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Navigating Holistic Wellness, Intuition, and Emotional Alignment for a Harmonious Life

As a leader and voice on the cutting edge of truth seeking, manifestation and living your most aligned life, Ali Fitzpatrick is a transformative force in the realm of holistic and spiritual well-being. As a transformational life, spiritual and manifestation coach, kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, astrologer, sound healer and mystic, she guides spiritually curious women on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through activating and accelerating their purpose and energy force. 

With a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, Ali infuses her teachings with authenticity, joy and transformative life experiences. She has lived, worked and trained in New York City, Maine, India, Bali, Australia, Sedona as well as so many other incredible places. She completed her undergrad and graduate degrees in Minneapolis and in New York City, her Coaching Certifications for Integrative Health Coaching and Intuitive Life Coaching in New York City and Australia, her Yoga, Sound Healing and Reiki training in Rishikesh, India and is currently diving headfirst into creating roots back home in Minneapolis.

She passionately blends the tools of astrology, mindset, manifestation, energy and frequency to offer powerful and comprehensive ways forward in self empowerment and self development that support the beautiful nuanced journey of each person’s soul and the destiny that each of us are stepping into. 

She shares this deep wisdom through readings, workshops, masterclasses and coaching sessions, emphasizing the importance of aligning with personal truths and limitless possibility. 

Originally from the quaint town of Waverly in rural Minnesota, with a population of around 500, Ali’s upbringing instilled in her a profound sense of trust and safety. From a young age, Ali would explore the woods on the family farm, embracing the interconnectedness of life and inadvertently developing a deep trust in herself and the universe. Now, based in Minneapolis, Ali draws from her unique journey and spiritual insights to guide others towards living their most aligned life.

Her magnetic energy, often described as raw and authentic, leaves an indelible mark, inspiring others to embrace joy, to trust in life and self, and to unlock their own true soul’s calling and potential.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and give us some background on when you began this healing journey?

Initially, I pursued a career in acting and concert piano for the first 30 years of my life. However, when I was living in New York after grad school, I made a pretty drastic life change. It was the first time in my life where I blatantly heard my intuition and it told me to move away from acting and embrace health and life coaching. As scary as it was, leaving a life and career behind I had worked so hard for, this decision felt synchronistic and divinely timed leading me to holistic health, life and spiritual coaching. 

Can you share a bit about your pivotal moment in India?

In India, my life trajectory took a pretty major 360 turn. When you’re meditating for 16 hours a day, you don’t have the distractions of every day life, nor the perspectives or energy of anyone around you to impact you. When I was doing my initial training there, it was the first time in my life that I was forced to sit still, no numbing out, no escaping. It was just me and me. And when I tell you a lot comes up… A LOT will come up. 

It was also the first time in my life that I could no longer deny my truth nor intuition. And that scared the heck out of me. Upon leaving for India, I thought I was getting married, but the universe had other plans. I ended a six-year relationship, started a new career, moved to Australia, and integrated various modalities into my work, solidifying my deeper soul purpose. Take that for a major life turn that I was just trusting would completely work out.

What are some aspects not on your social media that people might not know about?

I’m an Aquarius sun with a double Cancer moon and rising. I’m also a 5/1 Generator with emotional authority in Human Design. These facets of my Astrology and Human Design can be challenging emotional placements. I’ve actually struggled for most of my life with navigating my emotional world including full acceptance of my heart, my vulnerability and my emotions. Now, I deeply embrace my emotional nature as a superpower. I’m also a cat mom to my adorable fur baby, Ember.

Any fun quirks or hobbies that people might find surprising?

We’ll, I’m a pretty big bookworm, a weirdly proficient speller (I just won an adult spelling bee!), and am unexpectedly good at pickleball despite just starting. It’s so interesting how some of our least thought about experiences provide some of our biggest lessons. Oddly enough, it’s been through playing pickleball that I’ve been learning the invaluable lessons of not making myself small, taking up space and not apologizing for my success for doing well. 

What personal changes have you undergone that now shape your teachings and empower other women?

