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Tapping into wealth, energetics, & Flow State

Cat Howell is the author of Magic Source Codes and a world-renowned thought leader on Alchemy for visionaries and founders. Her superpower is in empowering entrepreneurs and leaders to cultivate wealth without the sacrifice. At the height of financial success, running a multiple eight figure company she found myself trapped and deeply depressed. She credits her newfound wellbeing and ability to find resilience in the face of adversity to the techniques of alchemy.

Her journey into entrepreneurship began in 2010 when she developed online marketing and advertising skills and began to freelance for large brands around the world. In 2014 she launched Eight Loop Social, a Facebook advertising agency, and grew the company to seven figures – working with clients across e-commerce, online coaching and events. In 2017 she then launched an online training company, which grew to twenty million in revenues within three years. She have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, visionaries and founders throughout the years, helping them through important transformations and growths. Her experience into wealth embodiment has created an eight figure brand and growing.

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your social media presence.

I think the part that is not so known about me is my background; I ran away from home when I was fourteen and I entered the stripping industry as an underage teenager. That taught me a lot about sales and about energy, and then later on in life, I decided to dip my toes into entrepreneurship. I had a marketing job and I was surrounded by investors and entrepreneurs and business owners, and it sparked something in me. That’s the lead-up to where I’m at today, the business that I have, how I
show up, and how I work with people. A lot of people don’t realize that I have that background and I think they’re pretty shocked about it. Because we have stigmas around that industry and what people can achieve coming out of it.

Walk us through your journey to your awakening; what triggered your inner healing?

I actually made a post about this recently. I wasn’t cut out for it long-term. I was in the industry for three years and towards the end, I was over it. But honestly, that industry taught me so much about sales and about energy, as I said. It’s interesting. As I say this out loud, you’re going to realize this applies to literally any sales or any energy transfer relationship in business. Some nights I would go home barely making $100. I would dress the same, I would say the same things. But it was like the customers could feel it, and it was a repellent that I was unfulfilled. I also learned that looks don’t matter. It literally doesn’t matter. The hottest girl would be hardly approached and it was always the average-looking girl that was getting every dollar bill thrown at her because she had charisma and confidence. When I showed up desperate, I barely made any money. But when I was there to have fun, I would walk out a baller. So I learned so many things from that industry that transferred into my entrepreneurial career. Most of it having to do with your energy, and your aura that attracts wealth towards you — instead of chasing it.

How did you get into the coaching and healing space?

In my early 30s I went on to start an agency and I became an entrepreneur. I had a lot of failures before I was successful in my company. But the success happened very, very fast on the back of those failures. I ended up making multiple eight figures, I grew a $20 million company, and I had achieved everything that I had ever desired. But in the process of building a team and chasing things that materialistically were tied to my ego more than my creative core, I inadvertently pulled myself out of
my flow, out of the creative structures that work for me, and I found myself deeply unfulfilled and really depressed. That was about three years ago. It started with depression once in a while, and then it gradually grew to entertaining suicidal thoughts on a daily basis and actively trying to commit suicide.

Then I had a mental breakdown in 2020. I literally had no choice but to walk away from this company that I had built. I resigned as CEO and I was prepared to lose everything at that moment. So that was probably the biggest rock bottom. I mean, I’ve had many in my life, but that’s the biggest one in my entrepreneurial journey. But now that there’s been time behind that experience, I can see how that was a blessing. I felt trapped and I felt stuck. And I know now that that’s just an
illusion and I was not brave enough to make the move to walk away. The mental breakdown that gave me that reset button, if you will, to rebuild myself. 

Before that, I had two companies. One of them was an agency and one of them was doing coaching
with agencies and freelancers. So I have been a mentor and a teacher for a while. But now it’s only very recently since everything that’s happened that I pivoted into this foundation of, “Okay, I know that my superpower is to help people cultivate a beautiful relationship with money because it’s what I’m really good at in my life now, but it has to be on the premise that there’s well-being and there’s a state of flow.” So everything that I do now comes from that. Before, it was more like, “Hey, I’m
going to show you how to land 10k clients and make $100k a month. And it worked and people made a lot of money, but actually, without this piece of well-being first, and flow and fulfillment, the money is never going to solve what you think it’s going to solve in your life. It never does that. 

That’s what was so depressing to me. I reached the peak of this mountain and I realized I wasn’t happy. I was in a loving relationship with a beautiful man and I felt so lonely inside. And I was thinking to myself, “what’s the point of life? I have everything but I’m still miserable.” That was a very deflating place to be in. It took a mental breakdown for me to realize this mirror that was happening with reality where I had to lead the way, I had to teach myself my nervous system. I had
to make that a priority. Asking the hard questions such as, what is well-being? How do I remember the source that is me — of
play, of love, of flow — that’s literally every one of us? I had become so disconnected by chasing external things and trying to find them in external things. So I’m very grateful for that whole experience, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone go through that. 

Now looking back, what advice would you give to your younger self? 

