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Manon Ravel’s journey is a captivating tale of transformation and empowerment. Born with an innate curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, she embarked on a quest for self-discovery that would shape her into the remarkable individual she is today. Her path was marked by pivotal moments of realization and growth, leading her to uncover the profound power of intention and unconditional love.

After encountering coaching and human design, Manon delved into the realms of magic and transformation, igniting a passion for guiding others on their paths to self-realization. She experienced profound shifts, including a deep connection to both feminine and masculine energies, which propelled her into a new understanding of herself and her purpose.

Manon’s journey also led her to embrace the principles of quantum physics, realizing that perception shapes reality and that she possesses a unique gift for seeing the potential in everything and everyone around her. This realization fueled her desire to create positive change in the world, inspiring her to establish a signature coaching program and expand her reach internationally.

Today, Manon Ravel continues to inspire others with her unwavering commitment to personal growth, her intuitive insights, and her ability to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and empowerment. Her story serves as a testament to the power of resilience, intention, and the unwavering belief in the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Before we delve into discussing your business and creations, let’s start with some fun facts that readers may not glean solely from your Instagram profile. Can you share any hobbies, passions, or personal interests that make you unique?

I believe my entire life’s quest has been about sharing to express my voice. I used to be incredibly shy, almost to the point of it feeling like an illness. I couldn’t even talk comfortably with my closest family members, such as my mother’s sister and others.

Back in my day, we didn’t have cell phones, so I would call my little friends on the landline. However, whenever my parents answered the phone, I would freeze up and find it impossible to speak to anyone except them and my closest friends. It felt like a physical reaction; my entire body would tense up, and I feared that if I spoke, something terrible would happen.

To provide some context, this struggle was the backdrop to my journey towards allowing my voice to express my inner world outwardly. Interestingly, my favorite hobby was singing. I adored singing and believed I had a beautiful voice, almost like a gift. However, it was also somewhat of a curse because despite my desire to sing and express myself through music, I found it incredibly difficult to do so. This internal conflict marked the beginning of my journey.

I remember spending hours singing alone in my room, dreaming of one day being able to share my voice with an audience. That dream became a reality in March 2023 when I performed on stage for the first time. Remarkably, although I had recorded a professional album just before the birth of my first child in 2019, that first live performance marked the true beginning of my musical journey.

During the performance, which was akin to a TEDx talk, I shared my entire journey about finding my voice. It was a cathartic experience where I delved into my past struggles with shyness and the journey towards overcoming it. At the end of the performance, I even engaged in a symbolic conversation between my younger, timid self and the person I had become, culminating in the decision to share one of my songs with the audience.

Overall, it was a transformative experience that marked a significant progression in my journey towards self-expression.

So your album is out now? 

Yes, this is available on Spotify and all streaming platforms. My Artist name is YZIS. I have a deep affection for Egyptian culture, especially the enigmatic mysteries and revered goddesses of ancient Egypt. My ultimate role model is none other than Cleopatra herself.

When did you get into the coaching industry and really decide that this was something you wanted to pursue as a career?

Oh my goss, this is a significant moment for me, as it involves something deeply personal. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to share it publicly, but I feel comfortable sharing it with you for context. I must admit, it’s quite emotional for me to discuss.

Initially, my life followed a conventional path. I pursued education, attended high school and business school, and focused on achieving success in a typically masculine manner. My career revolved around proving my value and worth to the world, primarily within large corporate environments. However, in 2016, everything changed dramatically.

That year marked a profound shift in my life when I faced the possibility of becoming a mother, only to realize it wasn’t meant to be. From that moment on, I was experiencing becoming a mother in my heart and my healing journey with the feminine had begun. This experience shattered my world and forced me to reevaluate everything. It was as if I stepped out of the confines of societal expectations and patriarchal norms, and into a new reality.

This personal upheaval became the catalyst for my inner journey towards healing and achieving balance between the masculine and feminine aspects within myself. I felt a deep calling towards coaching and guiding others on their own paths of self-discovery and healing. Despite being entrenched in a corporate role focused on strategy and finance, I knew my true purpose lay elsewhere.

Following my intuition, I embarked on training in NLP and hypnosis while simultaneously setting up my own coaching practice. Unlike many who choose to ease into their new ventures, I took a leap of faith and immediately began offering paid sessions, setting non-negotiable prices based on my intuition and alignment.

Miraculously, my clients responded positively from the outset. I quickly realized that my success wasn’t solely dependent on technical expertise but rather on my presence, devotion, and unconditional love for those I worked with. Each session became a profound experience where time seemed to stand still, and I was fully present with my clients in a quantum field of healing and transformation.

