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Ushering a new paradigm of success where the HUMAN comes first!

Drea (she/her/siya) is a Yahoo! Finance Top Spiritual Coach, thought leader, and the Conscious Empowered Officer (CEO) of Soul Flow Co., which provides business coaching and wealth generation strategies for soul-led entrepreneurs. She is here to usher in a new paradigm of success — one that shifts away from hustle, toxic capitalism, and profit-at-all-cost, and places the HUMAN first. We get to make generational wealth, while healing ancestral trauma! 

Rooted in these values, Drea now runs a successful six-figure business, and has worked with dozens of healers and coaches all over the world to amplify their medicine and magic into the world. She has been featured in major publications like The New York Times, Yahoo! Finance, LA Weekly, Thrive Global, and Disrupt Magazine. Her story is one of resilience, deep strength and intuitive knowing. 

Let’s begin with telling our readers more about you — especially the parts that are not so known from your social media presence @soulflowco

Chips are my kryptonite! Potato chips, salt and vinegar chips, jalapeno chips – pretty much anything crunchy and salty. If you leave a bag of chips with me, they’ll be gone in like thirty minutes (laughs). Also, I’m super obsessed with ancient history like ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, and I’m a sucker for Discovery channel documentaries. Oh, and I used to be a professional Polynesian dancer. I’ve done birthdays, graduations, and I’ve even won a few competition awards! It’s such a fun time, and it
prepared me for entrepreneurship, as well. 

Interesting! I would love to know how it prepared you, was it more so the confidence?

Yes! Confidence to take up space and being comfortable with being in the spotlight. Having an online presence and a recognizable brand means being comfortable with taking up that space to get your message out to the world because people are going to be looking at you and thinking things about you. So that performer side of my persona has been super helpful.

Now tell me a bit more about your business from the standpoint of Soul Flow Co., what is Soul Flow Co. to you, what does it represent?

Soul Flow Co. was born out of a curiosity to combine Business, Spirituality, and Community. I remember I was sitting by the edge of the bed, and I just heard something say “Soul Flow Co.”, where “Co.” stands for “collective”. And the reason it’s Soul Flow Co. and not something like my name, is because I’ve always seen the company and brand as a collective, as a community, and the ability to bring people together. It’s very much rooted in healing as a community because I think there is so much importance on individualism, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I think when you’re going down the entrepreneurial road, having a community that gets it, especially a community of other like-hearted leaders, is really important.

When it comes to stepping into this version of you, I am sure there are many transformations that have come over the years, so I want you to walk us through the lowest point of your journey, and what really brought you into this embodied version today.

It started in 2017 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 33 years old, so I was really young. I was living in New York City at the time, living my best life, and the diagnosis came from left field. My world literally crumbled overnight, and what felt like this identity that I was building for three decades fell apart. At the time, I was working this soul-sucking corporate job where I was getting paid a lot of money, but at the same time, I was like “is this really it?” and it threw me into a really
deep existential crisis, not to mention anxiety and depression. It was at that point when I was like “You know what, I think I need help because I can’t do this on my own”, and so I found a therapist. She’s a beautiful human being. Her method revolves around mindfulness, gentleness and compassion. She helped me throughout my treatment, and she introduced me to so many of the concepts I use in my coaching now.

That brought me to other forms of healing, like reiki healing. During my first session, I remember laying on my back, and the healer slid her hands under my shoulders, and I literally felt something shift in my chest. As soon as that shift happened, it was like this feeling of “ahhh”, and tears started falling. It was such a powerful experience. That reiki session was a game changer because I finally saw a glimmer of hope – the light, so to speak. That started the journey of me really exploring all the
different healing modalities.

Knowing how crucial these healers were in my journey, when I decided to become a business coach, I knew I wanted to help them, specifically. I noticed how hard it is for them to price their services and to ask people for money for those services, which sucks because healers have bills, too. They have big dreams and families they want to provide for. I see my business as sacred work to pay it forward to the healers who have helped me feel whole and complete again. I want them to be able to market their services and be able to create thriving businesses where it’s not just about the dollar transaction, but about providing a sacred service, and having that energy properly exchanged.

When it comes to this embodied version that you stepped into, what are the daily routines and rituals that you have in order to stay in this place?

I have a one-year old, so that makes it really fun to navigate around a schedule, but as much as I can, my morning starts off with a meditation, an oracle card pull, and journaling. The reason why I do it is before I let the world into my brain, into my energy, I first want to connect to Source energy, I first want to connect to my own inner wisdom. So that whatever it is I’m doing for that day, it’s not tainted by whatever is happening in the world. I have to first set that grounded foundation for myself, which gives me the highest possible capacity to then hold space for other people, and then share the message that wants to channel through me.

So that’s your morning routine, do you have something at night?

I read! I’m such a bibliophile. Right now I’m reading Way of the Ancient Healer, which talks about all the sacred healing traditions and teachings from Philippine ancestry. I’ve been super curious about native healing modalities, and reading about my own roots gives me a tremendous sense of pride and validation that I get to be a modern day healer through my business!

With everything you’ve learned upon this transformation and your journey, what would be the one advice you would give to your younger Drea?

