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Adversity Expert & Divorce Lifeline

Having honed her skills over a decade in Personal Development and serving as a Corporate Marketing virtuoso for a global bank, Lisa’s journey stands as a testament to the power of resilience. Now, she is embarking on a transformative path, leaving behind her corporate legacy to pursue a greater mission, one that empowers others to thrive against all odds.

Lisa’s personal journey is marked by a series of challenges that she met with unyielding resolve. From the early loss of her father, which cast her into a world of uncertainty, to navigating the complexities of divorce and single motherhood, she confronted each hurdle head-on. Instead of succumbing to adversity, she manifested strength from every experience, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and resilience.

Leading Perfected Chaos, her brainchild coaching initiative, Lisa has a singular focus: empowering women to redefine their lives. Within its transformative space, shattered self-worth finds restoration, careers are reshaped, and families are rebuilt. Perfected Chaos is more than just a program; it’s a practical revolution where chaos transforms into a structured path, and resilience is not just a concept but a way of life.

At the core of Lisa’s mission lies an unyielding commitment to child-centric co-parenting, emphasizing the pivotal role of nurturing children’s resilience. Striking a delicate equilibrium between structured routines and empathetic understanding, she helps create a stable foundation where children’s voices resonate and hold significance.

More than a coach, Lisa is a virtual lifeline, a living testament to the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit. Her work transcends the professional realm; it’s a profound, soul-stirring journey that touches the core of every woman she encounters. With unwavering commitment and boundless expertise, she is rewriting narratives, one empowered woman at a time.

Tell us about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your online presence?

I’m known for being bold: table-scapes and perfecting celebratory events, my inner Carrie Bradshaw, a well-written card, and thoughtful presents. The candor of Miranda Priestly, forever swooning over her closet. Travel on my mind and a passport in my hand. Being a mom of two beautifully brilliant boys, a wife to my high school dreamboat, and a multi-passionate creative who appreciates a good French 75 and a couture gown as much as lived-in sweats. That’s what people see on the outside, but what most people don’t know is what they can’t see.

The years of adversity have led me to something far greater than I ever imagined. Statistically, I wasn’t supposed to make it. One in five children that come from a drug and alcohol environment go on to become that themselves. One in five suffer mental health and anxiety that they rarely shake, and at times, they begin to fix one problem by creating another. At the age of 4, my father died in the line of duty as a firefighter. My mother was an addict, and we often found ourselves in line at the local food bank, living in a city that, at the time, was the murder capital of the US. At age 9, I narrowly escaped the foster care system, moving in with my grandmother, adapting to a whole new environment, making new friends, and catching up on education. My life continued to evolve with the loss of my mother to breast cancer in my early twenties, to navigating the complexities of divorce and single motherhood with an infant.

What has allowed you to step into this power?

Society expects people to become a product of their environment. But for me, I knew I wouldn’t. I understood that even in the darkest moments, I didn’t have to know why this was happening; I just needed to trust that it was all part of the plan. “The universe had my back,” as Gabby Bernstein would say. I remained quiet and observant. However, here’s the thing: no matter how much you try not to become a product of your environment, it’s not something you can escape. Your environment, for better or worse, shapes you. Being a product of your environment often influences your beliefs, how you treat people, how you show up, your work ethic, and more. Despite this, I always knew I was meant for something far bigger than myself. Once I discovered how to perfect my chaos, I became relentless in the pursuit of making an impact.

You see, you are always one decision away from changing your life. You can either say, “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why is this happening for me?” What if all the chaos you’ve endured and all the people who let you down were designed by someone bigger than you—God, the universe, or whatever you choose to believe? What if you are where you are today because it’s exactly where you were meant to be? I truly believe that by sharing my story of overcoming what I went through, it will become someone else’s survival guide. Sometimes, what didn’t work out for you, in fact, worked out for you.