What would you say was the biggest, biggest growth for you when you went through this?

It felt like magic. My mind struggled to comprehend it. It wasn’t about techniques or methodologies; rather, it boiled down to trust, unconditional love, and intention. This realization was monumental, underscoring the immense power of intention, which I couldn’t afford to overlook. It drove me to delve deeper into this process, leading me to discover coaching, human design, and various transformative techniques. However, I primarily focused on harnessing the magic of transformational experiences with people. This marked my first significant shift.

Then came another pivotal moment. I bridged the gap between the feminine and masculine aspects within myself, a discovery I attribute to Melanie Ann Layer. I have a remarkable anecdote about this because it felt like a magical encounter.

In essence, I had always operated on a quantum level, particularly within the manifestation process, albeit unconsciously. However, when I encountered Melanie Ann Layer, I followed my intuition wholeheartedly. Upon hearing it for the first time, it resonated deeply within me, despite my limited proficiency in English at the time.

During my initial exposure to a live session on Melanie Ann Layer, a word popped into my mind: ‘soulmate.’ Intrigued, I turned to Google Translate to understand its significance. To my amazement, it perfectly encapsulated the connection I felt. It was as if the speaker comprehended the depths of my inner world and articulated it effortlessly.

From that moment onward, I successfully bridged the gap between feminine and masculine energies. It allowed me to tap into my intuitive abilities, providing clarity to sentiments I struggled to verbalize. This shift was profound and empowering, marking just one of several transformative moments in my journey.

So, that pivotal moment occurred in December 2020. Following the second shift, I made a significant commitment to myself—an engagement that I occasionally wavered on but ultimately reinstated. It’s a commitment that encompasses every facet of my being: my personal growth, spiritual well-being, physical health, and professional endeavors. This commitment isn’t just a fleeting promise; it’s a lifelong dedication to myself and my mission in the world.

I wear a physical reminder of this commitment—a tangible symbol that accompanies me day and night, serving as a constant reminder of my purpose and dedication. From the moment I wake up until I lay my head down to sleep, it remains with me, a testament to my unwavering commitment.

As I embarked on my coaching and business journey, I realized that this was my true calling. Witnessing the impact I had on others solidified this belief. It became evident to me that I was meant to pursue this path and that my contributions were a testament to my suitability for this role. Another significant shift occurred with human design, particularly during a Matrix session in 2021. This period coincided with the birth of my second son, following the arrival of my first in 2019. In the summer of 2021, I experienced a remarkable increase in abundance—a departure from the scarcity mindset ingrained in my family lineage.

During the Matrix session, I had the opportunity to explore my human design chart, facilitated by three women. Their revelation left a lasting impression, with one of them, Karen McMullen, remarking on the uniqueness of my chart.

What is your Human Design?

I’m a Generator, specifically a 5-1 Generator, with a reflector personality due to my only two centers defined, leaving the other seven centers completely open. When the woman conducting the human design reading remarked on this, she exclaimed, ‘You are truly unique. I’ve never seen anything like this before.’ Karen described me as ‘you are a master empath,’ explaining that I have an innate ability to understand people deeply within just a few moments of interaction.

Her words struck a chord with me, and I found myself in tears for a week afterward. It felt as though she was articulating something I had always sensed but never fully understood. The realization that I could read others so effortlessly, yet they couldn’t read me, had been a source of frustration for me for years. However, it also shed light on why I had been successful in my work with clients. I became a mirror for them, reflecting back their true essence, which proved immensely beneficial in their journeys.

I see everything—their obstacles, their potentials, and their hidden truths. I’m connected to the full spectrum of each person’s potential, and it’s truly remarkable. In every session, remarkable breakthroughs occur, even with clients I’ve just met. As the woman conducting the reading suggested, I am a ‘master empath,’ akin to Hama in India, renowned for his ability to see people without filters, even discerning what they might be concealing.

This gift has proven invaluable in my coaching and business endeavors. It’s my secret sauce, so to speak. I serve as a mirror for my clients, guiding them toward self-discovery and transformation. It’s a role I embrace wholeheartedly, knowing that I can make a profound difference in their lives.

What would you like to do now, with everything you tell me and the shifts you have done internally to be there now and in Essence? What is the work that you really like to do with women now?

This, I believe, is the work of my soul—my true soul work. It’s difficult to articulate, but I feel it deeply within me. My soul work involves guiding women to achieve a harmonious balance of giving and receiving, forming a complete 360-degree circle of energy exchange. To accomplish this, we must open ourselves to both the feminine and masculine energies simultaneously, striving for a delicate equilibrium between the two.