The honest advice would be: A shitstorm is coming, be prepared. And also, trust the unfolding. In the moment of the swirl, in the tornado of emotions, it may feel like it will never end, it may feel like you’re at this bottomless pit. But you are so freaking strong! You have the capability to move through it, and so just trust the unfolding because you will see the other side, and it’s a beautiful place to be.

Now, when it comes to embodying your daily life, what practices do you implement regularly to stay in ease and flow?

When I think of success embodiment, it’s less about the practices, and more about expanding my self-concept. For example, having my own office is crucial because it says that I am worthy of taking up space. I am worthy of shutting the door so that no one can bother me. Another way is by taking afternoon naps. I have a very luxurious eye pillow I wear. It’s silk and it’s super comfy, and then I play some meditation music and I take a nap. To me that signifies success because it says that I am worthy of rest. Another thing is investing. I think the mark of a successful person is knowing the things they don’t know. For me, it’s all about filling in the gaps, and it’s also being in the proximity of expanders, so whether they are coaches, or mentors, it’s me saying “I”m so worthy of spending money on my own growth”. It’s embodying the successful version of me, which is like, if I was the CEO making millions and impacting millions, how would I make decisions? So it really is projecting from a place of empowerment, projecting from a place of trust and projecting from a place that my success is inevitable.

For women who now want to enroll in your courses and offers, give us the details about how they can work with you, and the different services you offer?

My flagship program is called The Alchemy Room. It’s so magical, and the reason why it’s The Alchemy Room is because people that I work with are people that have gone through some tough shit, some shadows and hard things in their lives. And now that they’ve moved through it, they want to help and support other people as well. So it really is about alchemizing pain into purpose, and what I love so much about it is that it’s a holistic group business coach program, meaning it’s not just about the nuts and bolts of growing a business. It’s about honoring you and your lived experience to create a congruent business that serves your soul clients. I don’t teach a specific framework, rather, I help you tap into your own vortex of possibility so that you can create a business that feels like home.

The best part is that it’s lifetime access! Not just to modules, but access to coaching with me. I structured it this way because as humans, human things happen. People have babies, they grieve deaths, they go on sabbatical, they get sick, whatever it is. So this model is shifting the paradigm and freeing us from the pressure of having to deliver based off of a specific timeline. Imagine having all the support, all the time – imagine what kind of magic can you create! 

I also do in-person VIP Day + Branding Shoots! This is for those who want to literally embody their next-level self. We’re going to collapse timelines! We’re going to put you in the space, clothes, hair, and makeup to really let your vision sink in. So many of my clients have said “I walked in an energy healer, and I am walking out a badass CEO”, and that’s exactly what I want to hear. That’s the experience I want to curate for people.

And something I’m super excited about is a new program I’m launching called The Re-Wilding! It’s a 6-month immersive mastermind experience and next-level biz expander for healers, leaders, and trailblazers who want to step into the frequency of wealth through thought leadership, ancestral healing and deeply embodied truth. We’re breaking all the rules – we’re getting messy, dirty, wild. We’re tapping into your native wisdom to make you the premiere thought leader in your industry.

We are all about manifesting BIG visions, co-creating with the Universe.What does that look like for you now?

I’ve always wanted to be the Filipino Oprah, which is a combination of spirituality, business and advocacy. From a manifestation standpoint, it’s always been beyond the one year or five year goal. I’m here to create a legacy. I just announced Soul Flow Co. 2.0, which is a brand new chapter for the brand. We’re going to roll out expanded business offerings, host in-person events, and one of my most favorite things that we are going to be offering soon is financial literacy training!

This has been missing from a lot of business coaching because for people that either have made money through their business, and they’re like “What do I do with this money now? How do I continue to generate wealth, how do I maintain my money?”, or for people who don’t have access to this basic financial information, I really want to fill that gap and be able to provide some of that training. I also have collaborations coming up with some powerhouse healers, which will revolutionize the way we approach equitable, inclusive, and human-centric business building. 

You mentioned Oprah-level impact – is there a certain number of people you want to reach?

For me, it’s less about the number, and more about being in the spaces where people that look like me traditionally aren’t in. Like boardrooms, C-Suites. And not just for me, but for my clients – I want more women having opportunities, and being in the rooms where decisions are made and where real big impact can be made.

Now when it comes to what you would like your clients to retain the most from the work that you are doing, what comes through for that?

The bottom line is that your business is medicine. Your lived experience is your qualifications. I say that because so many people get into business, whether it’s coaching or healing services, and there’s this feeling of inadequacy – that I need more training, more this, more that. And what I always say is: But, you’ve lived it, and so that’s enough. You are enough. There is nothing about you that you need to do more or fix or change that your soul client would want from you. Your soul client loves you and wants to pay you exactly for being you, so get out there!

Finish this sentence: “My gift to the world…”

…is my vision and my leadership. I’m idealistic with my passions, but I’m also really pragmatic with my goals. So that combination of feminine and masculine makes me a really unique type of leader because it’s pulling from intuition, flow, spirituality, and then backing it up with structure and strategy. I have the ability to see people so deeply. I see into their vortex of possibility, and that includes what’s possible for the healing and coaching industry right now. We’re at a precipice of major explosion and growth, and I want to help facilitate people into that in a way that isn’t putting the profit first, but really heart-centered, really soul-led.

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