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Manifesting Dreams into Reality

Dr. Jessica Emery is a serial entrepreneur, multi 6 & 7 figure business mentor, and mom to three beautiful children. An international speaker, future published author who has multiple online courses and masterclasses to teach women how to manifest their dreams into reality. Coming from a background in the medical field, as a practicing dentist, she truly believed that would be her future identity — but things shifted when she discovered her passion for manifesting, marketing, branding and mentoring women in business.

She sold her solo practice as a cosmetic dentist, to say “yes” to her next chapter: a multi-passionate career centered around helping women find their aligned path, build their businesses and transform their lives. She continues to manifest every single one of her dreams and is nowhere near done. It is just the beginning!

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your online presence @DrJessicaEmery.

If you were to land on my personal brand Instagram, one of 5 Instagram accounts I have and run….you probably wouldn’t see that I have another business for dentists. I lead a community and account called @dentalgirlgang and also own a marketing and dental media agency called Dental Soiree

This is where it started. I’m a dentist by degree.. I had a vision of building my own dental practice from scratch and having it be fee for service, which means you’re not contracted to any insurance companies. I knew the branding needed to be unique, I needed to think outside of the box and serve my clients with exceptional service and care. I was located in a very saturated area in Chicago and Sugar Fix Dental Loft became one of the top cosmetic practices in Chicago. Dentists started asking me, “How are you making this work when you have five other dentists outside of your door?” And, “we love your website and social, it’s so unique,” “how did you develop your brand?” and so on.

I started helping dentists build their unique brands. I would land on their websites and they would be completely dated and stale with stock images AND they would have no social media presence. So I started working with them on the social side as well because I LOVE it, and then that became a business. I started building my team and secured a gorgeous space. My team and I started to travel all over the U.S. to dental practices to do brand photoshoots where I would be the creative director, scouting locations, props etc. I bring my stylist in from LA and have hair and makeup. After shooting for two super FUN but long days, we walk away from shoots with thousands of photos. This is enough content for web, social, marketing and more.

I have three children, and they were all small when I started my second company. My husband worked full time and we had a wonderful live in nanny. I also hired a personal assistant 8 years ago, whom I love dearly. I hired her on the spot at hello and she has been by my side and an integral part of my life. I am all about outsourcing as I want to stay in the clouds as the visionary in my companies. Anything that requires being in the weeds, I outsource. I advise all my clients to do the same to create space in their lives. I had three successful brick and mortar businesses, Sugar Fix Dental Loft, Dental Soiree Media and White Haute (a teeth whitening bar). And then Covid and quarantine happened and changed everything for me. In the best way.

During quarantine, I spent so much time at my Dental Soiree space which was a beautiful, timber lofted creative space with huge floor to ceiling windows. I started creating online courses for dentists like a Dental Brand Bootcamp and Get Social School. I launched a podcast called Dental Confidential. At the time I knew dentists were not in the mouth but instead at home staring at the ceiling and wondering what to do! I had no idea how to start but got gritty and learned everything from scratch. It all took off. 

During quarantine, I had a very vivid, detailed dream about a place I had never visited before – Charleston, South Carolina. Usually you remember a dream and it goes away but the next night I dreamed about it again! I said to my husband, “I keep seeing Charleson in my dreams” and he said, “Jess, get my IPad.” You can’t make this stuff up, but he had been looking at Charleston online checking out golf courses because he’s a Professional Golf Instructor. We had never mentioned Charleston to each other before that moment. I said, “That is three signs, we need to get on a plane to go see what this dream is all about.” 

A couple of weeks later we are in Charleston. We end up parking in the only space available on King Street in downtown Charleston in front of a beautiful space available for rent. My creative mind started to race with the idea of opening a second White Haute Teeth Whitening Bar. Of course, White Haute Deux! It made sense to me, two locations, one in Chicago and one in Charleston.

I asked my husband to take a picture of me standing in the entrance and I posted it on my personal Instagram page. Not even five minutes later I received a DM from a female dentist in Chicago with the ask, “Oh my gosh, are you selling Sugar Fix Dental Loft and relocating?” My initial reaction was a resounding no! I had a successful 7 figure practice working seeing patients under 24 hours a week with an awesome team and it was still growing. Why in the world would I sell what I’ve worked so hard to build over all of these years? But I couldn’t help my deeper intuition. The universe was directing my destiny in a different direction.

I entertained the idea of meeting with the Dr. when I got back to Chicago and the minute she walked through the door, I knew in my entire being that she was destined to carry on the legacy of the practice, my home away from home and I was supposed to move into my next new adventure….Charleston and the online space. I believe that quantum leaps are possible in life! It takes a huge dose of conviction and self belief in your calling and purpose. Surrendering to that takes courage, an abundance of energy and enthusiasm and massive amounts of action! Expansion is only possible if your heart and mind are open to what is possible. In just 5 months, in the middle of a pandemic, I sold my dental practice to a wonderful dentist. My husband resigned from his twenty year tenure. We sold our dream home in Chicago, and moved our entire family 1000 miles south to Charleston, South Carolina. We bought our next dream home and I moved straight into the online space serving and mentoring full time. My husband now looks after the kids which they love, and we don’t
need a nanny. This allows me to do what I enjoy more than anything – mentoring entrepreneurs by helping them step into their brands as well as overcoming their limiting beliefs. I’m living proof that with the right mindset – anything is possible!

I’m no longer practicing dentistry but I know that my former practice is in the best hands. If you look at the dentist that now owns my practice on Instagram, she looks just like me. She’s like a soul sister. It’s incredible. Sugar Fix Dental Loft was my baby, that business was everything. It couldn’t have gone to anybody, but she was the right person. It was just the right fit. We call it the serendipitous love story. It was my literal dream to move and it was her heart’s dream to own SugarFix. I still own the Trademark so I can speak on how I built that business.

