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Meet Shirlee Williams, Life Coach, Spiritual Seeker, Podcast Host of “Becoming: Real Conversations for Living an Unapologetic Life” and mother of twin boys. After suffering from anxiety and depression, her life took a 180 degree turn thirty years ago when she decided to take her first yoga class. From that moment on, her life changed. She began practicing breathing, meditation and was led down a spiritual path of enlightenment. Today she guides all women to meet their true selves so they can lead businesses they love, and that align with their soul.

Tell our readers something about you that we wouldn’t find on your social media.

I put a lot of what I do on social media. A lot of times, they see this perfect package — the strong, confident, independent woman. Every morning, I am the woman who is in front of the mirror giving myself my own pep talk for the day. I really feel like if I don’t stay on top of that, just like everyone else in their humaneness, limiting beliefs will come in, self-doubt, things that have shown up in the past. It really is a practice of doing that every day. I have all my sticky notes, I give myself compliments in the morning when I’m putting my makeup on, just to remind myself of my greatness.

What brought you into the healing space?

There isn’t a real defining moment for that. I think every opportunity along my path has been a reminder to keep going, a reminder that I am strong enough because of where I’ve come from. My awareness began as a toddler. My mom was a single mom raising me the best she could. I come from a background of mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, and gambling addictions in my family. It was really important for me to keep myself in check. It was almost like I watched other people around me and did the opposite. 

At the age of 19, I was struggling with depression and anxiety. My family doctor wanted to put me on medication, and my mom took me to a yoga class. That moment, I would say, was one of my defining moments. Going to yoga with my mom in the basement of a woman’s apartment, on a shag carpet with a corduroy couch — that was the start of something extraordinary for me. That spiritual path guided me in every situation of my life. I gave birth to twin boys that were pre-mature, and that was another time to dive into my spirituality. I lost my mum at 34. I lost my dad at 42. I ended a twenty
year marriage at 47. I wouldn’t even describe those moments as my lowest points, I would describe them as points that I got to re-evaluate my life.

What advice would you give to a younger Shirlee?

I would want to tell her to stay soft, to continue to wear her heart on her sleeve, and to not let the world harden her. That’s really what I would want her to know. Stay open.

How do you embody and step into the version of you that you are today?

The biggest thing for me is that I do what I say I’m going to do. My word is my law. Reminding myself that I’m always going to choose love over fear. Being in the present moment. Because the present moment takes me right into gratitude. If I’m not there, I find myself thinking about things I didn’t do in the past and worrying about the future. That takes me away from my success. That level is always going to change as long as I’m in the present moment. I’m always going to recognize it. I don’t want to miss anything.

What practices do you implement daily to bring yourself into that space?

My spiritual practice is pretty strong. Like every other human, sometimes it gets away from me if I’m not paying close attention to it. In the mornings, before I get out of bed, I visualize, my daily design. It could be a meditation, but it’s very clear to me what I’m designing. I’m visualizing how I see my day unfolding. Then at night, right before I fall asleep, I take a few minutes just to think about how the day unfolded. I ask myself two questions — what am I grateful for today, and is there anything I could have done better? When I get up the next day, I want to be better than I was the day before.

What courses do you have for women who want to join your space?

I have some evergreen programs, and they’re growing every day. Because as I’m doing them live, I’m recording them. So they’ll get resold as an evergreen program. I have a 40-day Meditation Challenge, which is themed practices. It’s twenty minutes a day. It has a little bit of movement, a guided meditation, and a theme of the day. So it could just be a word of the day to carry with you.

Then I have a six-module evergreen program called The Journey of Becoming. It really is for any woman who is just ready to step into their greatest life; that could be a relationship, it could be the relationship to self, it could be business. It’s six modules, and in each module, they build on each other. We go back and talk about our values, set up what our core belief system is, and discover and debunk our limiting beliefs. I love the combination of coaching and yoga. So there are some guided meditations in that program and some yoga practices, and they’re all themed around whatever module they’re working on.

As for live programs, I have a three-month container and a six-month container, and those can both be life coaching and mentorship. I have a lot of yoga teachers coming to me looking for mentorship now, looking to build either their spiritual practice or their business, and what that looks like for them. I offer three-month and six-month containers and both of them come with weekly coaching calls or mentor calls and ongoing daily support. If they need it, they can reach out. One of the things I really like about the life coaching platform is that the sessions are self-led by the women who are showing up. Every week is different. Every week, they’re going through something different. Every week, we’re having a different conversation.

What is something that you want to Manifest now?

I am manifesting reaching 1 million women around the world to show them what’s possible in living extraordinary lives. My love of travel will take me around the world speaking and sharing ways to manifest their most authentic lives. I want to know what lights their souls on fire and inspires them to leave a legacy they are proud of!

I visualize speaking events and sold out retreats. I am manifesting a better world where women are collaborating with each other instead of competing. Where we can have it all and we never need to settle for what we think is the right thing.

“I remember listening to other mentors or going to women’s conferences and listening to all these great speakers. They keep telling you, “Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.” And then you immediately want to go to the reasons you can’t do it. “Well, maybe you had more resources.” “Maybe you were in the right place.” “Your husband worked here…” And now, I’m calling bullshit on all of that. Because if I can do it, anybody can do it.”

What philanthropic incentives do you practice or want to practice more of in the future? Are there any causes that are dear to your heart?

I have a few things on my list, but one of them is that I really want to travel and build communities. So whether that’s in third world countries, with Habitat for Humanity, and building homes for families who need them, that’s on my list. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s definitely on my list. The other thing I’m really passionate about is animals. Last year, my partner and I spent the winter in Tulum, and there were a lot of street dogs. One of the things we started dreaming about was to go and build a dog rescue. They really need help in that area of Quintana Roo. I make monthly donations to animal rescues here
in my area, and then also in Mexico because that’s where we’re going to be spending half of our time. It also allows me to feel a connection to my father, and there weren’t many of them. So, having that really fills my heart. It makes my heart full.

Finish this sentence : “My gifts to the world are…”

My gift to the world is me. And what I mean by that is, when we filter who we are, when we show up anything less than ourselves, we are actually doing a disservice. So I have to keep reminding myself that my greatest gift and my biggest superpower is being exactly who I am. I really feel the greatest gift from myself is me. I shine brightest when I remember that.

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