It all started about a decade ago while surviving a devastating divorce. In my life, I have weathered many adversities, but the one that nearly destroyed me was the end of my marriage—a conclusion I never saw coming. In that very same moment when my marriage ended, I gave life to the most incredible boy. Without him, my survival was questionable at best. I don’t mean literal survival; I just mean that without having to do my best to function for another human, the outcome might have been very different.

It’s easy to look back now and say with confidence that every ending is meant for a perfect beginning, but at the time, I wouldn’t have been able to process that. Although I had an infant to take care of, the times when he wasn’t with me were rough. My job stole my attention only so much, and when I wasn’t working, I’d often be face down in a mattress, hoping to catch my breath when, at times, it never came. This wasn’t just any falling out or typical divorce; it was layered in ways you never think could even be real life.

Reflecting on my life, I had people serving as pillars, guiding me one way or another, for which I will forever be grateful. There may be some of you, like me, who at times didn’t have a sounding board or know exactly what to do or how to help. What I needed was advice from those who had been in that position before. I needed life advice, career advice, and everything in between. I turned to a mentor of mine, Christy, who was there to pick up the pieces, set my mindset straight, and be the backbone I needed to just get through the day.

Can you do it alone? Sure, but you can give yourself so much more peace if you have the right tools to succeed. Many of my clients feel ashamed and lost, and they start to shut down instead of reaching out. Many often forget that if children are involved, you are their pillar, and so you must stay healthy and resilient to support them as well.

Advice to your younger self? Other women that are “stuck” in a specific place?

It’s so easy to allow fear to become your voice. The fear of the unknown can grip so tightly that you become paralyzed. However, with the right mindset, everything becomes an opportunity. I no longer believe in failing; I believe in lessons. That’s the gift of being human—to grow. If you’re not learning, then you are not becoming the best, most powerful version of yourself. It can be challenging to see this for yourself when you’re deep in the chaos, but it’s who you surround yourself with that can make all the difference.

It’s never about what happens to you; it’s about how you respond. The power lies in your response to the challenges life throws at you. As I navigated my own tumultuous journey, I discovered that resilience is not about avoiding difficulties but facing them head-on and emerging stronger on the other side. The support and guidance I received, especially from mentors like Christy, played a pivotal role in reshaping my perspective and helping me find strength in the midst of chaos.

So, if you find yourself in the throes of uncertainty and fear, remember that it’s an opportunity for growth. Embrace the lessons, surround yourself with a supportive community, and understand that every challenge is a stepping stone towards becoming the person you are meant to be—the most powerful version of yourself.

Walk us through your offers and enrollments for women who want to join your space?

Through 1:1 coaching, I am an Adversity Expert and Divorce Lifeline. I help women thrive amidst divorce and master child-centric coparenting. A one-stop shop that provides you with a bit of clarity and context in your everyday chaos and encourages you to think with a new perspective. Packages are customized by individuals as this is not a one-size-fits-all experience. 

I want to help you overcome whatever is holding you back so we can develop a plan to get you from surviving to thriving. Clients reach out via the contact form on my website, a brief questionnaire is sent and we schedule an initial call to see if we are a good fit for each other. By popular request, I will be curating a course that women can also take in the privacy of their own space and time. This will also give them access to a huge support community so you never have to walk alone.

Manifest with us, what are you actively calling in now?

I’m calling on the ability to help at least 1,000 women perfect their chaos and begin to thrive again amidst divorce. I want to coach them and encourage them to rebuild their lives in a way that feels authentic and empowering. To set a high example for the children that are involved and create a plan that allows the children to nurture their resilience as well.

I’m calling in great connections as I am finally identifying my voice and evicting the fear. Everyone has a story and by sharing mine, I hope that women will feel empowered and remember that they too will be ok and with the right perspective, even the chaos is a gift.

