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Teaching the secret codes to having it all!

Alina Grayson is a force to be reckoned with. A success life and business coach working with female leaders to expand their inner consciousness, and create the life of their dreams. As she says, “it’s my vocation at this point”. Going through her own personal struggles, from leaving her partner and becoming a single mom, she went from not knowing where the money would come from, to building a Muti six figure brand and beyond! An inspiration for women everywhere.

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your social media presence.

I am Alina Grayson, a High-Performance Life and Business Mentor and Coach. I mainly work with female entrepreneurs but I do run all kinds of programs at this point, so they are open to men and people, in general, that are looking to upgrade their quality of life. I’m so passionate about helping people have their dreams come true and for them to live their highest quality of life. So this is why I’m a mentor. It’s a vocation at this point.

How do you embody success in your daily life?

I’m huge on routines. Especially if you’re changing behaviors and patterns, you should start to incorporate rituals and routines. So for me, the best part of my day is my morning routine, because this is literally where I consciously create the results that I desire in my life. So the first thing I do every single morning — I’ve conditioned myself to do for the last eight years — I open my eyes and I put my hand on my heart and I say what I’m grateful for, and I’ll list off that I’m alive, my perfect health, my family, my business, my friends, my clients — the most important things. As you know, gratitude is the frequency of manifesting. Being grateful for what I do have allows me to keep having more of it. So it’s so important to practice gratitude. That is the first thing I do.

Then I immediately get out of bed and go to my sacred space — I have a goddess space that I’ve created — and I grab my journal and I Future Pace. Future Pacing is a practice I started doing four or five years ago, and I cannot tell you how much it has helped me manifest the things that I desire. I actually have free training in my Facebook community as well, the High-Performance Coaching community. I literally sit there and Future Pace the things that I want to create right now, but also big visions as well.

I don’t know how much you know about the subconscious but your subconscious is active first thing in the morning. Most people grab their phones and start scrolling, so they’re starting to absorb other people’s agendas. They’re feeding the subconscious things that they don’t necessarily want to manifest, and that’s going to be at the forefront of their mind. I want, at the forefront of my mind, the things that I want to create and what I want to do. So that’s what I do first thing in the morning. And it’s kind of wild because I keep my journals and I’ll go back a few years and I’m like, “Oh, my God, I manifested that…I manifested that…” I manifested this opportunity. I was writing, “I’m so grateful and thankful to be in a printed magazine,” for like two years. So this is a huge milestone. And then after I do that I love to read. I always set a timer for 10 minutes. I know sometimes it’s hard to read, but I’ll read for 10 minutes and then I’ll write in my journal things that stuck out to me that I want to integrate. And then the third thing I do is I go work out if I can. If my kids are still sleeping, I go work out to get the endorphins going and the serotonin flowing.

Then my nighttime routine is all about introspection. So I always ask myself, “What did I learn today? What can I celebrate today?” And those are actually strategies that I use to help me create content for the next day. I’ll write it down and then it usually is my post for the next day, which is amazing. So it’s like two birds with one stone. Because I’m evolving. I’m actually anchoring things that I’ve learned and celebrated but then I have content, something to write for the next day. And then it’s not hard to think about, “What am I going to write about? Well, what did I do yesterday? What
did I learn?” And that’s what I do. And I love reading the Future Pacing things I did in the morning right before I go to bed. Because, again, what we focus on right before we go to bed, that’s what we marinate on all night long. So those are my rituals.

What routines or rituals do you implement regularly to stay in ease and flow? 

When we talk about success, it is important to say that success looks different for everybody. Some people find success in family life. And there are people like us where we’re like, “I want it all.” I want every area to be evolving. When I speak to the people that follow my content, I’m speaking to people who want it all. So I want to be constantly evolving and proud in every single area of my life, such as romance, fitness, money, business, and social media. So for me, the most important practice as a mentor is that I dedicate one hour of self-development every single day, Sundays too. So one hour of being a student, because I believe the best student makes the best mentor, the best client makes the best mentor. And I love using time blocking so I always put my phone on. I usually tell my family, “I’m going rogue right now,” and then I put my phone on silent for an hour. And either I will choose to go listen to a program that I’m invested in right now, or I will go and read a book, or something in self-development for one hour, and I’ll journal about that.

