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Jenna Phillips Ballard is one of the most powerful coaches in the industry, having worked with Hollywood Royalty, Saudi Arabian Royalty, and thousands of people from around the globe through her virtual and in person trainings. After waking up from a coma in 2000 with brain damage and no short term memory, she was confronted by a choice point. She either had to listen to her doctor’s prognosis and accept that she wouldn’t ever recover, or she would choose to be her own self advocate and believe she’d make a full comeback. She discovered that her head injury actually saved her life. Before her accident, she felt unloved, depressed, stuck, and had no sense of self worth. Upon waking up from her coma, she realized it was time to finally love herself enough to unleash everything she thought was outside of her. With newfound awareness and strength, she was able to make a full recovery and lead a life of joy, purpose and abundance. She uncovered her own healing powers, and has been awakening others ever since. Her goal is to inspire and empower as many women as possible to fully love themselves, and tap into their own magic so they can manifest magnificent lives.

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known through your online presence.

When I was seventeen, I discovered that I had the ability to manifest anything I imagined. I desperately needed a wake up call to learn that I had this power all along since I was navigating some really dark thoughts at this point in my life. I believed that I didn’t have any friends, that I didn’t matter, and that nobody liked me.

I used to lay in bed at night and wished I could witness my own funeral so I could find out who actually cared about me. Deciding I didn’t actually want to die, I instead imagined being in an accident that was serious enough for me to be in the ICU and get the validation I was seeking. I had no idea that these thoughts would actually manifest a head trauma accident. Just two months later, I tripped and fell 14 feet from the hayloft of a barn and was instantly unconscious.

I ended up in the ICU in a deep coma. The doctors shared the best case scenario with my parents. They said, “We don’t anticipate that she’ll wake up anytime soon. If she does, she’ll likely never be the same.” The doctors were right about one thing, and that was the fact that I’d never be the same. I miraculously woke up the next day with significant brain damage. So many people showed up to the hospital that they had to turn people away. It humbled me deeply when I later realized that I’d gotten exactly what I’d asked for.

Despite the doctors’ prognosis, I made a full recovery because I believed in myself for the first time in my life. It was up to me to activate my own strength and make the choice to heal. It was a really challenging time for me, but also, the very thing that saved my life since I was on a self-medicating path of pills and alcohol. Everything happens for us, not to us. This perspective shift had me realize that not only do I matter, but I get to use my voice to empower others.

“Everything happens for us, not to us.”

Having been given a second chance at life, I was inspired to lead others to greatness. With a new commitment to my health, I became a certified personal trainer and mindset coach at the age of 23, and my first private client was Ben Stiller. I also manifested clientele like Saudi Arabian royalty, the entire Marciano family (the founders of Guess), and more that I’m not able to share. I was checking off all the boxes with my fitness career, but I felt called to shift directions and truly impact humanity.

What got you into the coaching industry?

Through my life’s biggest challenges, I’ve discovered my life’s purpose. I wanted to teach other people how to turn their pain into their purpose — to have the darkest parts of their lives be fuel for their fire. While I found fulfillment in getting A list celebrities in their best shape, my bigger purpose has been found in working with some of the world’s biggest leaders.

For the last 11 years, I’ve coached thousands of people from all over the world but I love coaching powerful, successful women into their ease and grace the most. Some of the biggest struggles women experience is in their quest to prove their worth by doing more. Who they BE is what matters more than anything else. The “hustle and grind” lifestyle isn’t sustainable. Learning how to attract, allow, and receive makes life so much easier.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself now?

The advice I would give to a younger version of myself is, “we empower what we blame.” I’ve learned how to claim my freedom through forgiveness and now I teach others how to know what it means to be responsible for everything in their life. No one can take our power away from us.

How do you embody success in your daily life?

If you want an abundant life, be generous. I love to say that “the getting is in the giving”. I’ve found that the success in every area of my life is directly proportionate to the level at which I give. On that note, what are the causes that are dear to your heart? One of my companies, Ascension Leadership Academy, has raised over $3 million for local charities and
nonprofit organizations since its inception in 2016. I’ve personally donated my time to orphanages in Mexico and traveled to various countries in Africa to aid in bringing food and clean water to communities in need.

What daily routines or rituals keep you in ease and flow?

I’m a self-care Queen. I regularly invest in myself with high-quality products and services. I receive weekly bodywork, and this is a non-negotiable practice for me. I don’t bat an eye when it comes to spending money on my emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. I also regularly purge my life of anything that is no longer a vibrational match for me. When I create space for more, abundance in all forms always comes to me.

Tell us how women can join your space now and work with you?

The fastest way to work with me is by enrolling in our virtual or in-person courses at Ascension Leadership Academy. I also have other online courses, a mastermind, and retreats where women can work more intimately with me. I only take on two private clients each year. This is a high level, elite commitment. You can apply to work with me at any level on my website.

When it comes to manifesting, what is your big vision?

My big vision is to bring emotional intelligence to the “1% Leaders” of the world. I know that I can remind them of what it means to be human by helping them heal their own traumas in a safe space so they can let go of their power grabs. Yet it’ll take humans like us to make the first move to show them how to open their hearts. I have no shame in claiming that. There is so much pain that our planet is feeling right now, and I feel a deep sense of responsibility to contribute in healing it.

What do you want your clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

I want the women who work with me to become sustainably and confidently independent in their growth rather than always being dependent on the teacher. I breathe life into people and teach them how to ultimately become self-cleaning ovens. Once you accept your unique gifts, you activate your own inner abundance and finally unlock your infinite possibilities.

What can you tell us about any future projects?

In the fall of this year, I’m releasing my book titled I Am Her Now – packed full of resources and strategies I don’t share anywhere else. I’m just now launching a visual album also titled I Am Her Now that features mantras with original music. They help you to entirely reprogram any limiting beliefs hiding out in your blind spots, and I’m so proud of this body of work. I’ll soon be relaunching my signature online course also called I Am Her Now. Also in the pipeline for later this year is a podcast called I Am Abundance with Jenna Phillips Ballard. Right now, you can gain free access to my Master Manifester Starter Kit with my Abundance Checklist, a chapter of my book, and a hypnosis video by checking out so you can sample some of my best work.

What are your gifts to the world?

I show women how to claim their worth, declare their value, and manifest their innermost desires by being the future versions of themselves now. I truly show them how to use their own magic wand so they can create the exact life that they want. I’m married to the man of my dreams, I have two healthy sons, I have created successful and impactful companies, I live in a beautiful home that I built and also decorated, my tribe is loyal, and my life is filled with adventure. If I can make a full comeback from brain damage, you can create the life of your dreams. I want you to have it all.

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