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Liberation at its finest

Meet Guinevere Stasio, Thought Leader in Financial empowerment for women. She began to hone in on her financial freedom when her corporate position decided to drop her salary unexpectedly. She had to think fast to support her family, and was led to build her first successful business where she discovered that designing the life you desire is possible and available at all times. Today she helps women go from feeling stuck and unsure of their direction, to stepping into their full power and creating the life and business they truly desire.

Walk us through your journey to enlightenment. How did you step into your power?

I can pinpoint this time right after graduating from graduate school. I received my Doctorate in Audiology, which is the study of hearing science, and I started interviewing for jobs. I got the first job that I interviewed for at a hospital, which was super exciting. I was really proud of myself. But what happened in that first year and a half of work is that I ended up feeling more like a number than a practitioner that was actually able to help make a difference. So I transitioned into a private
practice but in time felt it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for either. I decided to try once more and at five months pregnant I landed another job. This job seemed like the dream job that everyone talks about. I had my own office, I ran my own department. I worked four days a week with a full day off in the middle of the week. It was glorious. Even getting hired at five months pregnant, that’s almost unheard of. I went on maternity leave a couple of months later and a week before returning to work my boss called me up and said, “we can’t afford to pay you what you were making before so your salary is going to be reduced by $15K. I’ll see you next week.”

This was my transition time. I realized that I was working my a*s off to help build someone else’s dream and that I had never actually dreamt for myself. So I started a little side hustle, and in my first nine months I hit the goal I set for myself to make back the money I lost from my salary. This is when I realized I could do it. It was the first time that I showed up for myself in my adult life. Getting there wasn’t without sacrifice. I stayed up late because I was working full time and also trying
to work this side business with a newborn baby. I ended up catapulting myself into adrenal fatigue really fast. Not only did my health suffer, but my relationships suffered too. These were huge red flags. I realized that if I didn’t prioritize myself, everything else would fall apart. So, I started to see a Naturopathic doctor after that, and she literally looked into my eyes and spoke to my soul. She helped me remember who I was, and what I was here to do. She helped me get grounded and get
back in my body.

I started to take classes on intuition and I began practicing those skills daily. I got certified as an Aromatherapist and started studying the frequencies of the human body. What cracks me up is that while aromatherapists study frequencies of the body, Doctors of Audiology study frequencies of sound. It was one of those universal winks that help remind you you’re on the right path. So that’s when I started to really see myself and I started to allow myself to take up space. I’m still working daily on taking up space, but this was my journey from my lowest lows to actually coming around and seeing myself for who I truly was and what I was capable of.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself now?

I believe that I was meant to walk through all the parts of my life that I’ve walked through. I can see now that all those things happened for me. But the previous version of me couldn’t see that, so I think I would start with letting her know that every part of life is happening for her. I would tell her to find gratitude for everything because there are lessons in every single part of your life. To allow yourself to fall in love with yourself in a way where you can honor and be grateful for every single part of your mind and body and absolutely love what you were born with. There were a lot of times in my life when I wished I had a smaller chest, or I wanted a nose job. I spent a lot of wasted energy in feelings of lack when I could have spent them creating abundance. And, I would go back and tell her to always eat dessert first if she so desires.

How do you embody this new version of yourself in your daily life?

I learned in my self-healing journey that I get to write the rules for my success. For so long, I was stuck on idolizing a lot of people in a way that made me feel like I needed to do exactly what they were doing in order to get there myself. That’s what leads to burnout. So the first rule I wrote for myself and the one I embody daily is “I am successful every morning my feet hit the floor. The rest of my day is a bonus.” What I realized was that when your thoughts and feelings are abundant, you
can’t help but be abundant in all that you do.

Tell us about your different containers and offers for women to join your space now?

I love co-creating with my clients in real time, so most of my containers are live. I support them in one-on-one coaching, and that’s in one-month, three-month, or six-month containers. I also have many live programs and masterclasses available at any given time. The best thing to do is connect with me on Instagram where I share the most up to date offers to work with me.

I just launched Wealth Embodied, which is a live eight-week program supporting women to take back their power, own their confidence and create a liberated life. And in the fall, a program favorite, called Money, Baby! is going to open again where women learn how to take charge of their finances and create their financial fortress. If you follow me on Instagram or are on my email list you can be sure to receive updates. I love connecting with bad-ass women around the world so be sure to come
and say hello.

What is something you want to Manifest now?

This has been pivotal for me — it’s something that took me many years to understand. Here’s what I know; we can literally create something in our body before it even exists. So if we can have the thoughts, we can create the feelings. And if we have the feelings, our body physically knows what it feels like to have that thing. So, no matter how big or how small it is, we can create it if we can feel it. I have a lot of big visions, and this is how I step into embodying them because to manifest it, you
have to become the embodied version of it first. So something I’m working on manifesting is really a lifestyle. It’s being able to have my husband home with us more and spend a lot more time traveling the world.

Another thing I’m manifesting is to take my closest friends — like up to ten friends — on a vacation and not tell them where they’re going, just tell them, “Here’s what the weather is, here’s what you’ll need to pack. Be here at this time.” I want to surprise and delight the people I love. I never want to look back and say “I wish we took that girls trip” because life is so short, and I want to be sure to enjoy.

What would you like your clients to retain the most from the work that you do?

That we all have access to the same power to become our best selves. That we are successful just by choosing ourself. We are so important. I think that’s the biggest thing I want my clients to retain — we are powerful.We can do big, big things. Nothing is outside of the realm of reality. We can create anything we desire to.

What are your gifts to the world?

My gifts to the world are guiding other women to learn how to dream and to trust and know that all they ever need is within. If they’re willing to go there, it will be so wildly different from what any other women are pursuing, and that it’s totally acceptable and encouraged.

“You are the source of your abundance.”

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