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From Personal Challenges to Spiritual Triumphs, The Self-Help Psychic Shares Wisdom, Courses and Her Podcast for Transformation

Tabitha Stitt, The Self-Help Psychic, delves into the realms of psychic readings, healings and personal development, guiding her clients on profound journeys of self-discovery. In her unique approach, Tabitha’s readings transcend traditional mediumship, allowing Spirit/Source to work through her psychically, fostering transformation and empowerment. 

Engaging soul-to-soul, she taps into her clients’ energies to deliver accurate and heartfelt insights. Specializing in clairvoyance, Tabitha immerses herself in the psychic realm during readings. With closed eyes, she receives vivid imagery and messages, dedicating about 90% of her focus on clients’ life paths and soul’s purpose – from the past, present, to the future. Recognizing the energy inherent in words, Tabitha believes her psychic experiences are not just informative but also profoundly healing. 

Have you noticed in this way of working psychically that certain things will come up that are not going to come up so much in mediumship?

Yes. As I work psychically, I receive information for my client’s highest good. I ask Spirit/Source for direction in a deeper trance-like state, providing valuable messages that bring clarity and confirmation on your life’s path. (Compared to mediumship which is also done psychically but focuses on bringing through loved-ones.) We can discuss any area of life from relationships, opportunities in the future, or delve into deeper issues such as struggles with having a baby. 

I hear that when you’re more open to your intuition, it kicks in a lot more. Is this true?

Absolutely. If you’re open to receiving a psychic reading, you’re drawn into this world with curiosity. We’re all intuitive and the more you allow it to flow, the more you notice beautiful synchronicities in your life.

What brought you specifically into this field of psychic readings, healings and personal development?

It was unexpected. I’m a licensed school teacher and taught my high school students for seven years. Being obsessed with books, I stumbled upon the Reiki News Magazine, felt a calling to become a practitioner and experienced clairvoyance during my very first session. That led me to realize I had these abilities so I decided to start my own business. The focus has transitioned from Reiki to readings but it’s all healing, validating and life-altering in its own way.

What has been the biggest shift or transformation that has happened to you in those years?

The biggest shift occurred about ten years ago when I started giving readings professionally. I would receive visions during Reiki but didn’t understand them until another psychic medium helped confirm my calling. Working with two mentors for a few years, these women helped me trust and unlock my abilities with confidence. It’s been a beautiful journey of transformation, both professionally and personally.

“The more I do this divine work, the deeper I get into a state of trance. I’m still aware of what’s happening, but the messages feel they’re coming from a higher entity or vibration. They’re more universal that can help all of consciousness and the collective.”

I’m working with a mentor from Arthur Findlay in England. He’s been a beautiful source for me as I continue my path as a motivational trance speaker. I love connecting intimately and one-on-one so I’ll always demonstrate in workshops, teach courses and offer readings.

Reflecting on everything you’ve learned so far, what advice would you give to your younger self?

In high school I went through a pretty painful experience. My mom battled addiction which happened suddenly and unexpectedly. It was tough for me to witness. Not knowing how to help, I felt lost and depressed as a teenager. No matter how old you are, I’d say be proud of who you are. Reach out to someone, don’t be afraid to talk and express what’s within you. Keep the faith that those you love will be taken care of in their own way. You can only do so much. 

Now, everything is okay! She conquered through. We’re a team again and have each other to lean on. It’s her story as well but I share it because, especially as women, we can get stuck. We may find ourselves going down a dark hole depending on our circumstances and can temporarily forget our power. It was a challenging time but it’s my passion for what I do now. I’m grateful because it taught me to recognize that there’s often more behind a smile – sometimes we need to give ourselves the healing and attention we give others.

Walk us through your offers and the ways women can join your spaces.

Currently I offer online courses that help you reveal and use your own gifts and strengths while stepping out of your comfort zone. I’m always creating new workbooks for self-discovery. And I offer one-on-one psychic soul readings.

I have The Self-Help Psychic Podcast, released bi-weekly, which focuses on how to step into your soul’s purpose through personal development and self-awareness.

I’m in the process of creating “Inner Magic Making,” a course centered around designing and manifesting your dream-life. I’m also working on a membership circle aiming to bring women together to empower each other, discuss spirituality, demonstrate psychic readings and create a safe space for healing conversations. 

What are you actively manifesting, whether it’s financial or the global impact you wish to have?

I’m manifesting continued work as a psychic, spiritual teacher and speaker. I’m incorporating more motivational trance speaking engagements via podcasts, on stage, for business retreats, and virtual and private events. I’m excited about doing a TED Talk in the future – I can sense it unfolding. I’m in the midst of creating “The Self-Help Psychic Oracle Deck Series”, a sequence of oracle card decks that reveal messages and offer practical guidance for your next step in life. I’ll be promoting and sharing the real magic they’ll bring to our lives.

Tell us about the rules, rituals, and any sacred practices you incorporate into your life to cultivate an abundance mindset.

I realize a lot of us struggle with the idea of traditional meditation so I like to refer to it as a moment of connection with Spirit/Source and yourself. It’s my go-to ritual along with yoga. It’s a moment to sit in your power and invite Spirit/Source to come closer and work on you. It’s an extremely beneficial practice that enhances your intuitive awareness, getting you that much closer to your life’s desires.

A rule I follow is to expect what you ask for. Whatever you want to manifest – expecting it to happen is key. While it may not unfold exactly when you anticipate, maintaining flexibility and allowing the energy to flow is crucial. It involves putting your wishes, wants and desires out into the universe and then actively moving the energy forward. Trusting yourself is paramount in this process, as it’s often our lack of self-trust that hinders the realization of our dreams.

What is your magical formula for living a harmonious life?

Spending time alone is essential. It helps you recognize these spiritual messages on your path. Solitude allows you to create, which is a vital component of living your soul’s purpose. So explore and create without a predefined plan by following your curiosity, especially if it leads to unexpected experiences. Always pay attention to your intuition. It leads to the unfolding of your soul’s purpose – your strengths, inner magic and fullest potential. And so it is!

Notes from our Editor In Chief, Rebecca I Perez : “I have personally had the joy to experience Tabitha’s healing energy session and was mesmerized with her intuitive gifts. She has a way to connect deeply with the energy around her and this has reflected in my own energy uplifting during the session. I noticed many sudden shifts that arisen and was able to heal them and move through them quickly thanks to her guidance. I highly recommend her work and especially her one to one sessions which have proven to be transformative in more ways than one. She is the gift that keeps on giving.”

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