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Guiding you back to the Home of Unconditional Love (and therefore Unconditional Infinite Receiving)

Lizzie helps her clients to unplug from the Matrix, so that they can reconnect with their Divine Being (the home of Unconditional Infinite Receiving). Lizzie underwent a deep awakening in January of this year (when she lost her stepdad). This awakening unplugged her from the 3D Matrix (her mind and ego, aka her “false sense of self”), which has enabled her to ascend to higher levels of consciousness (her “divine being”). Lizzie unplugs her clients out of their 3D reality (which she says is actually a simulation),and acts as an Activator to guide them to higher levels of consciousness. 

Take us back into your journey of the soul? What would you say was the most transformational period in your life and what did this look like?

My awakening was activated by the passing of my stepdad in January. I’d had mini awakenings in the past, but this felt HUGE and very different. It actually made me extremely sick (I was bed bound for 3 days). I know that my awakening came at the PERFECT time. They always do. Some people need to experience an extreme event, such as a loss, to be awakened. I’d gotten to a point where I no longer wanted to be a prisoner to my mind and ego. I was ready for MORE. I also felt as though I couldn’t keep going on as I’d been going. It seemed like there was nowhere else to turn. The only way was Awakening.

I also wanted to deepen my spiritual connection so that I could connect with my stepdad. I had lost his physical presence, but knew that his spiritual presence was always nearby, and now I even feel it within me. I know he is guiding me every step of the way. My stepdad is now a HUGE part of my mission. He gave SO much unconditional love, and my mission is to bring unconditional love back into the world. To help as many women as possible to connect with this. Some call this Christ Consciousness as Jesus Christ was the epitome of unconditional love. I do not resonate with religion but I have experienced and witnessed Jesus in my meditations since my awakening.

Now when it comes to the things that you do on a regular to embody even this version of you that you said has awakened, what does that look like in terms of practices?

Some of them you would’ve heard of before. Some of them are a little bit crazier. Every time I drink water… I bless it. I just love being in water. I love swimming, bathing and drinking water. It has so many health benefits such as being a powerful cleansing tool. By blessing the water, I bless myself, send myself love, and send love out to the universe and everyone. I’m sending everyone love because we’re all connected. There is no such thing as separation. Separation is merely a construct of the human mind and ego, which was created due to greed and power. My mission is to help the world ascend beyond these low levels of consciousness to higher levels of consciousness where there is only unconditional love. Because, like Eckhart Tolle says… Human beings are ready to ascend beyond the limits of the mind.

Why is the mind limited?

Because the mind is programmed for survival. It’s literally why it was created. Something I say to my clients is that abundance will NEVER be safe to the mind. Because our mind is still plugged into 1000s of years ago when we lived in caves. Where, for instance, having an abundance of money would have been unsafe due to people wanting to steal from you. You see how this works? This is why the human race is ready to ascend to higher levels of consciousness… Because we no longer live in caves in danger of our lives! Think how much technology has evolved and how little humans have. I’ll let that sink in for a while.

This also means we must let go of mindset work and healing. There is nothing to fix or heal. You were never broken. It’s just your mind and ego that told you so. You are PERFECT the way you are. When my clients reconnect to their Divine Being is when they realise how PERFECT and UNBROKEN they actually are. They see that all there is at their core is unconditional love, and their only job is to reconnect with them every moment of everyday. The more you do this and the less you identify with the false reality of fear (created by your mind due to your conditioning)… The more you will receive unconditional infinite abundance. Because you are literally a match to it at your core. The only thing blocking you from receiving this is your mind and ego. That is why you MUST unplug from it. Becoming an observer to my mind and ego is the greatest habit you can cultivate. The ONLY reason you experience anything other than unconditional love, such as low level consciousness (fear, lack, attachment, scarcity, anger, sadness) is because you are IDENTIFYING with your false sense of self. If you were to reconnect with your TRUE SELF (your Divine Being), you would see that there is nothing but unconditional love.

You are not what you think you are, because what you think you are is just a manifestation of your mind and your mind is just manifestation of your conditioning, which isn’t real. For this reason, you MUST practise being present and becoming an OBSERVER to be able to realise what’s real and what’s not. This is the hardest part of the Awakening process. I call this
the rubber band phase; it’s your ego pulling you one way and your soul pulling you the other. It’s a tug of war. Because your ego needs supply and wants to stay alive. But the less you identify with it, the faster it dies.

Walk us through your journey, from the lowest point to your enlightenment, what does that look like?

At the same time as my stepdad’s passing, I also wasn’t feeling fulfilled by my business coaching anymore (probably because grief puts everything into perspective and encourages you to review your life and increase your standards). I didn’t feel connected to myself, my partner, or anything. Nothing was catastrophically bad, but everything felt shallow. I was seeking for more. More meaning and purpose. And I remember my coach said to me, “when you feel like there’s no other way to turn, that’s when you’re ready for your Awakening”. I really felt like there wasn’t any other option, no other way to go, no other avenues. I felt asleep, just chugging along on an autopilot and “relatively” happy (because everything’s relative when you are still plugged into the Matrix).

When it comes to the changes happening inside of you now, how will it affect the way that you’re going to be teaching and showing up for women?

The last few sessions I’ve had with my clients have been led 95% in a meditative state, which is COMPLETELY different to before where I would lead clients through business coaching. So, by the way, allow this to be your invitation to switch things up! Before, I helped my clients with business and marketing, which I soon became unfulfilled by. Whereas, now, I activate my clients’ connection with their Divine Self, whilst simultaneously unplugging them from their ego and mind.

What is a big manifestation that you want to bring to life at the moment? What does that look like for you now?

I know I’m going to write a book about this process. I’ve had so many people say to me: “Omg! I’m going through this and I thought I was the only one – thank you!”. I know that my gift is to speak my voice and share with my message because, on the shadow flip side, this was always something I struggled with when I was plugged into the Matrix. And it’s always the way that what we “struggle” with is actually our biggest GIFT to the world.

When it comes to projects that are coming up in the future, what do you have coming up ?

I’m offering one off one-on-one sessions, because people are wanting a taster of what an Activation truly is. They experience it and then usually want to dig deeper, and that’s when we continue to work together on whichever basis my clients desire.
Finish this sentence: “My gift to the world is…” Guiding people back to the core of their Divine Being, which is simple: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Which of course is also where unconditional infinite abundance resides. All you have to do to tap into this is to become a vibrational match, which you very simply do through reconnecting back to your Divine Being (as that is already a match because it is at the centre of the abundance of the Universe). FYI: it is not possible to be a vibrational match to unconditional infinite abundance when you’re still plugged into the Matrix (no matter how hard you try), which is why your Awakening must happen. As said, you will KNOW if you’re ready. You will FEEL it, and it will be a feeling which you can no longer ignore.

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