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Awakening the Sacred Femme through Conscious Coaching

Meet the Soul-led Entrepreneur, Kristen Stuart, otherwise known in her world as She who leads in her divinity. A Midwife of Awakening, Ascension Guide and Activator of Divine Feminine Power, her practice is based in the heart of the Canadian Rockies which has allowed her to connect with the elements of nature; all whilst navigating incredible challenges
out in the natural world. As she states, “Adventure is a powerful fuel for me in my life and in deepening my connection to nature.” She helps guide women home to themselves and unlock their Sacred Femme.

Walk us through your journey to awakening and enlightenment.

My journey started in the Sacred Valley of Peru in 2011. I went down for a retreat with one of my mentors and experienced an incredible awakening at that time. I remember the moment clearly. November 11th, 2011 — over 11 years ago — I was in Peru and returning back to open a yoga studio. Previously, my work was focused as a yoga and meditation teacher for
the better part of almost twenty years. I came back to open a yoga studio called Sacred Roots, and within seven months, the studio doors were closed.

I was in a deep state of adrenal burnout and in the cycles of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and psychosis. It was the awakening – the opening of the gateway to this next level of my work and its fullest embodiment. Out of that journey was the realization that I had been living in the mode of adrenaline a lot in my life. I had not embodied, on a core soul level, that
deep connection to self-love. I was always in the doing. Even though I was already on the path through yoga and meditation, this is where things would take me to the next level of my healing.

What has brought you to the space of healing and coaching women worldwide?

It’s been through my contemplative practices and meditation practice that really started to open the channel wider. Stepping into this place of divine surrender and trust, working with indigenous elders, and in ceremonies around the world, meeting myself again and again and de-layering to access my higher dimensional truths. Then, a channel opened and the Divine
Mother started channeling into me and through me. When I’m in space with somebody, it’s activating their light. I always see the highest potential in someone. I see them in their field of light — and this is why the Akashic Records work is so potent too — opening them and giving them the experience of remembrance of their truth in this way.

For me, it was going to that place of such surrender. 2012 was the darkest journey, what they call “the dark night of the soul”. I walked right to the edge of my life. I had to be in that space of ultimate trust and then step in to reclaim my whole self and walk myself into this place of elevation and expansion. Coaching fell into my lap. I was a yoga teacher, meditation teacher,
personal trainer, as well as an international hiking guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

Women started coming to me for mentorship because they saw me walk into the fire. I came back out, walking with this embodied wisdom, having lived the depth of the journey. What that did was open my channels further. I had to heal my brain, body, endocrine and nervous systems. I feel like my heart and brain broke open and accessed something within me that then allowed this other level of work to now stream through.

What advice would you now give to a younger Kristen?

Look in the mirror and fall in deeper love with yourself every day…and trust yourself. Trust your unshakeable power. Trust your light.

How do you embody this newer and higher being?

My self-care, my practices, and my rituals are really important to me. I love to rise early and be in a lot of spaciousness in the morning. A typical day starts with morning lemon water, building a fire, and then into my meditation practice, indoors or outdoors — literally facing the rising sun, moving into conscious journaling, and setting the intentionality for the day while
anchoring myself into my channel of clarity.

What are some of the daily things that you set up for a successful day?

Definitely, it’s stillness. A morning seated practice in meditation, connecting with my guides and the higher realms of awareness because a lot of the work I do is streaming as a channel. There are physical pieces too. I love alternating between a yoga practice or a morning gym workout. balanced with some hottub soaking and sauna time outdoors surrounded by these
mountain views. There’s always daily time in nature, in movement, in stillness, and reflection.

I love working with the elements — building a fire, being amongst the trees, the wildflowers, listening to the morning birdsong as the day awakens. I live in a place that is overflowing with epic beauty and abundance in this way. Being with the waters — going to the waters and being in ritual and ceremony in multiple ways.

What practices do you implement regularly to stay in ease and flow?

Time in nature, absolutely. I love climbing, hiking, trail running, and nearly everything that has me communing with the elements. From the mountains to the ocean, summits to wildflower valleys, to being with mountain creeks, waterfalls and the rivers. A deep connection and attunement to nature and her frequencies keeps me in flow, in deep alignment and attunement.

Tell our women the wonderful offers you hold space for in Sacred Femme?