As I’ve mentioned above, a crucial aspect has been not only learning to listen to my intuition and soul but also heeding their call. Most of my life, external factors drowned out my intuition, making it nearly inaudible. And after India, everything changed. It was a time of brutal honesty and facing truths I had been adamantly avoiding. This experience ingrained in me the Kundalini mantra “Sat Naam,” meaning “truth is my name.” It connected me to this frequency of truth, guiding me to recognize when things are energetically out of alignment and integrity both for myself and the world around me. This has become a major pillar of my integrity, guiding others to become aware, celebrate and live in their truths unapologetically, as well.

How did this shift in your perspective influence the way you perceive and approach your work?

This shift was monumental. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore about what no longer felt aligned. I was able to deeply understand that closing a door or pivoting in my offerings and career don’t have to be tumultuous endings. They can be approached with grace, gratitude and the energy of new beginnings. The key is recognizing when things are no longer aligned and trusting that it’s for a reason. You just might not be aware of it in this moment.

Considering the knowledge you’ve gained, what advice would you give to your younger self or to women feeling stuck in their lives?

Mmm… I love this question. I like to offer invitations as opposed to advice. So my invitation actually echoes a sentiment from my ex-partner, he would always say that, “Everything always works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end.” Even when things feels challenging, trust that things are unfolding in a way that will surpass your wildest imagination. Another invitation is to truly develop and TRUST your true intuition. It will never lead you astray. 

What are you currently manifesting in your life, both personally and professionally?

Personally, I’ve achieved most of the tangential “goals” I’ve set out for. My deepest manifestations right now include moving into alignment with my life partner and becoming a mom. These are those bigger personal manifestations I’m calling in. 

Professionally, I aspire to reach and impact more people on a larger scale. As a motivational speaker, my desire is to share the power within us to shift our destinies, create our dream lives and live from our deepest truths. I’ve been deeply involved in manifestation coaching, aiming to help people break down the barriers that keep this from materializing and realize the limitless possibilities that exist within our making.

Do you have a specific impact goal, like reaching a certain number of women or creating a particular level of influence in the world?

Listening to my intuition, the first word that comes to mind is “millions.” It might not necessarily be through one-on-one interactions, but rather by presenting this information to the world in a way that’s tangible and transformative. 

My larger intention and soul’s calling is definitely to share this wisdom on a wider scale, impacting millions of lives with the message of limitless possibilities, empowerment, and a major component of my programs: nervous system and energy expansion. Using different tools like Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork and Nervous System work, we can create specific energy shifts, expanding our energetic potential and systems to be able to hold more. Hold more energy. Hold more of what you want. Hold more of life. 

We’re going through a pretty major energetic shift right now on the planet and this is requiring all of us to really train our nervous systems and energy bodies to be able to recalibrate to this energy. This is something I am deeply passionate about and part of the wisdom to share.

Do you have a specific financial goal tied to your manifestations, or is it more about aligning with your unique essence and energy?

No, it’s not necessarily tied to a specific financial goal. For me, it’s always been about embracing my unique essence and energy and being able to show up and serve from this place. I’ve noticed that people resonate not just with the work that I do, but with who I am and my unique energy. Authenticity and rawness, even moments of ridiculousness, create a deep and real connection. 

A major intention of mine is to show my humanness on a larger scale, and I deeply admire coaches and facilitators who do the same. I know just by being my whole, flawed, perfectly imperfect self and allowing my authenticity and light to shine, it reaches people in more profound ways I could ever imagine. And gives others the opportunity for their own unique beingness to shine, as well. 

What rituals and routines do you practice daily to maintain an abundance mindset?

One crucial practice is being mindful of the thoughts and words I emanate out, understanding that they are frequencies that broadcast to the universe. With myself, my clients and students, I always emphasize the importance of choosing empowering and aligned thoughts and feelings, knowing that your feelings and thoughts become your reality. It’s not about spiritual bypassing; it’s about honoring experiences and feelings while choosing to move toward deeper soul alignment. What do you WANT to create and see happen? 

Gratitude is another daily practice, where I create my daily gratitude lists and practice moments of rapid gratitude during my morning nature walks. I also create a daily “love list,” embodying and celebrating what I already love in my life, whether it currently exists or is part of my manifestation. Both of these practices instantly ground you into the frequency of abundance. 

Can you walk us through your magical formula for living a harmonious life, where balance is redefined?