The biggest thing that really helps me embody success is being surrounded by expanders. It’s the term that we use in the coaching industry and in the manifestation world where it’s being surrounded by the people who are being and doing and having the things that I desire. If we are surrounded by people or in environments where there’s lack and scarcity and no one believes in manifesting or no one believes in magic or quantum leaps, it’s kind of hard for us to believe in that. So being in masterminds, having a one-on-one coach, and being in group programs where there are women celebrating and talking about what they’re manifesting helps me sync up and calibrate to them. And that is one of the biggest pieces for manifesting and being successful. 

Because you’re around people that are constantly succeeding, blowing their own minds, and you’re like, “Oh my God. If she can do it, I can do it.” And that’s the moment when you’ve aligned with that mentor. So, expanders and one hour of self-development every single day.

Walk us through your journey into this space.

So this time this year in August actually marks three years since I hit my lowest, but also became the strongest of myself. In August, three years ago, I left my partner with my two little girls under four. The relationship failed. But during that time, it was the lowest point because I had gone through postpartum depression and anxiety. We had tried to build two businesses that didn’t work so we got ourselves into debt. My kids didn’t sleep. I really lost myself and I was in a really bad void, and the relationship wasn’t working. I had maybe $5,000 in my account. But even though all my credit cards were racked up I left. I got an apartment, I furnished what I could, and then I went to the bank and got a business loan. I invested the rest of the money in coaching programs and mentors, and I went all in into this coaching business.

I can’t even tell you what’s happened. Because if you think about it, the first half of the year was not a pandemic but for the last two and a half years, I’ve grown this business in a pandemic. In my first year, I made $11k. In the second year, I hit six figures. Then in year three, we’re hitting multiple six figures. I don’t even have a website. This has been completely organic. We’re holding the vision for the seven-figure year. I know it’s coming. It’s insane what has happened from debt and having nothing, not even support. I was literally running calls and begging people to watch my kids for an hour. We were at rock bottom. And this happened without a website. I have never cold-messaged people. It’s been organic. I love to say that this is complete and manifested.

Then one big launch I had was when 82 people signed up for a program after I did a masterclass in a week. So it was an $82k week. And then I have a waitlist for my one-on-one. Then I got engaged to the man of my dreams two months ago. We’re moving in, now and we’re raising four kids together. I am so excited because, as I said in the question before, I’ve been Future Pacing to be in a magazine for the last two years. This is a huge milestone for me. Honestly, my possibility of what can happen is growing. So I’m excited.

Looking back, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Honestly, one of the biggest things that I would tell myself is not to get stuck on the how and the when things will manifest and unfold. Trust the timing of things. Trust has been my biggest thing. Learning the art of surrender and patience has been a massive thing for me to master.

We’re humans, we want the math, we want the evidence. We want to know how and when. We want to control and have assurance. But in manifesting and entrepreneurship, it is so much about trust. And I have learned in my experience,
especially in manifesting and entrepreneurship, that with magic and miracles you can’t know how and when they’re going to happen. When we get stuck in the how we get stuck wasting time. And if we’re stuck on only believing in evidence, then we only continue to manifest predictable things. I’ve realized that if you need evidence to manifest something, you’re blocking yourself from allowing magic and miracles. So one of the best things I want to share with your readers and your audience is one of the best things that I have untangled from getting stuck in the how. I get excited and I say, “Well, it’s gonna happen when it happens.” And I’m so excited to find out when it happens. And then I’ll say to myself, “I wonder how I’m gonna end up doing it,” and then I stay open to being wildly surprised by the universe. And every single time something has manifested it’s always better than I ever thought, and it’s even faster than I thought.

