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Meet The Angel Medium, Julie Jancius, a magical, world-renowned spiritual teacher who’s taught millions how to harness their intuitive gifts. If you’re ready to start a spiritual business of your own, she’s the teacher you’ve been looking for! Julie runs the Angel Reiki School, a one-stop-shop for earning your certification in mediumship, energy healing, angel messaging, and fusing together all of your unique spiritual gifts to build your own spiritually healing company. 

Julie is author of the best-selling book Angels and Awakening: A Guide to Raising Your Vibration and Hearing Your Angels, and host of the world-renowned top #9 Apple podcast with the same name, Angels and Awakening. Her work has taught millions how to connect with their angels and loved ones on the Other Side in order to make living “Heaven on Earth.” 

“Knowing how to develop a relationship with your angels or loved ones on the other side makes you feel comfort, support, peace, and ease in this lifetime that is unparalleled.”

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, specifically what we haven’t gotten the chance to see on your platform @AngelPodcast

The saying, “Half Deepak, half Tupac,” sums me up well. Spirituality isn’t about becoming something you’re not, it’s about stepping into the fullest expression of your soul and becoming more “you” than ever before. So who am I? A midwest-girl who loves her rap music, channeling Spirit, teaching, and in another life I plan on coming back as Danica Patrick. I would absolutely love to race cars!

Walk us through your journey to entrepreneurship and coaching space.

In 2015, I thought I was going crazy when I suddenly began hearing my intuition clearly and seeing visions. A month later I found out my estranged father had passed away on the same day my visions started. My dad had been communicating with me the entire time!

To figure out how, I left my corporate career to study with world-renowned, God-based healers. Everytime I work with a client, their Spirit Team (angels, guides and loved ones) are right there waiting to deliver positive, uplifting messages. Today, my life’s work is about teaching you how to make that connection for yourself.

Stepping away from my corporate gig was the hardest part. I had to face the unknown and the fear of rebuilding my entire life from scratch. At the time, I had worked my way up the title and salary I wanted. I had a team of people working for me and I was on a trajectory to the top of my industry. I had worked so hard to get to that point in my life and, at the time, it felt like I was throwing it all away. 

Awakening spiritually is a process that teaches you to reconnect with your inner wisdom, which is your soul’s voice. And as you listen to your soul, you begin to rebuild your life based on what it is you want for yourself. And as you rebuild your life by listening to your heart, you get back on track with your divine life plan. And as you take action on your life plan, you feel the ultimate sense of fulfillment. 

Every part of your life and living out your soul’s purpose begins with you developing the skill of clearly hearing your intuition. It all begins with intuition!

Hindsight is 20/20, right? I look back at the fear I had in venturing out to start my own business, and I feel humbled and blessed to get to help millions today! My prayer has always been, “God, please work through me to help as many people here as possible.” And when your intention is aligned, and you allow your intuition to drive your life; God, Universe, Source will come in and work miracles for you. They’ll move mountains because you’ve created an energetic opening that allows them to serve humanity through you!

Do you think that your father led you into this work?

He did, 100%. I feel him with me as I record every podcast episode, give every reading, and work with every class. It’s funny, I always ask him to show me a special sign on the anniversary of his passing. This year, I went to watch a show and the movie Contact popped up. I hadn’t remembered the movie plot but as I watched it, I realized it was all about a woman reconnecting with her dad on the Other Side. My dad shows me he’s with me in signs like this all the time! 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self that she doesn’t yet realize how communication with the Universe really works! When I was in my twenties, I made a huge mistake that I’ll never do again. At the time, I knew I would write a book one day and I wanted that day to be “now”! So I’d pray, “Dear God, please give me the topic of the book you want me to write (that would best serve humanity) and I’ll go write it for you.” Everytime I prayed this, I heard back on repeat, “When you’re 33 you’ll know.”

This frustrated the living daylights out of me! I got pissed off at God. At the same time, I was feeling this nudge within my heart to take spiritual courses, go to yoga studios and meditation studios, and work with spiritual teachers; however, due to my frustration I childishly refused to do any of it. 

Fast forward a bit. I’m 33, my dad passes away, and I start hearing from him before I even knew he was gone! I start a podcast that quickly gets millions of downloads a year and I really wish I had gone to all of those spiritual courses in my twenties that Spirit was calling me to, because I know I’d be even further along than I am now!

