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Your Unconventional Money Mindset Coach bringing you to 6 Figures & Beyond!

Meet the beautifully brilliant Hibbard. A Business Coach who revels in creating more wealthy women, her path that led her into entrepreneurship was a rocky road, and one with many bumps. Yet taking the path less traveled, brought her to a life of freedom and joy. She is on her way to 7 Figures and beyond, all whilst making dreams come true. Her Money Mindset courses and masterclasses have been havens for women to tap into the frequency of massive wealth, and allowing more of it to flow into their lives. 

A proud single mom of one, her dream is to develop these tools for more women to reach worldwide, and install it into her own daughter’s mind one day — As she says so well, ”money is your birthright and you are worthy of it all”. 

Tell our readers more about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your social media handle @BekHibbard

I was someone that grew up in a really rough childhood — I was kicked out of my home at the age of 16, and because of that I dropped out of high school. I was in the workforce from a really young age, and I always had this belief that I had to work hard in order to be successful; I had to work hard in order to make money.  

From this belief, I gave in to the hustle culture and having to show up in the world and do all of the things, and it wasn’t until I  got married, and my marriage ended back in 2018, that I became completely broke financially and mentally. I became a single mom to a one year old at the time, my house got repossessed, my car got repossessed, my bank accounts were frozen, and I really hit a rock bottom. I thought that this was it for me. I didn’t think could get any worse for me. It was in that moment that I was able to be completely broken open, and then I was able to rebuild my life and rebuild my beliefs, especially around success, and especially around money.

From this belief, I gave in to the hustle culture and having to show up in the world ad do all of the things, and it wasn’t until I got married, and my marriage ended back in 2018, that I became completely broke financially and mentally. I became a single mom to a one year old at the time, my house got reposessed, my car got repossessed, my bank accounts were frozen, and I really hit a rock bottom. I thought that this was it for me. I don’t think life could get any worse for me. It was in that moment that I was able to completely broken apart, and then I was able to rebuild my life and rebuild my beliefs, especially around success, and especially around money.

I decided I would no longer subscribe to the hustle culture, I no longer wanted to subscribe to working twelve hours a day, missing out on time with my daughter to still live paycheque to paycheque. From there it really allowed me to step into this evolution, and it allowed me to identify where I wanted to go in life, and what I was passionate about, which funnily enough, was money. 

I was so passionate about understanding money, because as we were raised as kids, we always get taught, most of us, that you cannot talk about money.  It’s rude to ask people how much money they earn, and yet it’s this thing that we all need most to survive. When I was without it, I was completely lost, like I couldn’t even afford to eat some days. I would go three days before being able to buy groceries from the store, and my daughter and I were eating expired food from the pantry just to get through. That’s when I went to work on my money mindset, and really wanted to know “how do I get more of it, and how do I get more of it without working hard?”, That’s when I became the Money Mindset Coach.  So, a lot of people hopefully reading this, if you’re passionate about something, you don’t have to have the degrees, you don’t have to have this perfect life to be able to share your knowledge with people. You just need to be passionate and just have that life experience, and you can really change lives and create impact from that. 

What would you say was the lowest part of your journey and how did it awaken you into your healing journey?

That was by far my lowest point, however, at the start of this year, I was running a big business, a global brand, and it was multiple six figures, and I was just feeling so unfulfilled. I had it all, I had the big business, I had the house and the car and all of the things, but yet I was just feeling like I wasn’t passionate about what I was teaching, and this business was a business in direct sales, so it was completely different to what I’m doing now. I thought it’s great that I have built this, but I want to change things up. I want to completely redirect my path, and that’s really quite scary getting outside of your comfort zone and choosing something different. I thought you know what, I’m going to help women with their money mindset, and so from there, that’s when I decided to actually start teaching what I’ve learned. 

It came with judgment, changing careers and having a successful business, when you want to redirect, it came with a lot of criticism, but I really just had to learn to back myself, and I had to learn to follow my intuition no matter where it lead me. At the end of the day, this life that I’m living is for me, and I need to show up in the world as me in all that I do. I knew, I couldn’t just keep dimming my light just to fit into a — I knew moving outside of that would be scary, but I knew I had to take the leap and fail forward instead of staying stuck in a stagnant place.

That is beautiful. Now when it comes to the advice you would give to this younger version of yourself, what does that look like now?  

Take the biggest risk because you are going to get the biggest reward. Taking any risk in life will be scary, but it’s even scarier to stay safe. We can all easily play it safe and stay in our comfort zone, but your comfort zone is not going to produce the life you want. It’s not going to give you the abundance, it’s not going to give you the , the passion, the spark.  It’s not going to give anything like that, so take those big risks and then trust in whatever you believe in and that it will always catch you and always have your back. 

Now when it comes to stepping into this version of yourself, what routines or rituals or practices do you implement daily?  Any morning or evening ones? 

