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Alchemize your magic into passive cycles of wealth

Meet Nicholette von Reiche, Passive Income Sorceress and the Founder and CEO of the Passive Income Agency. Her brand elevates women by turning thier expertis into passive income. Using energetics, high-end design and conversion strategy she helps her clients turn their soul-led work into passive cycles of wealth that deepen their potency and make their life and business flow more effortless.

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, especially the parts not known on social media.

People see the beautiful work and systems we create and how profitable they are, but what they don’t realize is that there’s a fair share of intuition and energetics that goes into the process to turning their offers into seamless systems that are effortless and move as fast as they do. We use our gifts of style, strategy and sorcery to create solutions that are easy, effortless and a beautiful experience for their clients.

Tell us more about the transition from your regular job to coaching.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I started as a freelance food stylist after an internship at a lifestyle magazine, I’ve been a health coach, event coordinator, personal assistant in NYC and I’ve organized homes. I’ve done a lot of things. In 2012 I brought my business online and started creating online courses and digital download products. My clients asked me , “How are you creating your graphics?” After helping some clients with their graphics, I created the first Canva Template Shop, specializing in social media and marketing material templates for female-owned businesses and the trend has totally taken off, enabling more passive income through digital Canva products.

This was my first time experiencing the power of passive wealth streams — how they create so much spaciousness, abundance, and freedom by scaling the impact of your expertise. My passive wealth stream via Canva products not only brought more wealth and opened endless opportunities for my business, but also allowed me to spend more time in my zone of genius — my gateway to connecting with my brilliance and birthing new projects to life

Walk us through your journey to your awakening.

I thought that I was only good with the strategy, style, and the systems piece of business. A designer and strategist, who’s great at helping my clients simplify ther business and sales funnels. But, I realized that I have a unique gift of tapping into the energetics of my clients businesses. The passions they have, the businesses and offers they feel called to create are all part of their unique soul pupose work, my clients came here to success and I help them bring their vision and ideas to life. I connect the pieces inside their business universe. And then I let them stay in the flow, while my team and I build out their vision.

What advice would you give to your younger self now?

For a long time, I felt like I was unfocused and “jumping” from one idea that lit me up to the next. As a 6/3 Sacral Manifesting Generator in Human Design, and I’ve learned that this is natural for me, that’s it’s my super power and that I can relate to my clients because I’ve done so many different things. I want us to nomalize being multi-passionate and multi-dimensional from a young age. I’ll tell my younger self that the dots (or stars) always connect and that I’m meant to collect experiences. To embrace how easy it is for me to pivot because it’s something I’ll help my clients navigate in their life’s work.

How do you embody success in your daily life?

I live my richest life now in this moment. For me that means to embody a life rich in true freedom, purpose, sacral-yesses, play-fulness, experiences and immense gratitude for what I’ve already created in my life and business. A big thing for a lot of my clients is the triangle of purpose, wealth and freedom. They either have the freedom but they aren’t doing soul purpose work, or they are doing their soul purpose work but don’t feel adequately compensated, or they are working all the time and feel burned out. When all three are present my clients are in alignment, expansive and magnetic. I remind them to make
tweaks to these areas and notice the parts that’s already in flow.

What courses do you have for women who want to join your space?

The first step is to book an Alchemize your Business session with me. An in-depth conversation on where you are in your business, where you desire to be, and what adjustments we need to make in your business, your branding, and your systems so that it matches that vision. A lot of the time, my clients are sitting on this gold mine and they don’t have the right team member in place to help them convert that into something that serves them and their clients. Or sometimes they’ve created something that’s amazing but then it sits in Google Drive or a Facebook group. Once we start diving into their business and purpose, we see what is already there, what comes up for them to heal and what we need to bring their alchemized plan to life.

When it comes to manifesting, what is your big vision for the future?

To pave a new standard of divine feminine leadership where women do good things with their wealth and unapologetically live in their magic all the time.

What would you like your clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

The right team, systems and design will help you amplify your magic, and keep you in your zone of genius. You don’t need to be the one creating pages, funnels and looking for links. We’ll create the systems to maximize your impact, reach, and wealth. We stand just outside of your team, and we bring a unique skill set to your business, that supports your next idea (or download) – and every idea after that. Every system and design we create can be repurposed to empower your team and broaden your impact even more.

Finish this sentence : “My gift to the world is…”

To amplify your magic.

For more details, visit her website here.

Follow her on Instagram, @ThePassiveIncomeAgency.

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