Melissa Ruiz | The Quantum & Soulful Business Queen

Building a Muti-Million Dollar Brand with Soul

 A soulful business coach powerhouse that mentors mystical off beat entrepreneurs to start and scale their business through a spiritually universal lens. She is a New Yorker at heart who is on the verge of selling everything and travel cross-country in an RV with her wife and dog King. From a spiritual awakening that entailed leaving a six-figure position as a TV producer for MTV, she took off to travel and discover her true soul’s calling. Through deep healing she discovered her true self, and launched her soulful business. Today she teaches thousands how to reclaim their worth, call in their desires and live a life of true freedom and abundance. She is a mystical being, a pure soul, a voice of a generation.

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, especially what we don’t already know from your social media.

I had to do a lot of healing before I became an online anything. I was just a human who went through lots of trials and tribulations, especially through my upbringing — being Latina and growing up with just enough. And I think that was the model — it was “just enough.” And so I think a lot of the things that people don’t know about me is that I didn’t always have it easy. I had to work hard for the things that I had. And I feel like that prepared me. Eventually, I ended up becoming an overachiever in my life with that not-enoughness and trying to prove myself as a Latina, working hard. My oldest sister was the first person to graduate college, I was the second one. 

I come from a household where English is actually my second language. I learned English in school. That’s probably something I’ve never shared with anybody. Spanish is my first language, that’s my native tongue. Both my parents only speak Spanish, and they’re very old school. So speaking English was a big no, no, in our household. It was actually deemed very disrespectful. So they were like, “What? No, no, no. Speak to me the way we taught you to speak.” I grew up with a lot of values, in a super strict Latino household, but that anchored me into who I am today and in my foundation. 

Something else a lot of people don’t know is that I grew up with a parent with mental health issues. It’s so interesting to see myself do this work now where I’m empowering people. I think a lot of that came from my household and seeing how depression and anxiety look up close. When humans are not happy, we disassociate, we become disembodied. Ultimately, it does create disease. It was never my mission but I think I just fell into it because God Spirit/Universe had a bigger plan. I was born into this family very specifically so I can learn all of those soul lessons and learn to break the cycle and not repeat them.

What has been one of the biggest lessons that you have learned on your journey? 

The first one that comes to mind is alchemizing limiting beliefs. Not buying into what people think that you should be — even yourself, your community, your family. That’s one thing that I’ve learned on my healing journey that really applies everywhere in my life. In my community and school, I think I dimmed my own light because people saw me a certain way. I felt like I had to work really hard. That came from my upbringing, but at the end of the day, I was choosing to believe those thoughts. I can tell you about yoga, meditation, being in nature, connecting with plant beings, connecting with animal kingdom beings, and connecting with crystal beings. There are so many beautiful things that the Earth has to offer. 

But the thing that imprisons us the most is our mind and the thoughts that we believe about ourselves. The narratives and the stories that we tell ourselves actually create the most disruption. There’s a lot of work being put out right now, especially in the somatic realm, especially with bodywork, especially with mindfulness, and meditation. There are human beings right now on Earth school that are being initiated with these light codes, with these downloads. 

They have to alchemize their own narrative so that they can step forward and they can show human beings, like, “Okay, you know what? I had every excuse not to believe I would be the first millionaire in my family…” or to believe that “I was too old” or to believe that “there’s a scar because I got a divorce, and there is shame.” These things don’t have to hold us back. In fact, as we go down the healing journey, we realize that those things actually are our superpower. That’s my message. How long are we going to continue to hold on to the old, expired, outdated versions of who we are? When are we going to allow ourselves to let go of the past trauma and stop dragging it into our now? That honestly has been the most alchemizing thing that I have done on this journey — breaking free from all that. 

My parents risked their lives to be here. My dad was telling me the other day (I saw him for Father’s Day) how in Cuba he was on the run for eight months because he went against Fidel Castro at the time. It was the late 50s. They had a farm, they took away all of their stuff. He was a rebel. He spoke out against a political communist being and they wanted to kill him. He was on the run for eight months, sleeping in the streets, sleeping in jewelry stores, and breaking into the embassy. He came to this country and, legit, put his life on the line serving this country so that he and his kids could have a better life. And my mom, the same thing. My mom is the oldest of nine and she came to this country as a teenager and took care of her siblings.  