I was already professionally speaking throughout the United States about branding and digital marketing prior to Covid but in the past two years things have exploded. I have expanded into the entrepreneurial space and started my next business and heart centered movement, Happy CEO. I’ve been speaking, teaching and mentoring. I have created masterclasses and masterminds, initially for dentists, but now also female entrepreneurs. I have hosted many live retreats and workshops here over the past two years with more in the future pipeline.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would say, “Be patient, my little butterfly.” KEEP DREAMING. IT’S ALL COMING TO YOU. White Haute was a seed that I planted five years before it came to fruition. Your dreams are seeds, keep planting them. Keep watering them, giving them sunlight. Believe in yourself and stay in alignment with your vision and you’ll manifest your dreams!

The best investments you can make in life are on you and your personal growth! Get yourself a mentor and put yourself in rooms with other women where you calibrate to their energy. There is so much power here! This is when quantum leaps occur.

How do you embody success in your daily life? 

My lifestyle is so different now working on a business versus in one. My team is remote. There’s so much more flexibility. I’m really intentional about staying connected and staying plugged into other women who are inspired and doing incredible things. Energy is everything to me! I secured a creative space downtown that I can work out of if I choose. I go to the gym. I listen to podcasts or personal development on YouTube. I read and am always investing in my personal development growth as well as self-care. Two hour massages are my favorite thing to do on CEO days.

I also love our house. I have a second beautiful workspace so I can decide daily where I want to be. We’re surrounded by water but we have a gorgeous pool and spa in the back with a waterfall. I like to sit out with my coffee in the sun and just feel the sun on my skin and listen to the water and the birds and nature. Walks on the beach. I’m very, very connected to that. That’s where I get some of my best downloads. Watching the sun rise and set.

What courses do you have for women who want to join your space? 

I offer digital courses for female entrepreneurs that teach branding, social media marketing and of course personal development. The goal is to help entrepreneurs attract success and joy so they can build the lifestyle of their dreams.
I also have a monthly membership, Happy CEO Club which is a community for women in business. There are so many masterclasses on the inside and a success path to build your best life. Members will also be featured on my Happy CEO Podcast and their business will be featured in my blog, and on all social media platforms.

I also have a Happy CEO Mastermind that’s a six-month container. There is currently a waitlist for the next one. I am always dropping LIVE masterminds on all kinds of incredible topics and you can still catch many of the replays like my two hour Manifestation Masterclass. More to come in the near future. I am hosting a live online two-day immersive Vision Casting Workshop the first weekend in January. We will be creating our life playbooks!

I’m hosting a live event in Charleston this April called Boss Bombshells, which is going to be incredible. It’s all about female empowerment, leadership, mindset, building your brand and online presence, connection, and finding your inner creativity. And networking of course! Together we rise. And, lastly I offer one-on-one mentorship. It’s such an honor to work with such incredible women and help them break through their self imposed glass ceiling.

If you are a dental professional: There are also so many courses specifically for you as well as Content Club, a monthly membership where you receive new monthly marketing content bundles, masterclasses and community. And also you can tune into my dental podcast Dental Confidential. 

When it comes to manifesting, what is your vision for the future?

I want to impact as many women as possible — I’ve broken out of the dental box I put myself in to help ALL women, any woman out there that has a daydream and or is stuck in business. Do you have a brick and mortar business or want to grow one? Are you in the online space and don’t know how to get started, or how to brand yourself through the powerful lens of social media? Do you want to create online courses, a membership or a podcast? I’ve been there and done it! My vision is to mentor female entrepreneurs. As a coach we’re simply helping you get there a lot faster is all! Don’t skip out on your daydream. What is it? There are people, mentors, and communities out there to help move you. I would love to create a big community and support and cheer other women on. I’m an absolute connector and connect people all the time. I will feature women on my Happy CEO podcast and feature them on my blogs and just support each other as we grow. Because, as I said, it’s community over
competition, all day, every day. We all have so many gifts to give the world. 

Speaking of manifesting….I have so many stories! But one is this magazine. I was looking at GOSS on Instagram literally saying, “Someday I would love to be featured on this page next to all of these other amazing women,” really feeling it in my soul. And, three weeks later this opportunity showed up in my DM, and I was like, YES! This feels like the door opening wider for me because I’ve been identified as a dentist for so many years. I’ve learned that a dental degree or any degree for that matter, does not define you. I always knew in my soul I was suppose to do more and make a greater impact on the world. I’m stepping into my
power in a bigger space which has been incredible for me.

What would you like your clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

Feeling empowered. Knowing they can achieve absolutely anything their heart desires. Not to fear failure, rather to embrace it. Understanding that it’s an integral part of growth and expansion……I’ve always leapt without a net and every time I’ve taken that leap of faith the universe has found a way to land me safely. 

Finish this sentence : “My gift to the world…”

My gift to the world is bringing the energy, the positivity, FUN and catalyzing dreams! I empower women to walk through fire, push through fears, and surrender and play more in life. I encourage women to step into their authentic self and into their power so the process of expansion and growth can manifest itself. You will never create the life of your dreams without taking a leap of faith.

People say to me, “But wait a minute, you can’t just leave dentistry. You’re an amazing dentist and you spent so much money and years on your education. You can’t.” And, my answer. Why NOT? You can. You can do absolutely anything. There are many chapters in life and we choose our story. How will you write yours?

“Leap and the net will appear.”

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