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Creating a Seven Figure Business with ease and flow

Business and Money Coach, Hayley Forbes is an advocate for change — in the coaching space and in life. Originally from Scotland, she is a mother of four who married her soulmate and has been living her dream life ever since she tapped into her magic abilities of manifestation. Today her courses create seven figures in sales, helping thousands of women to do the same. The life she has created, has given her the one thing people crave most… time freedom. Her awe inspiring journey will leave you on your toes, of what is possible when you truly believe and take massive action on your dreams.

When it comes to your personal journey, walk us through the lowest point all the way through to the enlightenment?

When I was nine years old I remember having this feeling that I didn’t fit in, that even though I had friends and family, no one around me understood me. I was told that I talked too much, that I was annoying, that I was always living in Hayley’s world. Little did I know that I was already starting to manifest the life I now live.

I grew up in a lot of struggle, living pay-check to pay-check, I’ve been through the homeless system, and been forced to choose between having food or heating in the house, and those kind of decisions and conversations were normalised around me. Success and entrepreneurship just wasn’t something that was ever modelled to me, but it was something I’ve always had within. Since I was that little girl I’ve always known there was more, I just didn’t always know what that ‘more’ was, but I knew it was out there, this pull, this drive from within.

In my last career I had the privilege of working on amazing TV shows, movies, working with celebrities, and that was great for a while, but I was working long hours, like fourteen hour+ days, I was exhausted, I was trying to bring up the kids at the same time, I had toddlers or I was pregnant or a mixture of them both, at one point I was working when my new baby was only two months old and I was trying to breastfeed as well as work, and it wasn’t working for me, or my kids, I knew there had to be another way. I always wanted to do something for myself and work on my own terms.

I’ve got a health condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), and that really affects my joints, I get a lot of pain daily and I used to be on a lot of medication for it. I was told I’d likely be in a wheelchair by the time I was fifty. It got to a point where it was consuming my life, I was stuck in this circle of pain and trying to manage a health condition as well as working so much to try and bring in money to create more freedom and juggle motherhood all in-between. It was too much and I was still left with this desire to find another way of living. So many people are trying find some sort of balance, some sort of happiness yet that elusive “balance” always felt just out of reach. I knew in my gut, that we weren’t meant to just work for a living, there had to be another way. 

I remember one time I was lying in bed and just feeling really sorry for myself, that life shouldn’t be this hard, I shouldn’t feel this way at my age. Then a lightbulb went off, it just dawned on me that I’m the only one that can decide what to do with my body and life. I really started to dive more into personal development, health hacks, all of that. I started going down that route, and I could see how that applied to every part of life – including work, I got that entrepreneurial edge of being solution focused instead of problem focused. I’d always been self-employed but not an entrepreneur, and then I started going into coaching, I found coaching through the health space, and I trained as an accredited transformational life coach, meditation and breath-work coach all at the same time.

What transitioned you into the coaching space?

I had started to create a life for myself that I could only dream of before, I was waking up each day excited to start the day, I was finding endless possibilities and actually living life with my family, and I just knew I had to help others do the same. But when I started my coaching business, I noticed that my clients ended up all being coaches themselves, because they wanted to have the business experience that I had, as well as work on their mindset and build freedom into their life. I had twelve years of business experience, five years of social media experience, and I was trained as a coach. I realized I could bring them all together. I knew how to market myself, I knew how to sell, I knew how to use social media, I had a really successful mum blog. I brought all those together, and then I continued to develop myself as a coach, I’ve trained as a Positive Psychology Coach, an NLP coach, and became a Human Design reader as well, and essentially merged all of that together to what you see today.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

It would be to trust myself, to never give up and know there is always another way. What I have learned over time is that life isn’t about me, it’s much bigger, it’s about empowering others to LIVE for a living. I want to teach my children how to live for a living and then find out how they can get paid for that, and it actually started a tagline in my business, and essentially that’s what I do now is I help people see what their unique gifts are, what can they share with the world? How can they help the world? How can they live their best life, but then also earn a lot of money doing so.

When it comes to you in your present time, how do you embody this success?

Embodying is just living and breathing what I teach. It’s always really important to me, and what I teach my clients, to embody what they teach and who they are on a deeper level. It’s not a practice that I think about doing, it’s just something that I do, so I always invest in myself and I always will. I’ve got multiple coaches, there’s kind of a joke with me about the amount of coaches I’ve got, but I like to invest in the business side, the strategy, the money, the energy healing, the mindset, I’m always learning, but then I’m also living my best life, and people can feel that. I embody what success looks like right now in this very moment, while also knowing that there is always more coming my way and being open to receiving that.

For women now that would like to join your world, what is the process in enrolment periods and what types of containers do you have?

The best way is send me a DM on Instagram, because that’s always where I’m hanging about. I have everything from freebees to high level offers, one to one coaching to my coaching certification, but my mastermind is my baby. That’s really where it’s a home for my clients for a whole year, it’s where my clients thrive, in fact, I’ve got people joining for another 18 months, even after they’ve already been in there a year, so their year’s coming up and they’re like that, no, I don’t even want another year, I want to fill this year and all of next year as well! It’s because it’s really a home where they see real results and growth in not only their business but themselves as well.

I cover everything from mindset to business energetics, and then I’ve got my coaching certification as well. My main courses are all about how to run business in the most aligned way to you, using attraction marketing, I don’t do a lot of “bro” style business tactics, I’m very different to a lot of traditional business coaches. It’s all natural alignment, attraction marketing, and I’ve got everything, as I say from freebies to group programs, to masterminds to one to ones, and another part of my business is that I teach other people how to become coaches themselves, it’s a multi modal approach.

When it comes to your vision of your brand and where your company’s headed, what is something that you want to manifest now?

Manifesting my next goal for me just looks like freedom for others. It’s about getting more money into the hands of more women, it’s about this collective awakening. And I do that by creating my dream life while holding that vision so strongly, but letting go of the how to get there. Every day, tuning into what actions feel aligned and trusting that those actions will get the end results that they’re meant to. And that’s what I teach my clients too.

Finish this sentence : “My gifts to the world are…”

Being able to help people create their most extraordinary future and actually live a life that wakes them up, feeling excited for the day.

Do you have any philanthropic incentives that you practice or wish to practice more of?

I do offer scholarships, I give one scholarship for each of my offers a year. I’ve got a huge charity raffle coming up as well, that’s going to a women’s charity. But for me, it’s not just giving to charity or giving scholarships. For me, philanthropy looks at how I can give back right now, but also knowing the more I grow, the bigger the difference I can make. That’s such a huge driver for me.

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“My mission is to change the world”


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