I would say to her, “You’re definitely not stuck. You need to 100% honor your creative core, whatever compulsion is coming through.” I was tired of talking about Facebook ads. Because that was the industry I was in, and marketing and advertising and agencies. I was tired of telling a story in the message that I was in. But I had built hundreds of thousands of followers around the world. I was respected in my industry. I was making millions of dollars. I had this insane personal salary. In my mind, I was looking at other entrepreneurs who stuck to the same thing for 20 years — or the same business — and I was comparing myself going, “Well, why can’t I just suck it up and do what needs to be done for this business and just put my head down and get to work?”

Now I would say to her, “That’s the worst thing you can do. Don’t do that. Step away immediately. You’re not stuck. The money came because you were purposeful and you were in flow.” Actually, it was the moment I started to feel unfulfilled that we started to experience revenue plateaus. No matter who we hired, no matter who we brought in, no matter what expert I pulled in, nothing shifted the needle. Then the revenue started to tank once I became very depressed. So money is always tied to an extension of purpose, fulfillment, flow, play, and gratitude. The moment you lose that in your business, watch out. It doesn’t matter how rational or irrational it sounds, whether it makes sense or not. It will tank the moment the leader or the founder doesn’t have that anymore. So the advice I would give is, “No. Walk away. Do what you want to do and the money will follow you, always. You’ll always be served, you’ll always be looked after.”

How do you embody success in your daily life?

I feel so good. Now, I literally make my priorities about my creative compulsions. And again, love, play, and flow. Love is the same as gratitude, it’s the same as appreciation, awe, and wonder. So I operate from that space, and it’s been such a contrast. In the past, I had a lot of beliefs about how I had to work hard and sacrifice something, and hustle. That was one of the bad things that the stripping industry instilled in me, the hustle mentality. And also, the entrepreneurial community is
really bad at that as well. It’s like, “Hustle, hustle, hustle.” “Sacrifice your weekends and then you get to earn your stripes.”

So I still had a lot of beliefs that made my relationship with money unhealthy. And now, I know that I am literally the cause of my reality and that I can cultivate whatever it is that I can imagine, as long as it’s imagined from a space of what I call a high alchemy state — there’s love, there’s gratitude. So as long as it’s imagined from that space, it always comes to me. I’ve obviously dived into magic a lot, and that’s been a big part of my life. My life is so different now.

What courses do you have for women who want to join your space?

I have a coven, which is so fun. When I first came out that I practiced magic I got a lot of backlash from people concerned for my soul and all of that. But equally, I got so many people coming out of the woodworks and messaging me going, “Yeah, I also do rituals.” And some of these people are heading eight-figure companies, and I never in a million years would have imagined. So there’s still so much stigma around this world of magic and alchemy. But the conversations that I’m having right now are about how we are literally the magic wand. We are vibrational phenomena and we send out signals. Our imagination and our emotions are literally the tools of the alchemist. And when you learn to master these things, there’s nothing that you cannot cultivate in your life and none of it requires a cost or a sacrifice.

So that’s the coven that I run. It’s really about allowing ourselves to cultivate and receive playful millions from flow, a space of fun, and our creative core that doesn’t come with the sacrifice that is grounded in well-being and space of fulfillment. And then I do a lot of workshops. I have workshops that run almost every month where people can basically test out my practice of magic and how I approach alchemy. And on the back of that, they can decide to join the coven, which is this amazing,
delicious tribe of visionaries and entrepreneurs who use magic to build their businesses and build their lives. We have an application process on my website. We have a six-week initiation for anyone coming in, and those happen every second month.

What is your BIG manifestation vision for the future?

I want to empower people financially. Just by them embodying that in their own lives, I know it creates ripple effects in all the people in their lives, their children, and their employees. It’s like this tsunami that goes out. I really want to have conversations, teach people, and empower people to cultivate this beautiful relationship with money where there are no strings attached, there is no feeling trapped, and there’s no feeling overwhelmed or sacrificing or burning out around it. So that’s
my mission right now.

It feels so f*cking good to allow people to receive this resource that has so much stigma around it. So many people think it’s evil, or they become cynical or frustrated about it, or they think it will never happen to them. And it’s simply not the truth. Money is there for everybody and it’s there to allow your expansion and expression of self. One of my dharmic things right now is I’m publishing my very first book. The book is definitely getting published, I don’t really need to manifest that one. But I want to get this book in as many people’s hands as possible. That’s my next cultivation if you will. It’s literally coming out on October 10th. It’s called Magic Source Codes.

What would you like your clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

I want them to remember themselves. I want them to remember themselves as this intelligence that is all around us, this intelligence that makes complex processes work seamlessly without effort and without thought, in flow and ease. That’s literally us. We are the embodiments of that energy and of that intelligence. The moment we reconnect to that space, it’s a different pace. It’s a totally different pace. So that’s what I want. I want the women that come into my world to feel deep within
themselves that calibration of like, “Ah, I remember myself. I remembered this play.”

Finish this sentence: “My gift to the world…”

My gift to the world is definitely my relationship with money. I think that’s my superpower. That’s the gift that I bring to people who come into my world, it changes their relationship with money. I think it’s also play. I’m deeply rooted in that energy and when people come around me, they can laugh at themselves a bit more, they don’t take things so seriously. I believe that’s a big skill to have in life.

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“Do what you want to do and the money will follow you, always.”

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