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Introducing the powerful voice that is Christina Deering. As an Intuitive Healing Coach, Shaman, Quantum Energy Healer, Light Language Healer, Reiki Master, Psychic Intuitive, Akashic Records Practitioner, and Somatic Breathwork Facilitator — she is guided by her intuition and deep connection to her soul’s work. Leading women down the path of intuitive healing, her modalities have allowed her to tap into many sources to connect you back to your own divine power — the goddess within!

Tell our readers more about you, especially the parts that are not so known from your online presence?

I’m a person who believes you can heal anything, because I’ve experienced miracle healings over and over again. I’ve personally healed from bulimia, anorexia, ADHD, the trauma I experienced from having an abusive nanny and being molested as a child. For a long time I let my past define me and determine what I was capable of, but a part of me knew I was made for something greater.

It wasn’t until I lost someone incredibly close to me that I had my ultimate wake up call. It ignited one of the biggest spiritual awakenings of my life. To paint the picture, I made an appointment with my first ever psychic eight months prior because she was so booked up, and the appointment landed on the same day my family member passed away. 

I remember having this inner battle, “Do I go? Do I not?” So I messaged her, and she said, “It’s up to you, but I want you to know I have a contract with the Universe that these appointments land on the day you need them most.” I had this inner-knowing that I had to go because there was something there for me.

When I walked in the door, the first thing she said to me was, “She (my family member) just came through, and she has some messages for you.” I had instant body chills and started bawling, realizing my relationship with her didn’t have to end, that maybe it was just changing form. 

The psychic knew exactly how she had passed away and was sharing messages with me that were undeniably from her. The sudden realization that life doesn’t have to end after we die changed me forever.

Walk us through your enlightenment journey.

So much of my enlightenment has occurred through my darkest times. I believe enlightenment means to find the light within us. It’s almost like when we’re in the dark, it requires us to search for the light. Through every traumatic experience, I’ve cultivated a more resilient me. A more loving, forgiving, passionate version of me that no longer sits back, but forges the change she desires to see in the world.

I believe my enlightenment is an ongoing process and continues to deepen through my own self-study. I get curious about why things trigger me, because it’s not the thing itself that’s triggering me, it’s the story or memory I have underneath it that’s triggering me.

For instance, it wasn’t the food that was triggering my bulimia, it was my lack of control in childhood, and feeling like I needed to control something in that moment – my weight.

A deeper understanding of the root causes for my triggers has been a huge part of my healing and enlightenment journey. Because I’m able to heal the energetic weight I’ve been carrying on a subconscious level, and raise my energetic frequency to the level of what I’m manifesting.

I’ve cultivated so much more light within me through my own shadow work, because my shadow is guiding me to the areas I’m meant to heal. The light and dark coexist to tell the full story of our soul. It’s a roadmap to our enlightenment. By doubling down on what feels expansive (our light), and healing what feels constricting (our darkness).

Do you feel like you are living your soul’s purpose?

I am without a doubt living my soul’s purpose. And I believe our purpose changes as we change. Our divine purpose is not a job title or one thing we came here to do. Our divine purpose is to get to know ourselves underneath all the projections and stories, and to honor our authentic truth by living in alignment with it. And our truth evolves as we evolve. There is no truth, only our truth in the moment and that can change in an instant. 

The key to living a soul-aligned life is to say yes to what feels energetically expansive and no to what feels energetically constricting. Here’s an example, if you close your eyes and say out loud “What’s possible here?” you may start to feel your energy expand. If you close your eyes and say “Who’s to blame here?” you may feel your energy constrict in certain areas. That’s how you familiarize yourself with your full body yeses (expansive energy) and your full body nos (constricting energy). The answer doesn’t have to make sense on paper, it just has to make sense in your body and energy field.

That’s how I’ve built the soul-aligned life I’m living, by following my full body yeses and nos. And my yeses and nos have changed based on what my soul is ready for in the moment. For instance, if someone had told me 5 years ago to stop taking Adderall and use the earth elements to create the balance I needed, I would have been a full body no, because there was healing work that needed to be done before I could release it. But today that’s a full body yes, and it feels so good to be an advocate for my health in that way.

Living in alignment with my soul has felt amazing and so confusing at the same time. Because the things my ego has been attached to: relationships, jobs, medications, familiarity, have often shifted as a new version of me emerges. The key for me is to keep showing up for myself, get curious about my attachments, and love myself even more in the moment.

What advice would you give your younger self?

“What if this was all just a game, and that each triggering moment was an opportunity to get to the next level? What if you started to have fun playing this game of life?”

