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Introducing the one and only Katy Stuart, Holistic and Heart-Forward Multi-Six-Figure Business and Energetics Mentor. She scaled her coaching business to multiple six figures within the first year of launching her career. As she states, “I knew there was something more for me out there. A life where money didn’t make decisions for me. A life where I could be home with my baby and husband.” Her approach to coaching is unlike others where her key focus points are on balance, harmony and heart. It has proven to work wonders on her clients, and on herself…on her way to 7 figures next.

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your social media presence?

I share quite a lot online. I’m a person who shares a lot of business stuff, but also a lot of life stuff. I’m a mom to a very sweet little three-year-old girl, her name is Poppy. Motherhood has just absolutely been the wildest journey of my life. It is so incredibly fun to be her mama. 

I am a total Francophile, I’m obsessed with everything French. I’m obsessed with Paris. I’m currently learning French. I’ve always thought it was so bad*ss when people are bilingual and can speak multiple languages. This is honestly apparent within my online presence, but I’m beauty-obsessed. I love interior design. 

We live in a 100-year-old colonial home. We’re doing a full renovation on the inside and building a big, beautiful garden outside. Just being at home and spending time with my family is a lot of what lights me up.

Walk us through your journey into this space.

I was that person who was always smart in school. I always had good grades, I did really well, I did the right thing, I went to college, and got a degree. I worked as a special education teacher for over a decade, straight out of college. I worked with kids on the autism spectrum. It was a super fulfilling and incredible job but I got to the point where I felt emotionally and physically burned out. 

As you can imagine, that’s a really high-stress job. I then ventured out to my very first entrepreneurial endeavor and I started my own business as a floral designer. I left my teaching job and started my own business for the first time. 

While that business was successful, my goal there was to make more than I made as a teacher. And as a teacher, income is capped at $40K a year. I don’t even know how I was living on that, now at this point, but it is what it is. 

My goal as a florist was to make more than I was making as a teacher. I ran my floral design business successfully for a few years. I was bringing in just a little bit more than I made as a teacher. I was paying my bills. I was like, “Oh my God, this is the ultimate. I am doing it. I am living the dream.” And then COVID hits, and as you can imagine, it’s not a great time to be in the wedding industry. I ended up hitting an all-time low, financially. I had to file for unemployment. I had a brand new baby at home and for me, being the person who was really smart, always did well in school, and always doing the right thing, it was really shameful. 

During this time, I had no work. I was scrolling Instagram and I came across this free seven-day “Money Mindset” course. I had never done any personal development work. I was raised in a Christian religious household, and I had left Christianity behind quite a few years earlier. I jumped into this free seven-day money mindset course. 

There were a lot of teachings in there about the law of attraction. There were a lot of teachings in there about manifestation. There were a lot of teachings around calling in more money, honoring the desires of your heart, and living the life that you know you’ve been called to lead. It really felt like coming home to myself. The universe always puts the breadcrumbs in your path, you just have to be looking. I came across this and I started diving more into money mindset work, and then I started to discover the coaching industry. 

The universe was kind of slapping me in the face with it, it was showing up everywhere. So I was like, “I’m going to give this a try.” And because I had built this beautiful creative business as a florist, I started my journey that way.

I created my first-ever group program and had a $10k launch my very first month in business. It was absolutely incredible. My business grew very quickly. At the same time, I started not just investing in my own personal development work but also investing in business coaching — how to launch, how to build a program, how to create content, and how to grow your audience. 

Before I knew it, people started coming out left and right on instagram inquiring about business coaching.”We’ve been following you for so long, we’ve seen how quickly your coaching business has grown, can you teach us to do the same?” So it was a natural pivot in my ideal client, and that was when I started doing business coaching. 

That was about January of 2021. I hit multiple six figures before that year came to a close. Outside of learning business strategy and what it took to run a successful business, I shifted everything about who I thought I was and the kind of person I had been brought up to be. I didn’t come from a wealthy family and I never had an example of a woman out-earning a man, I never had an example of a woman who was wealthy. It was a ton of shedding, a ton of unlearning, and a ton of coming back to my own power and remembering it and holding it and standing in it. 

A lot of it was figuring out first what desire I had for the life that I wanted to lead and building my business around that. It was like, “What’s my desire for my life?” I was tired of being the person who listened to the fears of, “What if it doesn’t work? Or what if someone judges you? Or what if your family thinks it’s too out there? Or what if the people and the friends who loved you don’t want to spend time with you anymore? What if I fail? What if people think I’m a fraud?” 

I really learned to honor my desire over my fear and just say, “This is the desire of my heart, this is how I want my life to look. I don’t care if I’ve had an example of it. I don’t care if anybody else is doing it like this. This is how I want it to look. And if I’m going to be a person who stands for following her desires, and not her fears, I have to go first.” And so now, my business is based on simplicity, freedom, and a heart-first strategy.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I think I would just tell her to stay her course. I really believe that everything that happened to me happened for me. Everything I went through, I had to go through. And it’s turned me into the super, heart-forward, powerful mentor that I am today.