Every single day without fail, before I start my day in the morning, I wake up a little bit earlier than my daughter (I’m a single mom so I’m doing everything, I’m running the household, running her life, and my life). I just take that time to wake up a little bit earlier and prepare myself energetically for the day, because after all, everything that we do is energetic. The life we live, everything is frequency, everything is energy, including money, including success in businesses and all of the things. It’s really important for me to make sure I’m in the correct energetic state and that I’m able to give back with my energy. What I do each day is meditate, and in my meditation, I  that next level self, I the house that I want, the next car, the life I want to live, and I feel it with every inch of myself as if I’m already there. What I know to be true is when it comes to energy, if you are on the same vibration of the thing that you are trying to attract, whether that is business, money or career, if you can feel it as if you’ve already received it, then that’s when it shows up. It’s  a frequency — like a radio station when you’re in the car searching for a radio station, you have to find that frequency to be able to play the music. That’s everything in this life, you just have to be on the same frequency, so I make sure I take time to get on that frequency and I start showing up each day as if it’s already happened, and that’s super important for me.  

I do other things like journaling to just really anchor into that frequency. I move my body every single day without fail, whether it’s the gym or going for a walk. Then I show up and I do work, but I try to find joy in my day because when you are in a state of joy, that’s when you are in your feminine, and that’s when you attract more. That’s when things flow to you, and you truly become magnetic.

Now when it comes to women who want to enroll in your courses, give us everything that you have coming up in the next year from courses to launch dates. 

I’ve got my Money Magnetism Program, and you can in that by the time you are reading this. My Money Magnetism program is a fantastic way to really understand the energetics of money to be able to attract money, and also understand your limiting money mindset beliefs and what is holding you back in the way of money, and how to rewrite that so that you have more money than you know what to do with.  

I have that program which is incredible, so many women’s lives have been changed. I also have my “Basic to Boujee Mastermind”, and so this is a 12-month mastermind, it’s really more in depth, it’s a group coaching container. It’s all subscription based, so no contracts, and women can come into that at any point. We talk about a different topic every month on how to elevate your life in all areas, so not just money, but we’re talking all relationships, understanding the masculine and feminine energy, we’re talking about career, we’re talking about wealth and investing. That mastermind is for the woman that is ready to ditch the mediocre, and then step into the boujee deliciousness that is available to her. It’s enrolling in January.  

Now when it comes to manifesting big visions, what is something you want to manifest now?

When it comes to manifestation, it is so important to get clear on what you are trying to attract and make it very specific. If I think of businesses, even down to money, it all needs a purpose. It is so important to understand where it is going, and how it is going to impact my life and impact others around me. Getting clear on that is super important. 

One of them is trust; trust with every inch of your body that your manifestations will come to creation because at the end of the day, God, universe, spirit, guides, whoever you believe in, whatever you believe in, they are supporting you, and they want you to have it all because abundance is your birthright. It’s really important to have the energy of trusting, because then it’s not a needy, icky energy, it’s , it’s coming, and I can just relax and I can breathe.  

The other step is taking the aligned action. So doing your part because the universe, again, whatever you believe in, it’s going to meet you where you’re at, so you have to then be willing to take those scary steps and whatever comes through — because that’s the thing that is going to allow you to open the doors to actually step into receiving and becoming the person you need to become in order to hold and receive your manifestation.

Now when it comes to what you want the women to join your group, or your clients, to retain the most from the work that you do, what does that look like?

What I want women to understand is that all it takes is for a few mindset shifts. That’s all it takes.  We are currently running a belief system, and that belief system is picked up as children, so it’s usually running subconsciously, so we don’t understand the patterns that we are running. Once you understand the belief, that’s when you can change your external reality. 

Whatever is going on inside, is just reflecting itself externally, so if you can really go within, and I’ve helped a few women privately do this, but if you can go within and understand where these beliefs are coming from, are they coming from lack, are they coming from my childhood, are they coming from trauma, and do I want to subscribe to that? No, I don’t, I want to change that. It’s literally as simple as changing your beliefs, and then you can completely change your wealth trajectory, you can completely change your business, your success, and how everything moves around you.

Finish this sentence, “my gift to the world…”

My gift to the world is to show women that they can have it all without sacrificing, that money and wealth is their birthright.  

“Something that I teach my clients all the time when it comes to spending money, is that every time they tap their card, they make a payment or pay a bill, to tell themselves internally “there’s more where that came from”. So rather than them feeling the shame of “oh my gosh, that money’s left my bank account”, or “I have bills in”, instead knowing that money is a frequency, it’s always flowing to you, it’s currency, it needs to move. So if you have the belief every time you make a payment, “there’s more where that came from”, then that belief is going to show up, and literally you’ll open your baking app, and there will be more money to replace that payment you just made.”

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