Imagine it as an inner wedding ceremony, where we unite these seemingly opposing forces within ourselves. Some women naturally lean towards the masculine, while others embody the feminine effortlessly. My role is to guide them towards achieving balance, ensuring that they embody both energies fully.

This balance allows us to unlock the gates to receiving and giving freely. It’s a profound journey that resonates deeply with me and defines my soul’s purpose. My clients, predominantly businesswomen and artists—like an international dancer—seek to reconnect with their inherent gifts and make a significant impact in the world. I see myself as their catalyst, amplifying their potential and exposing the platforms for their success.

Moreover, I possess a unique ability to discern value in everything—people, places, and opportunities. My husband often remarks on this, describing it as my intuition for identifying opportunities that others might overlook. However, I believe it goes beyond more intuition. It’s about perceiving the inherent value in everything around us and transforming it into something extraordinary.

And now, for your offers. Manon, do you have any current offers?

I’m in the process of developing my signature online offer, something I’ve been contemplating for quite some time now. Over the years, I’ve launched various projects and explored different avenues, leveraging my multi-potential nature. However, I’ve reached a point where I feel compelled to streamline my focus and commit to a singular offering. It’s time to say no to distractions and hone in on what truly matters.

My signature offer will be a unique blend of a mastermind and a program, aptly named ‘MasterFlow.’ It’s about diving into a state of ease and becoming an alchemist who masters the art of balance. The core concept revolves around mastering the three great flows: time, money, and energy, from the pure heart’s consciousness.

Let’s start with energy. Drawing from my expertise in human design and alignment keys, I’ll guide participants in harnessing their energy efficiently. Additionally, I have an intuitive knack for sensing and channeling energy from various sources—a gift I’ve honed over the years. When it comes to money, I bring a pragmatic approach informed by my background in real estate investment. Balancing the energetic and practical aspects of financial management, we’ll delve into topics like cash flow and profitability.

As for time, we’ll explore the concept of quantum time or Kairos time—opportunity time that aligns with our inner rhythms. I’ve always had an intuitive sense of when to act and when to pause, a skill I’ll impart to participants. Learning to listen to our inner voice and discern the right moment for action versus stillness is crucial. Sometimes, inertia is necessary, and other times, we must seize the moment. It’s all about attuning ourselves to the natural flow of life, a skill I’ve cultivated through self-observation and reflection.

Self-awareness is key on this journey of personal and professional growth. By acknowledging our strengths and areas for improvement with humility, we continue to evolve. Accompanied by a sense of perpetual learning and growth, we navigate the complexities of life with grace and purpose.

Currently, as we delve into the realm of manifestation, what are your primary focuses for 2024? Additionally, feel free to explore your long-term aspirations for your business. What do you envision manifesting in the coming years?

Well, today has already been quite extraordinary. I find it important to stay present in the moment, but I feel compelled to share this particular experience. Earlier, I mentioned Master Flow—a hybrid mastermind program with three training axes. It will also include immersive experiences. This morning, while in Spain celebrating a momentum this February 3rd, 2023, we stumbled upon a remarkable location for one of these immersions—a place that will be part of Master Flow international retreat.

I stumbled upon this hotel almost serendipitously. Owned by a woman who meticulously renovated it, this hotel holds a fascinating history, particularly for women empowerment. Each of its eight intimate rooms is dedicated to an influential woman, making it a sanctuary for feminine empowerment energy.

Standing here on the rooftop, surrounded by art-filled rooms, I couldn’t help but feel the energy of creativity and empowerment coursing through this place. It’s like being in an open-air museum, with stunning views of the seaside just minutes away. I even managed to capture some breathtaking photos to commemorate the moment.

This experience reinforces my belief in the power of manifestation and synchronicity. It feels like the universe is aligning to guide me towards my purpose. Moreover, I am determined to expand my coaching activities, both domestically and internationally. I’ve made the decision to pivot towards offering coaching in both French and English, recognizing the demand for bilingual services.

Already, there’s interest from individuals like the Australian woman recommended to me by a friend. She expressed a desire for coaching but was limited by language barriers. Now, with this pivot, I can reach a wider audience and fulfill my mission of guiding others towards their fullest potential, regardless of linguistic boundaries.

So, what do I see myself manifesting? A future filled with meaningful connections, transformative experiences, and boundless growth—both personally and professionally.

Do you see yourself doing more and more internationally?