How do you embody success in your daily life?

I don’t really have routines. I know that this is probably surprising, I don’t have a morning routine and I don’t have an evening routine. I think I was so disciplined for so long in my teaching career when I was having to get up every day and be at school by 7 am. There was no freedom there, I didn’t get to choose. 

And so now that I literally have a life of complete and total freedom, I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it. And that, for me, anchors in this feeling of deep success and gratitude every day. If I want to wake up and spend an hour sipping my coffee while I play with my baby, just sitting in my big beautiful house that I never thought I’d be able to afford, living this life that I never thought I could have, that’s so incredibly powerful. I want to go exercise or I want to sit down and pull out my journal, it’s all okay but I get to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

What kind of courses do you have for women who want to join your space?

I currently have an energetics-focused membership called The UpLevel. It’s twelve months long, and each month there is a different energetic or mindset principle to master. Then every single month, there’s also a group support call, as well as visualizations, guided meditations, and journal prompts to support you in deeply embodying these principles. 

I have a group coaching program called The Accelerate Method. It’s a group coaching program where I have created, in lesson form, every single thing I did to get me to my first six figures and my first eight months of business. Its strategy, energy, launching, and content. It’s my signature program and my most popular offering. That includes access to the entire curriculum, plus two group calls per month.

I also have a high-level mastermind for women who have done the foundational work, got the basic strategy down, and are ready to start scaling to higher-income months. There’s a strategic component where we look at stacking revenue, creating monthly recurring income, and creating a beautiful, profitable ascension model. But there’s also a deep energetic component here of standing in your power, calling in next-level clients, and finding your own leadership. That’s a six-month commitment. It’s Monday through Friday Voxer, as well as two calls per month with your mastermind sisters and myself. And then I have a couple of one-to-one options. Some have calls and some of it is Voxer only. 

I also have some shorter-term one-to-one containers. My lowest monthly, which is my group coaching program, is $300 per month over 12 months. And then my highest level one-to-one goes all the way up to $4,444 per month.

When it comes to manifesting, what is your vision for the future?

Currently, I’m manifesting some huge business expansion in terms of scalability within my group programs. So, really looking at increasing that impact there. Because for me, with my scalable programs, it’s so much of this deep work I did at the beginning of my journey that goes so much deeper than just the strategy. It’s finding your power and rewriting the person you know yourself to be. It’s imagining and stepping into this life you’ve never thought possible for yourself through the creation of your business and all of this limitless wealth we have in the coaching industry. 

My biggest vision for my business is to scale these two programs on a large level and to get these teachings out. And another big thing I’m manifesting in my business is being able to live part-time in France. Last year, we spent the summer in Paris and I was able to host three of my high-level one-to-ones on a VIP Day. It was absolutely incredible.

What can you tell us about any future projects?

I will be on the tail end of my end-of-year big launch blowout for my group program. The doors will still be open for the Accelerate Method. And then come Black Friday, I’m going to be doing a big Black Friday Sale for my mastermind.

What would you like your clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

The biggest thing that I would love my clients to retain when they leave a container with me is the sense that anything is possible. That they can build their business exactly how they want to build it, trusting their own heart, trusting their own desires, and knowing that it can look however they want it to look. I feel that as women we’re programmed to struggle. Like, it has to be hard to make money. If you’re not working hard and you’re not overworking and you’re not hustling, it’s not worthwhile, and you’re not going to make money. We’re programmed to trust others, too. We give our power away to everyone, all the time, and other people’s strategies and what worked for someone else. 

I think it’s just that sense of honoring yourself, trusting yourself, trusting your own heart, and being able to stand in your own power, knowing your way is the right way. Your desires are for you. The strategy that’s aligned for you is the strategy that’s going to work for you whether or not it looks like anyone else’s. And just that unshakeable power of knowing who they are and not being able to stand in that even when things outside of them are maybe trying to take that power.

What are your gifts to the world?

My gift to the world is helping women, no matter what stage of business they are in, to remember their power, to step so deeply into their own personal power, to be able to rewrite the kind of person they think they are. No matter what level they’re at, there’s always the next level to go to. 

We always have ideas of the kind of person we are, what we’re capable of, what we deserve, what we are worthy of, what kind of life we can create, what kind of clients we can call in, to simplify, to add joy and heart to their business, and to know it gets to be exactly what they want it to be. It gets to be so heart-forward, it gets to be so fun. They get to run a business based on the desires of their heart and they get to leave that fear behind.

Photo Credit – Lainey Alquist

For more information, visit her website katystuart.com

Follow her on Instagram @TheKatyStuart

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