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Romy is an Intuitive Healer who channels pure light and wisdom from the Divine to guide others to embody their most extraordinary Self. She is a 7 Figure Business and Soul Mentor, and Wellness Alchemist. Romy has developed her very own therapy called Astral Soul Healing which aligns your soul to your higher self through Quantum Healing, Sound and Light Body Activations. Having traveled for most of her life, she has visited over 45 countries and acquired a high amount of knowledge along her self discovery and healing journey. Romy presently is based in London, UK and spends her free time in nature, savouring Gourmet food and connecting with her soul tribe. She is a wonderer, with a zest for life that is infectious and admirable. Her world is one of mysticism and Divine connection, sharing deep sacred wisdom to activate your unlimited Potential so you can design a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

Tell our readers about yourself ; the parts that we don’t have the pleasure of already knowing from your online presence.

It will be my pleasure! I start by mentioning that since a very young age I was curious about the human mind; the way we act, interact, talk & behave. I used to observe everything around me, I still do. I discovered later on that this curiosity was due to this being my first experience in a human body. Even thought I am a very old soul, I’ve never had any other past experiences on Planet Earth. Imagine, for me, everything was very new and exciting. 

This curiosity took me to have my first BIG DREAM that was to travel the world. After I finished my Business degree, I decided to leave my country to explore and discover more of who I was. That happened already seventeen years ago. Since then, I have lived in six different countries. I speak four different languages. I’ve been in more than 45 countries mainly to studied with different Masters and Healers who shared their wisdom for Gaia and Humanity and inspired me to also share my gifts with the world. 

This experience provided me with a life full of adventures, and still does — big manifestations came true, living merely in the present moment, many soul friends around the globe, and the opportunity to discover who I was at every stage of my evolution.

Tell us a bit more about what got you into the coaching space.

As a teenager, I remember I was always coaching my friends and even family members. Its said that whatever you do the most naturally – is your dharma. You radiate naturally the expression of your soul’s personality; who you are and what is in your heart and people feel magnetic to your energy. That has always happened to me. My friends would come to seek for support, trust me their secrets, and they would listen to me very carefully as I would tap into what I felt was needed to be channelled. 

Along my travels I experienced that too. Some of the travels I did with friends, others I did on my own. But when I was on my own, a lot of people would come to me as if they had known me forever and open up to share parts of their life experiences as if I was a sacred space for them to be unapologetically themselves, to be seen, to be respected, and feel free to talk. 

This and also my affinity with the spiritual realm, directed me to start coaching. And honestly, I am every day grateful and in love for calling this my job.

What is your daily morning / night routine to set you up for a successful day? 

I love this question, because I truly believe that what we focus on our energy flows. I find it paramount to have  a routine or ceremony that support my success daily. 

In the morning, I do a quantum meditation to have clarity and to elevate my frequency to the level of my desires, and aligned with my most ascendent  Self. I use visualization and hypnosis. It’s a combination I have created for myself. Then I use movement of the body to clear the channels, decode any messages, and anchor the creations into earth. That can be going to the gym, run, or dance — everything with intention — to shake anything that is not in resonance with the frequency I want to manifest. Followed by journaling, I set clear and inspired actions that will lead me to attract and reach where I want to be. The sacred balance between the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine energy. 

At night I have a ritual of gratitude for anything that happened that day, appreciating where I am at and where I’m going. I also connect with my cosmic intelligence to get downloads about things I want to know to be revealed during my dreams. Finally, I listen to a short recorded meditation.

Walk us through your journey ; from the lowest point to your enlightenment into the healing world.

One of the most important breakthroughs that has radically shifted my life into a more awakened path, finding my purpose and living a more devotional journey was when I decided to quit my corporate 9 to 5 job to become my own boss. Back in 2014. 

I was very successful in what I did, working in the corporate world. I had everything I desired in terms of salary and position. But I had a feeling of being incomplete. I felt like my soul knew deep inside that there was something bigger for me, that I wasn’t expressing my fullest potential. I could not be myself, one hundred percent.

It was when I decided to listen and have the courage to step into the unknown to follow my heart , even if it was so scary. So, I left my corporate job and I took two sabbatical years to travel the world with the purpose of discovering who I was, my mission on earth, studying many Holistic Therapies and approaches along the way and find out how I could contribute to the world with my uniqueness by doing what it was more in alignment with my soul.

