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Forgiveness is an art, a practice, a skill that can be sharpened and refined. It opens space in our minds, hearts, and physical bodies.  It mends, heals, reconnects, and creates closeness and unconditional love.  It sets us free, removes blocks, and lessens our chance of developing any disease or disturbance.   Forgiveness is what can make […]

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I’m grateful to every single asshole that treated me badly in the past, and here’s why. It’s not uncommon to hear coaches and so-called “gurus” wax poetic about how your past is sabotaging your future and keeping you from what you desire – like “knock your socks off” type of love. And while this is […]

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We all need and most importantly, deserve… LOVE. However, we more often than not tend to focus our energies on caring for, and unconditionally loving the important people in our lives that we choose to surround ourselves with. As a result of this, we can frequently overlook one noteworthy individual in particular – ourselves. Take […]

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A year ago, I stumbled across a book called “The 5 Love Languages” on a social media platform written by marriage counselor, Gary Chapman. This book identifies the five diverse ways that we as human beings tend to express and experience the big L word; LOVE.  These five emotional love languages are ; Words of […]

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