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Introducing the one, the only, Jen Szpigiel, CEO and Founder of Becoming Iconic, a global lifestyle and business brand that sets out to inspire and educate women to lead themselves into a life of fulfillment. Her unique approach blends both the energetics and strategic sides of business and life, allowing women to step fully into their power and intuitive gifts. 

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your social media presence @becomingiconic

My most treasured title of all is that I am a mom of four children. I have been growing businesses and growing babies for eighteen years. I’m a wife who seeks to have an exceptional marriage, never perfect, but always pursuing that progression of love and connection alongside building a business together. I am fully committed to soaking in all the pleasure and experiences of this lifetime and I hope that this shows through all I do. 

Walk us through your journey into the coaching space.

I’ve been in business coaching and mentorship for almost two decades, so I’m not new to the industry nor to the ebbs and flows of a business. I realize that I am pioneer and I challenge the industry to higher standards all the time because of my wisdom and expertise.  

Becoming Iconic was born January of 2020, after I realized that I desired to create a global legacy that was more than just a recognized personal brand. For about three or four years I had been hearing the call to step out and build a company rooted in supporting women to embrace having it all.  The business, the family, the health, the spirituality and the wealth. To make this pivot was scary because I had already generated big success and to shift felt uncertain and risky. I stifled this tug for far too long and I ended up hemorrhaging in late 2019. I truly believe that hemorrhaging was a physical manifestation of the unrealized potential, creativity and lack of trust I was showing myself to recreate and perhaps rebuild my business, if I had to. 

I was in the hospital receiving multiple blood transfusions, and an OBGYN entered the room.  I had never met her before and I still feel it was an earth angel who walked into my room that day. She said, “This has nothing to do with you physically and has everything to do with you needing to release and step into something. So I will leave you with that advice.” She turned around and left and I never saw her again. That was the catalyst and spark of Becoming Iconic. I felt I had no choice but to walk into what I wanted to build because of the guidance so divinely offered.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Believe in yourself sooner, trust yourself fully, and take back your power. I was constantly looking for validation and acceptance outside of myself. When you’re searching for approval from others, you’re going to continually bump up against people who challenge that and you end up dancing around your life and business. This is not a strategy for fulfillment and abundance. I realized that by not looking within and self-actualizing, I was going to always give to others a diluted version of myself. I wouldn’t want my children looking outside of themselves for approval and so I decided to become their example. I did a lot of healing to find the confidence within and change my patterns to build my now unshakeable personal power and trust.

How do you embody success in your daily life?

I invite beauty and pleasure into my life at every moment. That looks like getting up in the morning and provoking my feminine by putting on a silk robe. I then glide across the floor to make a perfect cup of coffee in that posture. Dating myself with candles and time alone to deepen my intuition and connection to self has been essential. I also buy myself fresh flowers and write myself a card of love every week to place on my desk. They prompt me to build meaningful and thoughtful conversations with the most aligned and gorgeous clients. 

It’s through the elevated choices I make, where I find my most fulfillment. Everything expands. My lifestyle, my relationships, my health, my vibrancy, my attraction, my business, everything has responded to me opening myself up to receiving more and holding myself accountable to presence and intention.

How do you stay in ease and flow?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking around ease and flow and what’s being taught versus what my perspective or philosophy is. Many teach that ease and flow is doing what you want, when you want.  It’s even gone as far as denying and rejecting masculine energy which is a very important component to our existence and success. Work ethic and discipline are some of the most potent ingredients to separate you from the masses. 

Ease and flow for me is the ability to continually remove areas of resistance. By paying attention to where you feel resistance, you will be able to course correct to move through your day, your life, and your business with your heart and mind totally available. It is a personal leadership trait that allows you to be very aware and therefore aligned and integral in all you do.

What courses do you have for women who want to join your space?

I’ve been mentoring successfully for a long time and I’ve opened up rooms that had thousands of people and it’s been fun and thrilling. At this point in my career, I am seeking intimacy and longevity within my partnerships so I can truly alchemize someone’s life and business. I desire to teach women how to hold and sustain their legacy. 

Currently, I have my Icons mastermind open that I’m really excited about. It is a room where we talk about all the pillars of our lives and business. I believe in having it all and witnessing our capacity. So this mastermind holds space for how to lead your relationships, health, spirituality, business and wealth. It also includes a 7 day retreat to Bali to deepen our experience in sisterhood and massive expansion. 

My private mentorship is the sweet spot for me and my clients because of the results that we are able to create. I love to be in relationship and go deep so that I can see some of the blind spots. My private mentorship is quite exquisite with big celebrations and transformations.  Clients are welcoming in consistent five and six figure launches, one-hundred thousand dollar months and more time to play and be present with those they love.

I also have a boutique agency as a part of Becoming Iconic.  This offers entrepreneurs the access to my team who are creating this multi seven figure brand along side of me.  We specialize in brand design, website creation, social media marketing as well as my iconic VIP days where I provide a brand refresh through a luxury experience with hotel, wine and dine, a photoshoot, videographer and time with me to be mentored.  It has been highly successful and sought after since I launched it.

Of course the Becoming Iconic podcast is always a favorite. It’s served well over 100,000 heartbeats and is in the top 1% of lifestyle and business podcasts across all platforms. It’s a great resource to get to know me on a deeper level and have access to my business and life advice.

What is your big manifesting vision for the future?

I love spending a lot of time visualizing who I desire to become and I make all of my decisions through her. She is living in her highest purpose. She is enjoying the fruits of her labor. She is wise. She is poised. She is successful. She is loving and compassionate. I love casting vision from who I’m becoming because that really does cultivate and create a vision that gets me excited and hungry every day to wake up and do something about it. 

The future of Becoming Iconic is a deepening of what is already so abundantly offered while exposing more heart beats to the place I hope they call a home for the growth and expansion of themselves. I see a movement of entrepreneurs who no longer participate in hype or exaggeration and instead build legendary leadership and legacy.  It is upon the foundation of integrity and service that we create and contribute to the world.  In my bones, I know that my mentorship, agency, podcast and magazine will build a multi media iconic brand known globally for its contribution.

What would you like your clients to retain the most from your work?

To eradicate sacrificial living. 

To see that as a woman, you can be the most present, loving and attentive mom while building a business. That you can have an exceptional marriage that’s full of love and intimacy while growing a legacy. That you can have a business that surprises and delights you on a daily basis while being surrounded by those who champion and support you. That you can be connected to your health with enough time in your day to do all the things that require your attention. 

You do not have to sacrifice anything in order to accomplish all you desire. As a matter of fact, ultimate fulfillment is soaking in all of these beautiful parts of ourselves, our values, big opportunities and experiences within our lifetime.

What is your superpower?

Seeing people.

“I’m here to eradicate sacrificial living. I’m here to teach and show you how to gain fulfillment with both your life and business.”

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