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Turning your coaching profits into real estate assets 

Meet Stephanie Starr, Business Coach turned Real Estate Investor and Mentor. She’s been in the industry for years, helping women scale to multiple six and seven figures in their business. Today, she learned how to tap into real passive income, and it’s not in the coaching business. It’s the one place that you can leave your money grow which will appreciate over time. We’re talking about real estate, baby! Helping women from the coaching space to secure their investments and build a real estate portfolio that will last for generations to come. “It’s about building an empire” she affirms. She is the living proof of it. Here’s her success journey of empowering women to massive wealth. 

You’ve got an active Instagram @StephStarr_SoulBizCoach — tell us the things that are not known from your social media presence? 

I actually got started on this journey when I was a small child. I watched my parents design and build their dream home and that process created the awareness within me that owning a home was important for creating financial security, especially for a family. Home ownership became a sign of wealth and security to me. This inspired me to own property at a young age. I purchased a half-a-million-dollar home at only 24 years old without anyone’s help. My love for beautiful homes also inspired me to obtain my interior design education through the New York Institute of Art and Design. 

Tell us a bit more about how you got into real estate investment. 

In my third year of online business consulting, I met my now fiancé, who is a real estate investor. I thought online business coaching was the Holy Grail of passive income until I saw, not just the millions he was earning, but the fact that he was yielding 30% appreciation, monthly, on his assets — which helped him earn most of his wealth more passively than I could as an online coach. The second I saw it for what it was, it was a no-brainer for me to shift in that direction, with my love of real estate, homes, passive income, and lifestyle, it was suddenly clear that business coaching was only a stepping stone into even more passive income, bigger profits, and another way to educate and empower more women to create secure long-term wealth. 

Many coaches are earning millions online, some even in months. But the process of creating programs and courses, spending time supporting clients, having to keep up with all the social media trends and algorithms, it can get old eventually. Being a multi-passionate creative, I began to desire something new, and even more free time while also adding in many more streams of income. Getting into real estate investing was clearly the way to do this because it offers me even more passive streams of income and consistent cash flow than my online coaching was able to create for me. It is a faster way to create the big lifestyle that I have been manifesting and always desired. I think these reasons are why most big-name coaches are now putting their money into real estate – because It’s a no-brainer. 

Even better, since I no longer rely on coaching income because I’m fully supported through real estate investments, when I’m coaching and mentoring other women to create their own streams of income through real estate, that mentorship comes from pure passion and joy, not financial gain, and my coaching business gets to be the passion project I intended it to be in the first place – and I love helping other coaches be able to experience this too!

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? 

Get your first couple of properties and never sell them. Let other people pay off that goldmine for you by collecting rents every month. Buy your children land instead of putting their education fund into something super slow-growing that could end up being worth nothing if markets fail. 

How do you embody success in this version of yourself today? 

I feel like embodying success is about being fulfilled through your work. Fulfillment, to me, is being true to myself, allowing myself the freedom to spend my time how I wish to, and having the income that allows me to choose the things I desire. Money equals more choices, all while being able to make the world a better place and helping others reach this level of fulfillment as well. 

What rituals do you implement regularly to stay in this mindset? 

I have started every day with a gratitude meditation for years now. I also get 90-minute massages every Friday.  So I really focus on self-care. I take super-bougie vacations every three months. I do my best to keep myself in a state of joy and gratitude. 

For women who want to invest with you and your company, what is the process? 

The first step is to hit that QR code and connect with me personally. The second step is for us to determine what best suits your lifestyle and goals. I have several options available.  If you are already earning multiple six or seven figures, I can help you experience a completely passive, hands-off experience as an investor, with minimal effort required on your part. There are many different ways both Canadians and Americans can invest capital into our projects and watch your money do all the work for you. We have a variety of multifamily, single family homes, developments and soon larger investment opportunities that we’re working on. Or, if you just want to learn how to create and scale your own portfolio, programs are available to educate and guide you on how to achieve this in both Canada and the U.S. The short answer is chat with me!

When it comes to manifesting, what is your vision for the future? 

I’m currently manifesting having a private jet within one year, because we travel so much, and we travel first class. We added up the cost and we’re like, “At this point, we might as well just invest in sharing a private jet with someone.” Having multiple dream homes around the world is also happening. We’re looking at homes in Maui right now.  Eventually, working on huge development opportunities like resorts. 

What would you like the women in your space to retain the most from the work that you do? I really want them to know how to create secure long-term wealth and time freedom. It’s important to understand how to make your money continuously make more money. 

Do they get an annual return on their money? 

That all comes down to each individual partnership and what we agree on. There are a million different ways to do it. Sometimes the returns are monthly. It really comes down to the details of each individual deal and the investors comfort zone. For more information, readers can use the QR code to understand how it all works and see actual stats and current projects.  

What are your gifts to the world? 

I truly believe my gifts to the world are channeled through me, I don’t know that I actually own them. I think that every gift is going to manifest into the world one way or another through somebody. It’s just who’s open to receiving it and who’s brave enough to act on it. I feel my purpose is definitely to empower more women to hold more of the wealth in the world. 

Real estate investment is the number one vehicle to wealth. It always has been and it always will be.

For more information on how to get involved, visit her website here.

Follow all the magic on Instagram @Stephstarr_soulbizcoach

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