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Laura Lorentz is a Business Coach and Human Design Mentor who began her journey of entrepreneurship right in the freshness of motherhood. With a young baby at home, she worked during naps and after her daughter went to bed. Within months, she was left feeling burnt out and ready to give up her dream. She recalls that period of her journey as one that “felt completely disheartening.” She was implementing strategies that worked for other online business owners, but she was not seeing the results she knew were possible for her. Until she found Human Design… suddenly light bulbs started going off. Understanding her design as a 1/3 Emotional Projector made her realize that she wasn’t operating from the most aligned place given her energy. As she learned to lean in to her natural energy, clients started to magnetize to her again and again. This opened up the portal to endless possibilities. Here is her journey to finding massive success on her own terms.

When it comes to joining the coaching space, did you go naturally transition into it or was that something that happened out of intuition?

I was on maternity leave with my first born, and I have always had this desire to help and support women in business. I went to business school & spent the last 10+ years of my career in corporate strategy and leadership roles, so it felt like such a natural fit. Originally, when I first started my business, I started as a business coach for moms. I wasn’t fully embodied in the Human Design world at that point in time. But throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, I went through a self discovery process, and my business began evolving one piece at a time. My intuition has always been a clear guide leading the way to the next right step.

I wholeheartedly believe that when you stop seeking answers externally, and start tuning inward, all the power and capability is within you to build the business of your dreams.

Walk us through what you would call the lowest point of your journey all the way through to the enlightenment.

Within a few months of running my business, I had completely burnt myself out. I had an eight month old baby at home and I was not sleeping because she wasn’t sleeping, all while trying to run my business. I had pushed myself too hard, but deep down, I knew there had to be a different way of doing things. That was when I found Human Design. I asked for a sign and the sign came, and I found out that I am a Projector. I had been building my business as if I were a Generator or a Mani-Gen and I was not caring for myself the way I needed to. I really started learning more about what it meant to be a Projector, incorporating strategies into my business that would allow myself energetic space and capacity, and not holding unrealistic expectations of myself, the way that I would have in the past. It was a huge de-conditioning process for me. I had lived my life basing my worth on how much I achieved. I didn’t know there was any other way to operate.

I started sharing more on social media about human design and my experiment with it. I was not offering services at the time. I was simply talking about it. I had two prospective clients reach out to me to say, “I need to work with you”. These invitations confirmed that when I talk about the things that I love and I stand in my power, people will naturally be drawn to my space. Total Projector Alignment. It’s just been beautiful unfolding. Over the last year, I’ve served almost a hundred women through my one-to-one coaching services, as well as my human design readings, and my signature Human Design & Business program, Empowered Essence.

What practices do you implement to stay in that ease and flow?

Every day, my focus is mind, body and soul. That’s always been something that I’ve naturally been drawn to and checking in with myself. Does my mind feel stimulated? Have I moved my body? Does my soul feel excited about what I do? Also, understanding my human design has really allowed me to step into the flow of my life. I used to be a very structured person, and with time, I realized that was constricting my natural flow. I’ve embraced flexibility, spontaneity, and releasing expectations which has reduced a lot of stress and anxiety in my life.

Now for women who want to join your courses, what containers do you currently have?

I have ongoing enrolment for my Empowered Essence course. It is my signature Human Design and business course, which is for the self-led woman. It teaches you how to tap into your own energy, and inner guidance in order to create the business and the success that you desire. It’s a self-paced program with options to upgrade to VIP, which includes voxer support from me. I also offer human design readings for someone who is new to human design.

My one-to-one coaching space is where I enjoy working the most. I get to use my Projector gift of seeing clients so deeply to help them make massive shifts and personal transformations. We work together to embody your highest expression in life and business.

What is something that you wish to practice more of in the future or things that you’re already doing when it comes to philanthropist incentives?

My son is my second born and he was born prematurely. He had gastrointestinal bleeding at four weeks old, and was admitted to a local children’s hospital. He had an emergency blood transfusion and spent about a week in the hospital. Luckily, they were able to find out what the issue was, and he’s completely healthy now. However, it was a very surreal experience leaving the hospital that day. So many families don’t get that opportunity to leave and have to stay with their children for much longer. Ever since then, we have been providing monthly contributions to the Children’s Hospital to help support parents and families during such a difficult time in their lives. We hope to give more support in the future.

What is something that you want to Manifest now?

I desire to create a world renowned human design & energetics coaching certification for women who want to bring HD to their business and impact women, because I know how much it has impacted my clients and I.

When it comes to the women that come into your space, what do you want them to retain the most from your work?

I want them to feel empowered that they have everything that they need inside themselves to create the life and business that they desire. Oftentimes we look externally for things, whether it’s taking courses, working with mentors, or looking for material things to make us happy and fulfilled. What I’ve learned on this journey is that our happiness, freedom, purpose, and success comes from within It’s all inner work.

Finish this sentence : “My gifts to the world are…”

To help people to see their greatness and guide them to their highest potential

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