I’m calling in a greater focus on wellness. I have big plans and need to set an example for my clients that despite their demanding schedules they can make time for themselves, if they choose too. Identifying a strong routine whenever you can not only gives back to your mental health but it also allows you to be at your best for everyone around you. I love habit stacking , so while I’m working, I have a laptop on the treadmill. I love the MWH app for pilates, my Higherdose infrared sauna blanket, and my Higherdose PEMF mat which I use while I sneak in a quick meditation with a red light mask. Sounds like a lot but If you block out 30-60 minutes a day you’d be surprised how much this can help you in all areas of your life.

I’m calling on opportunities to “BE SEEN”. Another mentor of mine, Jen Gotlieb taught me that from the strength of being seen, you can help one person everyday. The aftermath of divorce is hard but a true gift. Society teaches us to be ashamed of divorce, that everything is over, that it has to be ugly and you end up broke and alone. I want to show women how to embrace the suck and redefine the opportunity that’s in front of them. I want to do this through publications like GOSS and speaking engagements so I can get in front of more women to make a bigger wave of impact. I’m calling in joy. Amidst the chaos, even the good kind.. It’s so easy to become a victim of your schedule. But who makes your schedule? You do. You and only you have the power to determine what you say yes and no too. Be relentless with your time. Make time for joy. Celebrate the wins, be curious about the losses.

What are your Rules and rituals for an abundance mindset?

I always tell my boys; what you think about, you bring about. Being fully present and aware of your thoughts takes practice but I believe its key to manifesting with an abundant mindset. This can especially be hard when you are going through a hard time, positive thoughts seem impossible.

A few things that helped me;

  • You must decide, who do I want to become now, that I’m not who I was. So many of us hold onto who we were that we waste time writing the next chapter of our lives. Once you become clear on who you want to become, decide what it will take to get you there. Maybe it’s going all in on that business idea you have or leveling-up in your career. Maybe it’s losing weight and focusing on wellness so your children have a great example to follow.


  • Come up with a mantra. Fear will take over because you are in unknown territory. Your comfort zone is gone and panic sets in. A mantra is a great way to tame the negative thoughts that can block abundance and quiet the fear. My mantra for a long time was, I have everything I want, I have everything I need.


  • Make a badass list. Another thing that my mentor Jen Gotlieb taught me to do and something I now have all my clients doing as well. We need reminders. We’ve all lived a storied life and sometimes you forget everything you’ve overcome and accomplished to get here. This is your time to take off your humble hat and remember who you are. Write the list in your phone for quick reference on the days when your energy and confidence is low and I guarantee it will put a little pep in your step.


  • Get quiet. In a world filled with constant stimulation and noise, it’s so it is important to take time to slow down and just be. When you do this, you allow your focus to shift from all the things you need to do, back to who do I want to become and what do I need to do to get there. Envision what that may look like, how it would feel to accomplish that thing, who is in the room with you, who is the first person you call. Make it so tangible that nothing will stop you from achieving that thing. Manifesting isn’t something you do and things appear. Manifesting only works when you’re willing to put the work in.


  • Call in reinforcements. If I know my energy is lacking or my fear is speaking too loud to be seen, I am not afraid to phone a friend. A huge part of what got me to this point was also surrounding myself with people who inspired me, who took bold action, and were self-made. I listened to podcasts and audiobooks. I was introduced to new learnings and my mindset started to shift because when I poured myself into other things, I was no longer focused on what was going wrong, I was focused on who I wanted to become now that I was given this opportunity.

What is your magic formula for living a harmonious/balanced life?

I think we all know there is no magic formula or life wouldn’t be so hard. But there is beauty in balance. What balance looks like to you is very personal. For me it’s giving myself the grace to not have it all figured out. To become comfortable in the unknown because when you think about it, it’s just the universe saying there’s more to learn.

As Marie Forleo says; “Everything is figureoutable” which I 100% know to be true. You aren’t supposed to have all the answers. It’s like expecting your baby to come with a manual. As I have gotten older, my perspective has shifted into not only overcoming adversities but rather walking alongside them and allowing them.. to teach me.

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