What advice would you give to a younger Romy?

I would say to her, “Keep on dreaming. Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary.”

“Trust yourself along the way, always following your heart.”

How do you embody success in your daily life today? What practices do you implement regularly? 

Success for me is a state of mind. It’s a frequency to which we tune in. It is so important to have, as I mentioned before, practices and pillars that help me embody the energy of success along the day. 

And to vibrate in the frequencies of my desires and what I want to manifest, I use quantum leaping. That helps me to recalibrate with my Higher self in the now — bring my desires into this realm at a hyperspeed. 

Also, I use a variety of mindset tools that support me in every area of my life. And I work hand in hand with spirits and the Quantum Field to ask for guidance and co-create the unimaginable. Building that deep connection has helped me to become successful since a very young age. Knowing that the Universe has my back is everything. Gratitude is another practice. Gratitude will help me to open up my heart to receive; to be grounded in the now while allowing myself to desire more. And trust myself, my power to manifest anything and the assistance I have to create always what’s more aligned with my Soul and purpose on this planet. 

What kind of courses do you have for women who want to join your space? 

There are different Portal Activations they can play inside my world for those who feel the inner calling to elevate into something beyond extraordinary – an experience unlike any other. 

The process and the period for enrolments will vary depending on how long they are looking to commit and what’s their intention — if it’s a group container or if it’s a one-on-one private mentorship program. For example, my signature program is open throughout the whole year – yet places are limited.

I would love to encourage readers to scan the QR or contacting me so they can find out what feels most right and blissful for they now. 

Actually, I have a 8-week Micro Mind program open for women on purpose, the ones ready to upgrade into their highest level of magnetism, success, and wealth at hyperspeed — we quantum leap quite a lot in my containers — while being supported by other powerhouse women and visionaries who hold the same vision, eager to create incredible things on the planet.

I have my three-month Accelerator Mentorship for business owners, artists, and leaders who want to recalibrate into their most ascendant selves — to bring their vision, their brand, their project to its fullest potential, to be seen at a higher scale and to create multiple five and six figures month— but to do it in the most divine feminine way, which is with, flow, ease, soul strategy and full magnetism.

I also provide a One- Off Mentoring & Activation session, for those who are curious to feel what it means to be in my world. The Container is set to Shift their Frequencies into a higher alignment so they can open up the Portals for Accelerated Ascension. 

I have a series of masterclasses transmission that are lead every month for those who are open to a conversation of a lifetime to be Recalibrated into their highest Timeline. It’s a transmission of pure energetics, download and ascension codes. 

And more is on its way! I love to be in the Creatrix Mood. As I expand my consciousness and grow I channel new creations. I have a couple of course and a New Mastermind coming up that will be activating different parts of the extraordinary in them.

When it comes to manifesting, what is your vision for the future? 

As a big manifestor, I have big visions for different areas of my life. My brand has greatly expanded since the beginning of the year, and I feel the call to impact the world even more. To inspire powerful and determine women who are ready for exponential success, mastery and wealth 

to become the creators of their best life and leave a legacy. This is one thing I’m very passionate about and work daily to make it happen. 

In my personal life, I would love to manifest a partner. I feel I’m ready now for a divine sacred love relationship. Also, I would love to buy my very first house in the UK by the end of this year. I have investments in other places but I would love to have one here as well. 

What philanthropic causes are dear to your heart? 

I adore nature. So one of the causes I love to support the most is tree plantations. I’m so connected to trees, actually I often hug them and connect with their frequency. But I also do something in-person that I feel so passionate about — giving big amounts of cash to someone who is asking for money on the street, playing music, doing art —that makes me feel in love, like I made their day, like I am the answer to their prayers and desires. Suddenly, I arrive there with an unexpected gift and I bring joy, happiness, and their manifestation to life. Whenever I have the opportunity, I do it. I feel this is a big part of my daily contribution to humanity.

What are your gifts to the world?

My gifts to the world are to empower every single human that I encounter along my way to believe in their unlimited potential, to live life at its fullest, to discover how powerful they are to manifest the unimaginable and to create a life they are obsessed with. I want to be a beacon of love and light to inspire others to be who they want to be, to become extremely wealthy and have the most exquisite life on Earth while on purpose. 

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“Loving oneself is so important, it’s the root of everything. Once we are able to see ourselves for who we are, we can see others for who they are.”

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