I’d share with her that “one reason your soul dropped into this body is to experience life with your 5 senses, which is something you can’t do on the other side. So what if you started to really taste and savor everything you ate? And deeply smelled the scent of roses? What if you were present to each touch from your partner? And really experienced the sound of your son’s laughter? How would you experience the world differently if you were present to each of your senses?”

“You don’t have to have it all figured out to go after what you want. Continue to follow what feels expansive and what’s meant for you will reveal itself.”

“To know that other people’s opinions and judgements are based on their own life experience. And just because someone believes something, does not mean it’s the truth or your truth. Your divine truth is the one that feels best in your body.”

“If something triggers you that means there’s something there for you to heal, nothing more, nothing less. Everything is neutral, we create the meaning of things through our own life experience and the trigger is revealing itself because we’re ready to heal it.”

“Life is not about being perfect. It’s about being honest with yourself, appreciating where you’re at and loving yourself through it all.”

“Don’t let the past define you, allow it to be a gateway to your freedom. Because your past is simply a collection of stories you’re telling yourself over and over again. If the stories aren’t working for you, rewrite them by telling yourself what you needed to hear most in the moment that you didn’t initially receive.”

Do you have any rituals or practices you use to tap into your full self?

Breathwork. Breathing is the only thing we do both consciously and unconsciously, so it’s a direct link to our subconscious. What I love about breathwork is that we can heal our subconscious stories without having to relive them in the mind. When we allow the breath to take us to an expression (laughter, crying, rage) we’re able to release trapped energy that’s been living on a subconscious level.

Oracle and tarot card readings are a fun one, because the cards are either validating what you already know, or sharing with you what could happen in the future based on your current energy. And if you like what you see, lean in. If you don’t like what you see, shift your energy. Nothing is set in stone and we have free will to change it all in an instant.

When I have a yes or no question that I’m in my head about, I flip a coin. But here’s the shift in approach, the answer is not what the coin says, it’s my guttural response to the coin’s answer. For instance, if it lands on heads and I have that sinking feeling of disappointment, my intuitive answer is actually tails.

How can women join your world?

A question I get asked all the time is, “Why am I not reaching my goals?” And the most common answer is there’s something in the way.

Whether you’re wanting weight loss, more money or one on one relationships, it typically requires revealing and healing what’s energetically blocking it.

No matter where you’re at in your healing and manifestation journey, one of the easiest ways to do this is to download my free checklist: The top 7 ways to heal your energetic blocks and reach your goals!

What’s your unique approach to manifestation?

There are so many people teaching different manifestation rituals and practices. What’s missing though is that manifestation is not something we do and then we’re done, manifestation is something we’re doing 24/7 regardless of whether or not we’re conscious of it. So while we can say affirmations over and over again, if we dont believe them, they’ll never manifest. That’s where the healing work comes in. What I now know to be true is that our manifestations are a byproduct of healing what’s in the way. 

All of our limiting beliefs carry energetic weight that weighs down our frequency and keeps us out of alignment with what we desire. When we identify the limiting beliefs on a soul level and heal them, that’s when the magic happens. Especially when we’re open to healing our soul across all timelines, including past lives.

I personally didn’t believe in past lives until the healing work wasn’t working or going deep enough. One example was my irrational fear of the lake and ocean. There was nothing in my childhood that would have me fear the water like I did, so the standard healing modalities weren’t working. When I opened myself up to exploring past lives, I realized the trauma was on a soul level, from traumatic deaths I’d experienced in past lives. That’s when everything started to make sense and the deepest level of healing could take place.

What is your gift to the world?

I truly believe we can heal anything which is why so many people have experienced miracle healings through our sessions. One of my favorite miracle healings was when my mentor came to me in a wheelchair because her knee hurt so badly. I went into her akashic records and could see that the pain was connected to multiple past lives. We were able to clear that energy in one session and she sent me a video of her dancing two days later. I was mind blown because that was early in my career, and as humans we question ourselves, but that was the validation I needed to realize these healings actually work.

Another client came to me wanting to lose 40 pounds. I went into her akashic records and could see that she was carrying energetic weight that was manifesting as body weight, due to trauma she experienced as a child. We cleared the energy with deep healing modalities and this goddess has never felt more alive! She now lets her intuition drive what she eats, how she moves and ultimately how she lives her life. She is liberated from the inside out, having released the need to count macros or jump on a scale, and instead falling in love with her body in a way she never thought possible.

No matter how long I’ve done this, every healing session reminds me that miracles are possible when we lean in, love a little bit more and create the change we desire in our lives.

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“There is no truth, only our truth in the moment and that can change in an instant.”

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