I am thrilled to offer a 12-month membership where women can step into the Sacred Femme Journey to gather in intimate space with the most incredible, sacred sisterhood. And you can step in at any time. The program encompasses exposure to embodiment practices, spiritual teachings, the Goddess, quantum healing, theory and ancient wisdom teachings. Andean
Shamanism is one of many paths I’ve studied — the Priestess Path. We touch on all things in the realm of the sacred and bring those into modern-day activation and support for women on their empowerment journeys, ascension journeys, as well as elevating their wealth in their businesses.

Another option is my one-on-one coaching container; three months and twelve months. People can also journey with me through the Akashic Records. I do in-person retreats and VIP one-on-one retreats at sacred sites around the world, including in the Canadian Rockies, Peru, and Greece. We’ve got one in the works for Egypt. So really taking women to sacred
lands. I believe we collect aspects of remembrance when we come to these sacred lands, and it’s part of the journey home to the soul in her wholeness.

Can you tell us more about these retreats?

We have a VIP Luxury Sacred Femme Retreat taking place in the Canadian Rockies from September 21 – 25, 2022 in Canmore, Alberta. Peru always symbolic as my homecoming – the Sacred Roots Luxury Peru Retreats have been running annually since 2014. It’s such a powerful journey into the frequencies of divine feminine activation supported by the path of
Andean Shamanism and the path of the Andean Priestess. While hosting and facilitating my retreats in Peru, I have the honor of having a fourth-generation Quechua Medicine Woman who hosted the Dalai Lama to Machu Picchu support the teachings and the ceremonies of this Program. We go to different portal sites, stay on this beautiful land that’s surrounded by
these seven chakra gardens, tune into the soul’s essence, and tap into our sacred roots in
the frequency of the divine feminine.

When it comes to manifestation, what are you calling in now?

I get to exist as this multi-dimensional woman in business, as a channel, as someone who tunes into higher dimensions, and so, I feel expanded visibility and a lot of transmission work moving out into the world on a bigger level. I can see where my business desires to grow and this limitless expansion that is coming for it. I definitely feel that I’m accelerating towards my
first Seven-figure year and reaching women on a global scale, women of all cultures and all backgrounds to rise together.

What would you like the women in your space to retain the most from the work that you do?

Walking them home to their soul truth and the remembrance that they are a limitless channel of love, a limitless channel of creation. I’m literally wrapping up a program called The Creatrix, right now. So this is very much present. The remembrance that we are all one in connection, in sisterhood, and in unity consciousness.

What can you tell us about any future projects?

There’s a program running right now, and women can step in at any point; The Light Path. It’s a journey of reclamation and activation of sacred light. We’re going through the six directions of the Andean medicine wheel. We start with the serpent frequency, the Creatrix. We then move into the luminous Warrioress, the Jaguar Woman, in the West. Then into the North is
the heart-led leader, the teacher, the keeper of the love codes, the hummingbird medicine. Then into the East, which is the eagle, the condor woman, the visionary, the high-level leader. She soars above the summits and sees the limitlessness in life — that we get to fly wingtip to wingtip with the divine and anchor limitless abundance and beauty into our everyday lives.
It’s a six-month journey, we just wrapped up the first module. 

There’s The Light Path, there’s the Sacred Roots Peru retreat (soon expanding to Sacred Roots Global Retreats that will take place in the most sacred and revered lands across the world), and there are VIP retreats at Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies. In The Light Path, each monthly program is a program on its own that carries a certain frequency. This
first one was the reclamation of sacred sensuality and sexuality. Then the next one is being a powerful leader, the woman who can see and lead in the dark. We’re leading in this time of unwavering trust, faith, and knowing. Our intuition is our superpower.

I always say that I’ve been leading women’s circles since 2011. My programs, essentially, are women’s circles of expansion and activation. It’s like, “I remember you from past lifetimes.” This is what we find ourselves saying. “I remember you. I remember doing this…being in ceremony in this way.” It’s like we’re remembering our way home together, and along the way, what is released are all the wounds or the ways that we’ve been holding ourselves back from stepping into our highest power, fully embodied.

We are limitless when we remember how limitless we truly are.

Finish this sentence : “My gift to the world is…”

To walk women home to their soul truth, embodied in their divinity, and elevating consciousness on the planet.

Photo Credit – Emilie Iggiotti


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