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101 Women Entrepreneurs Doing Cool Sh*t


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This list is long overdue! We’ve met so many talented women entrepreneurs over the last five years at Goss Club and the last three years at Goss Magazine. This is a tribute to YOU. To all you working moms, single moms who support their families and then run a business, women of minorities, women of […]

101 Women Entrepreneurs Doing Cool Sh*t

WElcome to TO THE CLUB!

This list is long overdue! We've met so many talented women entrepreneurs over the years, this is a tribute to YOU. 

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Miss Me Art : Creativity, Narrative, Artful Vandalist


Miss Me’s instagram bio reads “ Artful Vandalism.” Admittedly, it’s difficult to describe her and her work in just two words. But, if you happen to be one of her devout followers, you know that her unapologetic presence is nothing short from real and loud.  Her insight on societal norms and how she challenges them […]

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Limited Access To Internet In China Has Made Me Smarter


If you didn’t already know, most of the Western internet sources are banned in China. Given the government’s political status which is communist by nature, it doesn’t allow its people to access Google, Facebook, Instagram and the likes. In order to access these sites, we foreigners need to use a VPN – virtual private network […]

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