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She’s an empath, a healer, a business coach, a spiritual empowerment mentor, the podcast host of Woke & Worthy, and a light-worker here to raise the frequency of the planet with her magic. Her intuitive gifts have made women transform in multiple ways in their businesses, reaching 6-7 figures and beyond. She’s here to remind you of your power and follow your inner voice to create your dream life. Here are the juicy details of a magnetic Queen, Jess Kwasny!

Tell our readers about yourself, especially the parts that we don’t have the pleasure of already knowing?

The parts of me that you don’t have the pleasure of already knowing is that I am an absolute bookworm and really, really goofy. I have been opening myself up more to show that side of me online, but the parts of us that feel the most
vulnerable are often the ones that we hold back from showing. I sometimes think what if we are actually just somebody’s version of reality TV and they are watching us right now, I kill myself laughing a LOT! If there were cameras on me, people would think that I’m a nut job in the funniest way. I’m a whole vibe and I’m here for it!

Now walk us through your journey of getting into the coaching space. I’m sure there were many transformations that happened to you. What would you say has been the “lowest point” to your enlightenment into the healing world?

My lowest point is what caused me to pivot. I started my business six years ago in the health and wellness space while competing in bodybuilding at the same time. I did pretty well, if I do say so myself, and even represented Team Canada at the National Championships in Poland in 2018. It was actually here that I ended up hitting my rock bottom. For so long I believed that if I could just achieve my dream body then that would be what allowed everything in my life to finally fall
into place. It’s once I accomplished that, that I realized I didn’t know who I was, what I enjoyed and still felt incredibly insecure and self-conscious. I was tired of working in the corporate world while feeling I was on the hamster wheel of living
the same day every single day — and it just hit me when I was driving home having a conversation with my mom, and I remember it clear as day, and I said, “If this is all that’s meant for my life, I feel like I’m wasting mine.”

This was the catapult into what has so far been my biggest spiritual awakening. It’s here that I transitioned into healing, energetics, and mindset work. I finally allowed myself to take up space and do everything that I wanted to do, instead of
pigeonholing myself into what I think I “should” or “needed” to be doing. I ended up doing business coaching behind the scenes for years before I claimed that title because I didn’t want to feel like an imposter. Going from fitness training to now business and mindset, I worried what people might think.

I think that’s the beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur, you are allowed to pivot, you are allowed to change, expand and grow. Not only are you allowed to, but you are meant to. I encourage people to do just that. Just because you started
with one thing, doesn’t mean you have to only stay doing that. As you evolve and grow so will your business. You’re not the same person you were last year or five years ago. Allow yourself to move into whatever area expands and excites you.

Now going into the full spectrum of embodying that self and going into the coaching business, what advice would you give to the younger version of you?

To trust myself and believe in myself. There’s been so many moments on my journey where I can remember thinking that I wish for just one moment that I could believe in myself that way that everyone else did. Well, I can. I just needed to give myself the permission to see my own light.

Now, when it comes to wanting to enroll in your world, what does it look like for women who are now joining it from a new space or women that really want to take it further into a bigger offer with you?

I have a couple different options when it comes to what I do. My whole mission for my business is that I empower and support women to build a legacy. The empowerment umbrella of my brand has to do a lot with mindset and energetics.
I have a 4-month program called Woke & Worthy. It’s a women’s empowerment program to support women in harnessing the power of their chakras by understanding and releasing any limiting beliefs and the ways we self-sabotage so we can become secure, strong, and anchored in who we are and what desire to create for our lives.

I am also an accredited EFT practitioner, and I cannot say enough incredible things about EFT. It absolutely has changed not only my business but my life in general. EFT is a part of every single program that I do, and I also offer 1:1 EFT sessions. It
still amazes me how quickly we can process and shift uncomfortable emotions or situations to get back to a space of abundance and empowerment.

Under the support umbrella of my brand, I have Awakened Entrepreneur, and that is for women who are wanting to grow their businesses to 6 and multiple 6 figures. Here we focus on creating absolute clarity on who you serve, how your brand
stands out while creating content that converts and offers that you are so obsessed with it never feels like you are selling a day in your life.

Lastly, I have my one-to-one coaching container, which is four or six months long, and that’s really for the women who are ready to go all in. They’ve done the group programs, they’re ready to walk side by side with somebody one-to-one. It’s a
beautiful blend of mindset, energetics, business, AND lifestyle. It’s focused around building a business that supports us while creating and living a life that feels equally so f*cking good. One where you truly start to accomplish freedom in every
sense, time freedom, financial freedom, and the security in who you are and what you’re building.

We’re all about manifesting big visions in this issue. Tell us what is something you want to manifest now?

My big vision for me right now is growing to a million-dollar brand, supporting 100’s of women to multi 6 figures, writing and publishing my book and building our dream house on our acreage!

What would you like your clients to retain the most when they think of you and your world?

Honestly, it’s clarity. I think clarity is something that is so undervalued in this space in general. When you can come back to having absolute clarity, clarity in who you are, what you stand for, the impact that you want to make, clarity on who you
serve, the emotions that they’re feeling, how to speak to them, everything else in your business becomes so easy. You want business to be easy? Be so f*cking clear that there’s no doubt in your mind what you’re doing.

Finish this sentence: “My gifts to the world are…”

Helping women trust in themselves and in the magic of their dreams.

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