I don’t claim to know it; but I do live it. In my Astrology, my Mars is at zero degrees in Taurus which reflects my general approach towards life—if something doesn’t bring me joy and pleasure, I either won’t do it or take a very long time to! For me, it’s about aligning with what feels authentic, joyful, meaningful and finding pleasure in every aspect of life. 

Balance is tuning into your soul and your inner life. What brings joy and meaning to one person will look completely different to another. The more you can tap into your authentic you and bring those pieces to EVERY aspect of your life, the more it will naturally be infused and you will no longer wonder about the how. It will naturally become a part of your life. 

And as everyone is unique, right? What works for me might not resonate with everyone. What I offer are tools, practices and perspectives that have personally worked for me, emphasizing that there’s no magic formula. People decide what aligns with them, which creates their own unique, harmonious life. 

How do you cultivate deep self-awareness and present moment awareness in your life?

For me, it’s about making life a moving meditation, staying aware of thoughts, feelings, and the present moment. I come back to Viktor Frankl’s concept of a space between stimulus and response often, both with myself and with my clients. Taking a breath, creating space, and approaching situations with a different perspective contribute to that deep self and present moment awareness.

You mentioned challenges with patience and trust. How do you navigate these challenges, considering your belief that the universe and life have your back?

I like to bring myself back to the remembering of divine timing. If something isn’t happening right now or in the way in which I “want” it to happen, I know it’s an invitation for me to create space and go deeper. What’s happening under the surface and what is this trying to teach me in this moment? Oftentimes, it comes back to control, which is my gentle invitation to practice trust. And remembering that everything is working out exactly as it is supposed to be. 

You brought up intuition and mentioned it’s a journey. Were you always attuned to your intuition, or did trust develop over time?

No, I definitely wasn’t always attuned. It feels like it’s been a lifelong process. It’s interesting the correlation with how deeply we can trust our intuition equates with how deeply we can trust life, the universe and our higher selves. Growing up, I had this deep trust in life and that I would always be okay. Ironically, I never trusted myself and would look to everyone else for validation and answers. Which when we do that, creates no space for actually hearing ourselves, right? No one ever guided me to tune in and listen to me and my own intuition. For me, it’s been such a gradual process of truly becoming aware, creating space to listen and then fully honoring whatever was wanting to come through.

Can you share insights on developing intuition, especially for women who may struggle with it? 

Absolutely! This is actually something I dive deep into working with my 1:1 clients. Developing your intuition takes practice, patience, and compassion. I work with a lot of Nervous System training, as well. I’ve found this work is crucial to differentiate between our fears and our true intuition. Developing your intuition is about recognizing when it’s the right time to make decisions and understanding that space needs to be taken in chaotic moments because they may not be conducive to making the healthiest choices and those in your highest good. 

The greatest invitation that has taken me most of my life to learn, is when you need to make a decision, to stop oneself from going to multiple external sources for their input or perspective. The external voices get louder and your intuition gets quieter and quieter until you can no longer hear it anymore. The less external noise, the more you will truly be able to hear YOU. You will always know what to do. It just might take a little time to hear and to build that muscle back up again.

Can you provide an overview of your current work and walk us through the various offerings you have, including upcoming dates and enrollment periods?

I offer private and group coaching opportunities that integrate various modalities I’ve been trained in. My newest 1:1 executive mentorship program, “Manifest”, is launching this month and my signature “Awaken and Align” 1:1 program is currently enrolling with 3 more spots available. 

I help to create and co-lead both local and international retreats. I also offer individual and couples Soul Path Readings, Transit Readings, and Love Readings covering Astrology, Human Design, Numerology and Tarot/Oracle.

If you’re in the Twin Cities you can catch my workshops ranging from moon circles to tantric events to multi person sound baths. I also host master classes on astrology and manifestation and this past year launched a specialized sound healing training. I host a podcast called “On Being Human” and am currently in the process of writing my first book, “Just Show Up”. 

I am also releasing my first Astrology Oracle deck set to come out December, 2023. And for those interested, I share astrological insights, Manifestation, Mindset and Personal Development tools, Meditations and other offerings through my free newsletter. 

“Everything always works out in my favor.”

Photography by Lindsey White

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