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Melissa Mayer is a Spiritual Mentor and 7 Figure Business Coach. Through her Coaching Certifications she teaches women worldwide how to tap into their gifts and create a life of abundance.

Originally from Quebec, she has been immersed in the personal development space for the better part of her life, joining her parents to seminars and conferences on her free time. After her University studies, she dove into healing and energetics through her work in massotherapy until she found her way home to the coaching space. Today, she is living in Hawaii with her business, coaching thousands in her professional method, Infinite Success Method™, an approach focus on energetic alignment. She proves that you can reach for the stars, and land amongst them.

Tell us how you got into the coaching space?

I grew up in a family where my parents were very spiritual. So, I learned everything about meditation, visualization, intuition, law of attraction, and all that from a very young age. I would go to personal development workshops with them from a very young age too. So, I really grew up in that environment. I always knew I wanted to make a difference in the world. Even as a child, I knew I was here for something bigger and I had a feeling that at some point in my life, my big purpose would be revealed. It was a feeling I felt deep within me.

Did you have parts in your journey that were kind of enlightenments or moments when you felt like you were having awakenings?

Even though I grew up in a spiritual family, I really tried to adapt myself to the world and I was hiding my spirituality. I was making myself believe that I was like everyone and that I could be like everyone. But at some point, twelve years ago, I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. I was not happy at work. I was in a relationship with a guy who was partying a lot and I started to party a lot too and my intuition was just speaking louder and louder and telling me that I needed to make changes in my life. So that was a big awakening moment, just seeing that I was going away from my path and going away from who I truly am. From there, I would say when I moved to Hawaii, that was another big awakening moment for me in 2018. I already had a lot of success with my business. I was at a good place personally, but it’s as if Hawaii opened up a whole new level of what was possible for my life. In the years before I spent a lot of time and energy on building my business. That was my main focus and when I arrived here in Hawaii, it was a reminder to really put myself first as a woman and make me rediscover who I was outside of my leadership role.

How did that start to shift in the way that it manifested into your life?

It started to shift the way I approached my business first. I realized that I didn’t want to be only a business coach anymore, and it took me a while to figure that out. I was realizing changes and shifts were happening in my identity. I really wanted to help women more holistically and open up some of my programs to non-entrepreneurs. I wanted to open up more as a person, as a woman and also as a leader. I stopped wearing that mask of the business coach who needs to prove herself and show the world that she knows what she’s talking about and that she’s good at what she’s doing. I didn’t want to wear that mask anymore. And I’ve opened myself up much more vulnerable and much more authentically since.

What happened when you started to shift into that with your business?

At first it was a little bit chaotic because I didn’t know where I was going. So, I needed a lot of introspection and inner work to figure it out. But then, I would say more and more, especially during the pandemic, something shifted where my intuitive gifts opened up even more and my new vision for my business became clearer. It gave me so much creativity for my branding and my marketing, and really allowed myself to play a much bigger game and really own who I was.

What advice would you give a younger version of Melissa?

I would tell her to believe in herself more because her intuition is incredibly strong and all her visions will come true and even more. I would also tell her that there’s no rush to make an impact and that she will have success anyway. The success doesn’t depend on her going fast. It comes anyway. So, I would tell her that she should relax and enjoy her life a little bit more.

How do you embody success and really show up as this new and improved version of you every single day, would you say?

It’s through the daily choices I make. I’m very disciplined although I am also very flexible with myself. My schedule is very organized. I know where I’m going, and everything is planned. I found that consistency is the biggest key to my success.

What practices do you implement regularly to stay in ease and flow?

Every morning I have my routine and it changes every day. Sometimes I meditate, I can write down affirmations, Oracle cards, and intuitive movements. It really depends on how I feel and what I feel I need that day. So, that’s mostly what I do, and I use my Infinite Success Method™ to identify any emotions, any beliefs that need to be released so I can feel centered and also have my energy clear.

At night I usually put on some lavender essential oils and I have a ritual with my partner before going to sleep. We ask ourselves four questions; What do you want to dream about? What are you grateful for? What do you want to let go? And what is your affirmation? So, that is our ritual to help ourselves transition through a better state and have a beautiful sleep and let go of what happened during the day or anything.

When it comes to the courses that you have; what are the process and enrolment periods for each class and each session that is in your container?

I have two programs that are offered as self-study and offered all the time; “Feminine Power and Prosperity and Creatrix of the new world”. I have one ongoing program with three months, six months or twelve months subscription. It’s called Unlimited Abundance.

There is also the certification program, the Infinite Success Method™ which is open once a year, but starting next year it will become open enrolment. And for one-on-one coaching, I have a one year mentorship that includes a personal retreat in Hawaii, and I also have a few short-term coaching offers for those who want to align their business energetically.

My programs are currently offered in French. There’s only one on one coaching available in English right now and the Infinite Success method will denitely be in English at some point.

What is a BIG vision you want to Manifest now?

I really want my Certication Program to become a healing school. I would like for us to get to a thousand women who are certified. At the same time, I also want to continue to broaden my audience and reach more women with my other programs; my programs for feminine power, and my spiritual programs. I want to continue impacting more and more women.

When it comes to the women that have been in your space, what is something that you really want them to retain the most from the work that you do?

That abundance in every area of their life is their birthright. This is who they are and what they deserve; they shouldn’t settle for less.

Photo Credits – Megan Moura

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