Can we look at people who have had to alchemize these really difficult narratives and stories and look back and say, “Oh, wow, I see how that had a place? I see how that part was actually so pivotal to my growth. I see how that part was so important to who I am today.” And in fact, you look back and you bless those parts. And I think that’s the biggest part of the journey of healing. It’s not for us to forget, it’s not for us to re-traumatize ourselves, it’s not for us to bypass. It’s for us to understand the unfolding of life and that everything is happening in the highest accord to the quantum being that we know ourselves to be. Most people are starting to understand that they’re not just the body and they’re not just the mind. This is the philosophy that we talk about.

What advice would you now give to your younger self?

Just trusting myself more. I think that is what I was lacking. Of course, I can sit here empower the younger version of myself and comfort this being and let her know that everything is going to be okay. But the message that I really needed to hear was that I needed to activate intuition, I needed to trust who I truly was, that I was going to be initiated into a path of the unknown and that that was perfect, and that I didn’t need to know what was coming up next to protect myself, that I had myself, that there was nothing else I needed to do to be any more accomplished. I think it was that I just needed to relax. I needed to just know that things were going to work out. 

The human before the business.”

How do you embody your internal success in your daily life?

Two things I always tell our students that are the hardest things for human beings are to connect and follow your intuition. I think most people know when it’s there, but it’s just really so hard for us to follow it. And for us to celebrate. It’s so hard for us to celebrate our wins and where we’re at. I try to always be grateful. I did a post yesterday and I was pouring my heart out to the universe saying, “Universe, thank you. It’s been a short time but I’ve learned so long. Thank you for bringing me here. Thank you for what is about to occur.” That gratefulness will never fucking go out of style. I live my life like that every single day. It’s about celebrating socially and publicly. 

Every day I acknowledge the work that I do. I don’t try to push further than where I am right now. I don’t try to pretend to know more than I know right now. I don’t try to pretend to be further along. I just wake up every day, and before meditation, I lay on my bed, I put my hands on my body (usually my heart) and I just run down the list. “I’m so grateful that I get to live in this house. I’m so grateful that I have a balcony. I’m grateful that I have my dog that’s still living (he’s 13 years old). I’m so grateful that we finally bought our tiny little band and we’re going to live in 80 square feet.” I’m just so grateful, you know? I think we skip that part. I’m just so fucking grateful that I get to wake up and I get to have another 24 hours and have a fucking blast. Do you know what I’m saying? I get to have a blast. 

What rituals do you implement regularly to stay in ease and flow? 

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and connecting to Mother Earth, through hiking and being in nature. I do have a ritual and I’m pretty disciplined about it. I’ve been meditating now for about five years straight. The same way we brush our teeth — I just don’t feel right talking to people if I don’t brush my teeth — I don’t feel right, energetically, talking to people if I don’t do meditation. This is what we’re learning more about the energetic body. The focus is on our teeth, our skin, our hair, our makeup, and even the way we look. But I think now in 2022, especially with these New Earth leaders being ushered in, we’re starting to understand that it’s really about how we feel. 

Teach from exactly the place where you are at.”

What courses do you have coming up?

Unleash and Unveil Your Soul Business. This is the eighth round of our signature offer. Three years ago, I wanted to step into entrepreneurship in a very soulful, authentic way. It seems like three years ago was not that long, but in business, nobody was doing this at the time. Not a lot of people were infusing yoga philosophy, the Yamas, and the Buddha teachings — and a lot of the things that I had learned from various different leaders, teachers, and thought-thinkers. And it’s still around. I’m very proud of this offer, it’s been one that has been here from the beginning. It’s a three-month course. It’s a mentorship. It’s a hybrid program. I coach inside of it every single week. I give people lots of access to me. And then obviously there are video modules. That is starting on June 27th.

We also have a Mastermind. I believe I run one of the most unique masterminds that I have seen in the online space. It’s a six-month mastermind it starts August 29th and one of the things that makes it so unique is that we provide two in-person retreats. On these retreats, we’re taking people to the lands of Mexico to enter into a Temazcal. This is a ceremony. This is about entering into a sweat lodge in complete darkness with a shaman and uncovering, “Okay, what are your fears, humans? What is happening? What is really stopping you?” Because I always say this, business is not hard. It’s not the business that’s difficult, it’s humans that are difficult. And so my highest intention is that I journey with humans inside of our mastermind — which is going to begin at the end of August, the beginning of September — and we journey for six months. 