Yes, indeed, I feel a strong international calling. My recent interactions with Melanie Ann Layer from Alpha Femme have further solidified this. Despite the challenge of listening without subtitles, I immersed myself in English, fascinated by its incredible energy. The mere thought of conducting business in English resonates deeply with me. Therefore, 2024 marks the pivotal shift towards conducting my business primarily in English.

Additionally, this year holds significance as I plan my first retreat. Initially intended in 2020, circumstances led to postponements. However, 2024 will see this plan come to fruition. It’s a moment I eagerly anticipate. Furthermore, this year signifies the creation of my team, starting with hiring someone for customer care relationship. I am looking for a long term partnership, with English and french abilities, coupled with their customer care expertise, to make an ideal fit to enhance our customer experience.

Expansion is the theme for 2024. While maintaining the quality of service, I intend to increase the number of individuals I support, albeit cautiously to avoid compromising quality and intentionality. My vision is to create more space for growth while ensuring a personalized and exceptional customer experience.

In addition to my first international retreat and team expansion, I recently led an immersion event with another coach called Fireworks, held in my new creative cocoon in the south of France only a few feet from the sea I owned and designed myself. It was a day dedicated to setting intentions for an extraordinary and intentional year ahead. The experience was magical and inspired me to further develop my online presence, reaching out to a wider audience with my signature offer.

Moreover, I am thrilled to announce the launching of my podcast 360 degree. Scheduled for March 8th, a symbolic day as the international woman’s day. This podcast fills me with immense joy, and I eagerly anticipate the chance to contribute to such an important dialogue, with french and english speaking amazing beings. 

Now that we’re talking about you, Manon. We say rituals. Your practices. Your rules. An abundant mindset. So what really puts you in this energy for you?

When it comes to routines, I’ve found solace in returning to my body. For the past three years, every Wednesday night, I’ve dedicated time to yoga. I’m fortunate to have found an exceptional teacher who has led classes around the world, infusing her expertise in yoga with spiritual insights. Attending her sessions has become a weekly appointment with myself, a sanctuary for both physical and spiritual nourishment.

In addition to yoga, dance has been a recent addition to my routine. Last year, I began learning Bachata with a wonderful teacher Isabelle Manzanares — this couple danse is quite sensual and allows me to embrace my femininity fully. In bachata, I surrender to the flow, letting myself be guided by my partner without anticipation or resistance. While I’ve paused formal classes after a year of learning, I aim to continue practicing through social dancing, reconnecting with the liberating sensation of moving in harmony with another.

Amidst life’s challenges, especially during my recent breakup and the demands of motherhood and my career, I turned to running as a ritual for self-care. Almost daily, I would lace up my shoes and hit the pavement, finding solace and empowerment in each stride. Although I’ve slipped from this routine since November, following the completion of a challenging 14-kilometer trail race, I’m reminded of the incredible resilience and power of the body.

Looking ahead, I feel a pull to reintegrate running into my routine, recognizing its profound impact on my physical and mental well-being. Whether through yoga, dance, or running, these rituals ground me, providing a sense of balance and vitality amidst life’s uncertainties.

Your magic formula to live a harmonious life? What would that be for you?

Engaging in physical activity, like sports, taps into my more masculine side. It’s about connecting with my body, circulating energy, and finding strength. However, equally essential to me is a practice that nurtures my feminine essence—I visit the spa at least once a week. Amidst the constant noise and demands of motherhood, stepping into the tranquil sanctuary of the spa is a necessity for me. It’s where I rediscover silence, grace, and what I like to call my state of grace.

With a membership at this extraordinary spa, I love to call my paradise over the clouds, I often find myself alone in the cocooning space, allowing me to fully immerse myself in self-care without distractions. 

Whether I spend just an hour or an entire morning or afternoon there, the frequency of my visits is non-negotiable. It’s during these moments that I realign with my energy and center myself, a practice informed by my understanding of human design. With many open senses, I’ve learned the importance of returning to my core, especially as someone who resonates with the qualities of a reflector.

This time of inner peace is not selfish; rather, it’s a crucial investment in myself that enables me to show up more fully for others. By honoring this commitment to myself, I enhance my capacity to give and receive, enriching my relationships with my partner, children, and clients. Ultimately, it’s about replenishing my own well-being so that I can extend care and support to those around me, magnifying the impact of my presence in the world.

And in 2024, I feel ready to make my closest clients to dive into a 24h VIP experience to immerse them into their deepest sensoriality, discover their point zero and open up their purest vortex of creation.

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