing, journaling and what not. All you follow and devote to is life itself. This one will start on 1st November. And I could not be more excited about the deep transformations in all areas of life that will happen there. 

Last but not least, I do have private containers, where people get to work with me one on one. It is specifically for entrepreneurs who have already made 6, 7 and 8 figures in business and yet, find themselves going through duality, the self-sabotage, the inner work, the mindset work the ups and downs… or simply find out that regardless how high the Cash in their business is, there is always something missing and enough never seems to be enough for you to feel ok inside.
Because exactly that happened to me: I thought I would be fulfilled, once I hit 7-figures. And so I went and created them. Little did I know that I was seeking Freedom and Happiness in all the wrong places. The moment my self-concept dissolved I went from 7-figures in 12 months through all the things you see people doing on- and offline, to having high 6-figure cash days FINDING ME. Private work is only upon application.

What do you want the women that come into your work to retain the most from the work that you do?

They will be free. Free of the need to go and create something. When everything has already been created for them. They will experience fullness and connectedness to what has been lying within them their entire life. They will find what has always
been right in front of each and every single one of us: Heaven on earth. Paradise. Home.

Finish this sentence : my gifts to the world…

Awaken truth seekers and bring them home. Home to who they REALLY are: Their natural supernatural Self.

“Man Minus Mind Equals GOD”

All Photo Credits : Isabella Koller

Visit her programs and all details on enrolment here.

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