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Tapping into Quantum Leaps using the Trifecta of Human Design Embodiment, Energetics, and Strategy

Energetics, Human Design, and Business Embodiment Coach, Christy is the living proof  of the power of human design embodiment combined with energetics. She had multiple jobs and positions in corporate America, and landed an incredible marketing position but it left her both unfulfilled and with unhealed trauma stuck in her body from living in a  space of conditioning and societal pressure. When she finally decided to quit that job and follow her soul calling, leave an unaligned relationship and tune in to what her body needed, everything  changed for her. She learned about her Human Design, combined with powerful energetics and launched her business. She is now bringing in $50K cash months and beyond and just had her first 100k cash received in 30 days, her second year in business. Her containers implement the trifecta, a system she has perfected to allow women to lead businesses they love and create  massive wealth from them.

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What brought you into the coaching space? 

I was having a lot of problems with my health and just feeling this general undertone of  this need to be happy, and I just didn’t feel that in my current marketing position. I  started and created my own business and I’m in my second full-time year in my business  and just had my first $100k cash received in 30 days and average $80-100k sales months. Things just  keep expanding and growing.  

I found that my soul is deeply fulfilled by serving other women and by watching women  live in total alignment in ALL areas of life, not just making money, but making it from a  space of doing what they love and having space and time to focus on what they love. This has been the most fulfilling part of this journey. I  love coaching and watching women expand. It’s incredible being in a space where I’m able to lead a  paradigm where women not only are deeply connected to their intuition, themselves and their authority within human design, but also deeply rooted in the 3D of  enjoying life, having fun, tapping into pleasure, play and money. All of these pieces really are the synthesis of who I am and who I became in order to facilitate  that within my clients.

Now when it comes to your journey, walk us through your lowest point of your  healing all the way to now. What does that look like? 

I grew up in a traumatic environment within my childhood, and as soon as I left the environment that created that trauma that I experienced, my healing journey began as I tried to fit into the paradigm of working hard to create the reality I desired. I separated from my family, and  one of the lowest points was when my system finally got out of fight or flight, my body completely fell apart, and I was at the point where I was wearing a back brace to walk.  I couldn’t stand for more than ten minutes at a time, I had knee braces on both my  knees, I couldn’t drive to work, and this was the point where I was really starting to  experience that deep contrast within my life. I knew that I wanted more. I also got diagnosed with autoimmune diseases and this was the point where my healing journey  really started.  

I realized that I had to create freedom and create a life where I wasn’t being told what to  do all day every day by bosses and doing jobs that I didn’t love while it drained me.  Throughout this process, I literally just decided I was going to create a new life, and I  started getting to the point where I was able to walk, to heal emotionally, and I started healing  these autoimmune diseases. This healing journey went hand in hand with my business journey, which was sparked by a desire to heal, to have space, to enjoy freedom. My soul knew that there was more for me. 

I finally got to the point where I could stand up long enough to go see a concert, go out  and enjoy food again. It’s funny because once I moved out of the really strategic/ hyper masculine mindset of “how do we fix the body? How do we grow the business?” I experienced massive growth. As I moved into  embodying the energetics of human design and really aligning to my strategy and my  authority, I started having really high cash months through deep ease. My body started healing and the women coming into my world started experiencing massive results like 100k months, 10k days, 20k weeks, but most importantly, loving the process, loving their businesses, and creating from deep alignment.

When it comes to women joining your spaces, what does that look like right now in  terms of your containers? 

I have a few different spaces for women to play and I’m always creating new things as a 5/1 manifesting generator.  

My signature program is the Six Figure Aligned Ascension Academy, and is a space for women to come in, to create six figure businesses through the trifecta of  human design, energetics and strategy. I’ve seen a lot in the Human Design world where human design is just an intellectualized concept, instead of being deeply embodied so many people aren’t experiencing deep transformation from it. And when there is deep embodiment, I’ve seen women struggle to bring that frequency into the deeper energetics and strategy when it comes to scaling a business in alignment. There’s a lack of integration of energetics, human design and strategy when it comes to scaling to 6 figures and beyond, and this is the place to do all  three to create a deeply aligned business. 

“Your next level is an amplification of the current energetic state that you are operating within. So if now feels good, you’ll naturally expand into more.”

I have powerful human design embodiment programs for individual Human Design types like Projectors in the Projector Frequency and for Generators and  Manifesting Generators. Authority is my self led course for ALL human design types and authorities to deeply tap into being led by their HD authority instead of logic to experience quantum leaps in life and business. There are incredible things coming for manifestors and reflectors as well.

I run high level masterminds for women in business that are ready to scale through deep embodiment of human design while combining strategy that is deeply aligned. I also do powerful 1:1 work with my clients who experience massive results.

What is a big vision that you would like to bring to life through your programs or  through your business and something that you want to manifest into the future?

I’m consistently tapping  into the energy of “how can I serve on a deeper level?” I’m a 5/1 Mani-Gen within Human Design, which means I’m meant to bring things in a way that is different than it’s ever been done before. My work is about deep deconstruction of rules and limitations. When you realize that things work because they work, that money flows because it does, that you are successful because you are, and that life and business get to be easy because ease is just a way of being, you disentangle all of the rules you’ve created around how things need to look in order to work.

This is where you leave the old Newtonian model of logic, or input equals output, of a+b=c, and step into creating with the quantum. The quantum is where illogical exists, where time is irrelevant, and where you create the rules of success and fulfillment within your life. My clients are rule breakers, move fast, and don’t subscribe to the paradigms of hustling, time limitations, shoulds, have tos, or working their way up. 

When it comes to the women in your world, what do you want them to retain the  most from your story? 

That they can align themselves to any desired reality they wish to create, in the way that they want to create it. A huge reason why I am here and the deeper purpose of my work is breaking through limitation and going into limitlessness. 

This means no longer subscribing to the paradigms of sacrificing, hustle, or being limited by logic and time. Women in my world break the rules, and dismantle the limitations of logic and ideas that keep them separate from what they desire to create. My work is deeply about embodying a frequency where life, love, money, and business expansion all exist in the now moment. I stand for women living lives that are so full and so in tune with themselves that everything else is just a bonus.

Finish this sentence: “My gifts to the world are…” 

My gift to the world is serving with such deep love and an open heart as I truly care about each and every person who comes into my world and see them as the highest version of themselves.

“My desires are being called through me, because they are meant for me.”


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