I hire an Ayurvedic practitioner who does tongue assessments every single month. Because it’s not just about what you tell me, it’s about what is showing up in your body and how you are moving through these fears. Do you know that you can tell not only if you’re dehydrated — but if you’re holding on to certain energetic fears — just through your tongue? It’s so bananas. It’s so amazing. And so we’re regulating people’s nervous systems, we’re tending to their body, and we’re helping them create the sole business that feels good for them. 

We teach not only business, starting, and scaling, but we also bring in mindfulness and yoga approaches. I teach yoga every single week to our community in all of our programs — paid programs and free programs. So there’s a little bit of that, and I also bring in other philosophies. I love Eckhart Tolle, I love Brian K. There are so many beautiful human beings that are anchored into this work, so I speak through the lens of a lot of that known work. Brene Brown is another. It’s a crash course.

What do you want to manifest and bring into your present now? 

Oh, this is juicy. I’m going to drop in the thing that is most present, and that’s our book — manifesting this how-to money book for our LGBTQIA+ beings and our BIPOC entrepreneurs. Because, my God, humans, we’ve just got to untangle these money wounds because we come from just a slightly different upbringing. 

I know how to talk to our communities and show up in ways that might be less triggering for them so that they can be a little bit more open and see themselves being millionaires, billionaires, and all of the things that they feel are far away. That is so predominantly the story in our communities — that money belongs to those people. But we are those people. We are one conscious mind. So, it’s a how-to book to navigate money, know how to hold her, know how to circulate her, know how to invest and use the energy of currency.

What do you want your clients to retain the most from your professional endeavours? 

I really want them to understand that they were thought away from being and living in the reality that they desire. For me, everything comes back down to belief. Everything comes down to the limiting beliefs that are keeping us small. My highest intention for anybody that comes into contact with our work is a message of, “Yes, you can.” It doesn’t matter whether you’re gay, queer, brown, short, or tall. It does not matter. 

We’re all beings. There is no separation. My message is a message of oneness. My message is a message of love. It requires us to look beyond the veil — what we call in yoga, the Maya — it requires us to see beyond that so that we can see that we are truly the reflection of God-consciousness. God-consciousness is in all beings. We may be at different places, but there is no need to bring shame, there is no need to point the finger. We are mere reflections of the one mind. And with that in mind, we can do anything. 

What are some projects you have coming up? 

The Quantum You. Oh my God, humans, I’m so excited for The Quantum You. You know, we hear it all the time, right? Our “highest version of ourselves,” “the highest you,” but I’ve been connecting to the quantum field probably since I was a teenager. My relationship with manifesting has been a very long one. As a child, I lived on the third floor in Union City, New Jersey. This is kind of gross and weird, but I would take my pillow and sit on it on the fire escape — I’m sure it was dirty — and look to the stars, look to Father Sky. I was literally dreaming and wishing upon a star — connecting to the galaxy, connecting to the stars, sharing my dreams and my hopes of moving out of my little town and becoming all of these versions of myself. 

When I say the quantum field, I’m talking about the infinite possibility. I’m talking about infinite timelines. When you connect to the energy that creates worlds you will understand how you actually create reality. I’m not focused on facing reality, I’m focused on co-creating reality. Because that’s where it’s at. The Quantum You is happening on August 13th. It is the first intentional in-person wellness entrepreneurial event for, specifically, LGBTQIA plus — non-binary, whatever you identify as, as a human being — and for BIPOC entrepreneurs. Magical, mystical beings — you! Yes, you’re invited. My goal with this event is that we can come together. I want entrepreneurs to come in, take their shoes off, get saved when they come in, walk through a shamanic journey, get motivated and inspired, and just really be with us for four hours. I want it to be a mini-retreat. I want them to come in and just receive all the wellness medicine, but also the business tools. 

What are your gifts to the world?

My gift to the world is to let people know that not only can you do anything and everything that you’ve imagined but you are the one that you’ve always been looking for. It’s not outside of you. It is simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be this long, drawn-out poem. We are constantly in self-reflection in looking for ourselves. And if we close our eyes and go inwards to the altar of our heart, we will find all versions of who we are. The little girl, the little boy, the little version, the quantum version, the highest version — we will see all the versions there. It’s about creating union and partnership with all of our parts and really coming back home to ourselves. 

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