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Nicole is a Spiritual Success Coach and Manifestation Mentor. Raised by immigrant parents, Nicole embodies resilience and gratitude. These characteristics have allowed her to cultivate faith and trust, both of which are keys to unlocking massive

Nicole began her journey into energetics when she was very young. By the age of 16, she felt a deep call to the healing world, seeking out a Reiki certification and eventually a career in spa and bodywork. After years of working with manifestation, personal development and growth, Nicole again felt a call to share her experiences and knowledge with other women. She decided to launch her own business teaching women manifestation through the lens of intuition, mindset, and strategy. Here is her journey.

Walk us through your path to enlightenment, when did that happen for you?

I would say that the most poignant period of my life was in my 20’s, I was in a really toxic relationship, and it was one of those things where I saw the possibility in him and saw his potential but he didn’t see it in himself so, it was going nowhere fast. I finally ended the relationship after getting tired of the on-again off-again drama. I really felt this was at my lowest point. It was then where my desire to manifest the right relationship, to raise my standards, to release the pain and loss that surfaced and create the relationship of my dreams.

As Abraham Hicks calls it – the contrast was the birth of the new desire. I talk about this in my course, Manifest The One, because I personally walked the journey of manifesting my now husband and took everything I learned and generously
poured it into that course! Truthfully, it was really a transformation and a healing of becoming the woman who could have the kind of relationship that I truly desired. I saw that in the past I was using manifestation as a way to survive, that I could get to the next page, get the next client, and manifest something really specific, like a small win. It became clear the only reason I hadn’t manifested my biggest dreams was simply because I wasn’t focusing on them and it was time to manifest way bigger! This is where the tagline of my brand, Manifest Massively, came to be.

In a way you had to go through that place in order for you to come out at the other side?

Absolutely. I mean I really would not have the enlightenment, the quality of life or marriage that I have today had I not gone through those challenges for sure.

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Keep the Faith! I know when I went through that journey of going from the toxic relationship to the journey of manifesting the one, that was such a huge lesson that kept coming back. Keeping the faith that what I desired was meant for me and was on its way.

How do you embody success in your daily life now?

My self-care practices really help with embodying success. It seems really simple, but getting the mani-pedis and getting my hair done and keeping up on all of that stuff to me demonstrates self love. I’m also really big on reflecting. I have a really regular journaling practice, and so reflecting on my gratitude for what I have, looking around where I’m at, taking a moment to acknowledge what I have and staying humble.

What has been one of your biggest lessons in this space?

Ultimately it’s been about intimately understanding your own heart and being crystal clear on what you want. It’s really easy to hold onto the images and opinions of others. Following other people’s paths and trying to do things their way — my greatest success is when I really tune all of that out and really just focus on what’s in my heart and what I am really excited to give and contribute. I spent a lot of time not doing that, a lot of time in my head thinking that somebody outside of me had my answer. That’s not to invalidate the amazing leadership that does exist in this space and the many tools, but at the end of the day, we are our best coach. We’re our best own guru and guide.

Very true. I love that. What routines or rituals do you implement regularly to stay in ease and flow?

I journal regularly, I’m a meditator, I love a good oracle card pull! I read and listen to a ton of audio books. I love exercise and movement. I’ve been listening to subliminal music and self-hypnosis to get myself more into the body and the subconscious mind to take myself out of my thinking mind. Those moments of just being have been helping me the most lately.

Women who want to join your courses and programs, what does that look like in terms of enrolment periods and what are the processes for that?

As we speak, my two flagship programs are evergreen. So, really anybody can purchase Manifest Massive Money or Manifest The One on my website. In one-on-one coaching I only take a few clients at a time by application. The thing I am most excited about right now is my new money mastery membership The Spiritual Money Hunnies which is now open for enrollment. The Spiritual Money Hunnies was created to empower women in their financial abundance manifestation journey!

We’re all about manifesting BIG visions, what does that look like for you in terms of things you want to bring in now?

My big vision is getting the necessary tools of the prosperity consciousness world into as many women’s hands and ears and hearts as possible. If they want it, then they can have access to it. That’s really where the inspiration for my newest membership, The Spiritual Money Hunnies came from. I really wanted to create access to the support, the conversations, and the training required for women to rise up in their power to create prosperous lives. I’m envisioning the day that there are thousands of Spiritual Money Hunnies!

When it comes now to philanthropic incentives, are there things that you wish to practice more of in the future or just causes that are dear to your heart?

Well, the last time I live-launched the Manifest Massive Money program, the war in Ukraine broke out. So, we did contribute a portion of those proceeds there. Then my husband just recently got on the board for our local cancer society gala. We both lost parents in the last year, his dad and my mom passed away of cancer. We will be contributing to that. I also really want to make some kind of impact in the homelessness epidemic. I haven’t gotten clear on exactly if that’s going to be local or national, or if it will be in my home state. All I know is that I really am determined to make some impact there.

What do you want your clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

I really want them to own access to their own power. If that’s all they get from a course or a book or a post, if they walk away with just knowing more of themselves, accessing more of their own power, then I feel like I have done my job.

Finish this sentence, “My gifts to the world are…”

Light, healing and possibility.

For more information, visit her website at

Join the Spiritual Money Hunnies now.

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