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From Corporate Treadmill to Financial Freedom

Introducing our latest Financial Expert, Hillary McNeil @IntentionalFinance, a trailblazing entrepreneur from the vibrant state of New Jersey emerges to share the life-changing power of intentional personal finance. With an illustrious career spanning the corporate world, Hillary carved her path from the concrete jungles of the Northeast to the sun-soaked landscapes of Florida. An alumna with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Accounting, she initially thrived in a prominent paint manufacturing company before pivoting to oversee the financial domain of a cybersecurity firm.

However, it was a pivotal moment at her desk that initiated a deeper healing and closer look into her life. That experience of having a panic attack, prompted Hillary to reassess her trajectory. Recognizing the toll of an unsustainable pace, she set out to uncover the path to early retirement. Hillary’s journey involved not only managing corporate and individual finance but also navigating the delicate balance between family life and personal growth.

Celebrating almost two decades of love with her high school sweetheart, Hillary keeps her personal life sacred, offering a glimpse into the private facets that have shaped her entrepreneurial spirit. Embracing the principles of passive investing, Hillary is on a mission to guide professional women towards financial freedom by getting comfortable with investing and letting the stock market do the heavy lifting. 

Beyond the numbers and charts, she advocates for the worthiness of women to build wealth, encouraging them to pursue the life they dream of living. Hillary McNeil, with her new online course on financial freedom, is not just an entrepreneur; she is a catalyst for empowering individuals to reclaim control over their financial destinies.

Can you share a bit about yourself and your background before delving into your entrepreneurial journey?

I’m originally from New Jersey and I met my husband in high school. Now we’re celebrating eighteen years together, eleven years married. While I don’t share much about him online, he’s a significant part of my life and an incredibly supportive partner. After College, I began my career with a large paint manufacturer in the Northeast. Following a move to Florida, I joined a cybersecurity firm to manage their accounting, ultimately retiring at 33.

What motivated your transition from the corporate world into intentional personal finance coaching?

On my journey to early retirement, I shared my discovery of a simpler way to build wealth with friends and realized a passion for seeing others succeed using this strategy. After obtaining financial independence, I wanted to spend some of my newly found freedom teaching others to achieve the same. 

Was there a specific turning point in your career that shifted your focus towards financial independence?

The catalyst for my shift was experiencing a panic attack at my desk, realizing I couldn’t sustain the pace into my 60’s. The stress was self-inflicted, driven by the fear of feeling like a failure if I slowed down. It made me reassess my priorities, leading to my decision to find a way to escape mandatory work as soon as possible.

Can you elaborate on your investment focus and philosophy?

Contrary to the common belief in real estate, I advocate for investing in the stock market, particularly in diversified broad market index funds. I discovered that investing can be more passive and lucrative than being a landlord, which was a significant stressor for me.

How do you help women overcome their hesitations and fears about investing?

I’m launching a program to teach professional women, often intimidated by investing compared to men, that investing doesn’t need to be complicated to be successful. The goal is to empower women to take control of their financial lives once and for all by changing the narrative about the stock market to simplify the principles of passive investing.

What advice do you offer to women facing similar challenges in their financial journey?

Use your paid time off (PTO) and prioritize self-care. Proactively schedule mental health days to avoid burnout. It’s crucial to take breaks before reaching a point of crisis. Time is your most valuable asset, so invest in actions aligned with your desired lifestyle.

How do you maintain an abundant mindset and intentional balance in your life?

My mantra is “assume nothing, question everything.” If someone has done something I want to achieve, I tell myself “why not me?” Setting boundaries, saying no to things that don’t align with my goals to protect my yes. Daily affirmations and meditations help me stay focused on what truly matters.

 “assume nothing, question everything.”

Can you share a bit about your future plans and what you’re currently manifesting in your life?

I’m focused on growing our community to support professional women who feel stuck and overwhelmed. On a personal level, my current manifestation revolves around guidance on travel. We’re converting a cargo van into an RV to explore, a dream I’ve had for over a decade.

What is the core message you want women to take away from your work and journey?

You are worthy of pursuing financial growth and changing your financial future. Building wealth is not wrong; you deserve the life you dream of living.

Lastly, can you summarize your upcoming program on intentional finance for our audience?

The all-inclusive program is a step-by-step online course about how to achieve the financial freedom you deserve to gain control over your time to live your desired lifestyle. My proven system pulls back the curtain on the financial industry to reveal how simple the entire process of investing can be, empowering beginners, especially women, to confidently build wealth passively while focusing on their careers and other responsibilities.

In closing, Hillary McNeil’s journey from the corporate world to financial independence is an inspiring narrative of overcoming the challenges of the traditional career path, prioritizing self-care, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible by being intentional with your finances.

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“Are you living by design or by default?”

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