I see this in most of the clients I work with too. They want to skip steps 1-99 and just go to step 100; however, life doesn’t work that way. When you refuse to take the smaller action steps God gives you, you don’t get to the bigger action steps. Your life’s purpose is an accumulation of all the small steps God’s going to ask you to take in your life. 

So wherever you are now in your life, surrender to it. Accept it. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be! And know that God is communicating with you right now, asking you to take positive, loving action in some way. Are you listening to your heart? Are you taking action?

How do you embody success in your daily life? 

A lot of people think that their spiritual practice has to be carved out and compartmentalized. Like thirty minutes of meditation in the morning and ten minutes before bed. I see my spiritual practice as allowing spirituality to spill over into every area of my life, because all of life is spiritual. So I stay in the highest energetic vibration that is, Oneness, every day for as long as I can. 

Oneness is God’s energy, it’s unconditional love. And when you’re tuned into that energy it’s like a communication device that allows you to hear God, your angels and loved ones in Heaven so much more clearly. So I stay in that vibration for as long as I can, and when my mind wanders, I simply bring it back to Oneness. 

Living in Oneness is the easiest way to hear your intuition and live the truest expression of your soul here on Earth. It makes living more like Heaven on Earth. 

What courses do you currently offer for women who want to join your space?

Through my Angel Reiki School, I teach people how to build highly successful spiritual businesses that on an individual level, help souls return to their own intuition, and on a collective level, helps humanity evolve. The Angel Reiki School is a one-stop-shop so you don’t have to go through multiple different certification programs. Instead, we certify you in mediumship, intuitive development, working with angels, energy healing and teach you how to develop all of your unique spiritual gifts. We also give you business mastery skills and the strategy to make over $150,000 within two years. 

Many students come out of the program with over 1,000 email contacts to build their business because, like Jenna Kutcher says, the number one indicator to the health of a business is how many email addresses that company has. Many people leave other coaching programs questioning, “So how do I get my business set up?” We’re different.  We’re teaching you how to build a clientele and a successful business as you go through the program, not just once you’re finished with it. That way you leave the program with confidence, having built parts of your business already! 

When you join the Angel Reiki School, you’ll get access to learning content online, group coaching calls with me, and intuitive development circles to practice. A new cohort begins on the first of every month, and you can choose from our eight-week or six-month format option. If you’re ready to develop your intuition to the max, start a highly successful spiritual business, and help humanity heal then you’ll love the Angel Reiki School!

What would you like your clients to retain from the work that you do?

We are entering an era the angels call, “The rise of the Priestess.” When people talk about the rise of divine feminine, this is what they’re talking about. Women have been shut out of leadership positions within religious institutions for millennia and Spirit says the rise of spirituality is women taking their rightful place as the Priestess. And if you’re wondering, the angels say, “If you believe yourself to be a Priestess, you are!”

Attendance within religious institutions has been declining at the fastest rate and is expected to continue declining for decades; however, more than anything all of us are spiritual beings first and foremost. So declining religious attendance doesn’t take away from the fact that all eight billion people alive today have a fundamental need for spiritual health. But where do you work on your spiritual health if not at church?

It is through the spiritual communities that women around the world are building that humanity will heal most greatly. What women healers must embrace is that no one is coming to anoint you as “the Priestess.” If you feel called within your heart to step up and help humanity heal, it is your job to anoint yourself as “the Priestess” and then go get some training with the teacher that most resonates with you. If that’s me, awesome! I’d love to work with you!

The angels say, “You are the priestess!” And that means, “. . . Now go get to work!”

What are you currently manifesting?

I have another book written and am manifesting a literary agent and publisher who will help it reach the NYT Best Seller List! I also have a very special TV show idea that I haven’t seen anywhere and I know when the time is right, God’s going to bring in producers who are in alignment with this project. I have a vision of this show spreading love and hope to millions around the world.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is helping healers fulfill their soul’s purpose by teaching them how to develop all of their unique God-given spiritual gifts, fuse those gifts together, and create a successful spiritual business. Did you know that your soul is connected to other souls you’re meant to help in this lifetime? 

When I’m in a session and I’m looking at my client, I can see orbs over their shoulder and those orbs represent all of the souls they’re here to help in this lifetime. But those souls cannot be “on track,” if you’re not doing what God’s calling you to in your life! It’s when you take action on the callings of your heart, that the souls you came to assist are able to get what they need from you and follow their life plan too. This world would be a much different place if everyone would simply listen to their heart!

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“Every part of your life and living out your soul’s purpose begins with you developing the skill of clearly hearing your intuition. It all begins with intuition!”

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