What courses and programs do you have for women who want to join your space?

For private one-on-one coaching, there is a waitlist. The process is very intuitive. I don’t send a bunch of questions that I want people to fill out. I actually Voice Note a couple of questions which are along the lines of, “What do you desire to do? Where are you feeling stuck? What do you think are the biggest reasons for your block?” And the reason I have them Voice Note this to me is that I love listening to the energy behind what people say. Because sometimes people want to change but they’re not really ready. But when someone answers me, “I’m so excited,” and they’re sharing the big vision, when I feel that “Hell Yes!” in my body, I’m like, “Yes, this is my person.” As mentors, we’re here to really role model quality of life. So it is important not to just take on clients because we need money or take on clients that we know are not right for us because that impacts our quality of life. So it’s just a Voice Note, I ask a few questions, then I listen to what they say and I really feed into the energy, and then I’ll just know. That’s how that works.

Then my store is always open. I do have self-paced programs that people can buy anytime. They’re on my landing page. And then when it comes to live programs, there are probably six live programs that are the signature programs that I run. You would have to enroll before it starts, but you can jump in anytime the program is running, which happens all the time. Then once the program is over, you have to wait till the next round. But you can pay or you can get on a payment plan and then do the next round. So that’s the process of that.

What is your BIG manifestation for the future?

Having a seven-figure year and becoming a world-renowned mentor are my big visions. I am the kind of person who wants to leave an imprint on the world. I want to continue to channel and download things that really touch people all over the world. I want to leave that legacy. I want to free my family. I’m an immigrant from Poland, and my family has always struggled. I would love to free my family and all that generational financial trauma. A seven-figure year would be so exciting. I know what manifesting is all about but in this industry, it would be great to have heart-led women holding big money. Good women do good things with their wealth.

I know that I will keep growing my team and expanding myself so that I can reach more people. I do love working with women. In this world that we live in right now, I think we need more feminine leadership. It’s lacking. You know, there are more men coming into my programs now.

A lot of my clients’ husbands watch my stuff and they love it. And it excites me because, as women, we’ve been doing this work for a while now and now we’re watching men come in. I believe this world can change. If we all start working on our
own personal power and taking radical responsibility, we’re going to live in a different world. I want to be a world renowned Thought Leader. I want to leave an imprint on this planet.

What do you want your clients to retain the most from the work that you’re doing?

To always believe in their personal power. I speak about this a lot. I believe our greatest work on this planet is to believe in ourselves, first and foremost. And as someone that’s a mentor and a coach, this is the most important thing. If you are reading this or listening to this and you are a coach, our most important work is to believe in ourselves, to go and manifest things that blow our minds so that we never doubt a single person in their power. When we don’t believe in our power, we can’t believe in anybody else’s power. And that won’t work in the coaching-mentor relationship. So our greatest work is to believe in ourselves so that we attract people who believe in themselves and then we all succeed. But personal power and emotional intelligence are the leading things that I teach my clients.

What can you tell us about any future projects coming up?

We’re going to be launching Goddess Code, which is a feminine energy program for women. It’s all about manifesting, personal power, and emotional intelligence. It’s the program that is really at the core of who I am. We are also working on a podcast. There are a few components like building that team and the music. But the podcast is huge. I launched my youtube channel last month. Another thing I want to work on is creating more content to empower and guide people to change their lives. And I have a new masterclass that I actually channeled today, which I’m so excited about. And then I have a new program that I want to launch as well. But the podcast and the masterclass are the things that I’m definitely working on at this moment. Until the “H*ll Yes!” comes through, we’ve got to wait. I wait till the divine timing comes.

Finish this sentence: “my gift to the world…

My gift to the world is to help you confidently unleash your unique magic and gifts so that you can become wildly wealthy and bless the world with your fortune and gifts. I have been told, and I believe this in my whole heart, that I’m an activator. I help people really tap into their magic and confidently unleash it. And I just want to see more heart-led women create a lot of money so that we can keep doing good things in the world.

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