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101 Women Entrepreneurs Doing Cool Sh*t


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This list is long overdue! We’ve met so many talented women entrepreneurs over the last five years at Goss Club and the last three years at Goss Magazine. This is a tribute to YOU. To all you working moms, single moms who support their families and then run a business, women of minorities, women of […]

101 Women Entrepreneurs Doing Cool Sh*t

WElcome to TO THE CLUB!

This list is long overdue! We've met so many talented women entrepreneurs over the years, this is a tribute to YOU. 

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Diane Tuazon : On Media Industry, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate


Media Personality, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker Meet Diane Tuazon. From Philippines origins, living the Western coast beach life out of sunny California. Her long lasting career as a news-reporter made her an icon and a recognizable force in the industry. Having worked most of those years in Las Vegas, she decided it was time for […]

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Understanding Your Love Language


A year ago, I stumbled across a book called “The 5 Love Languages” on a social media platform written by marriage counselor, Gary Chapman. This book identifies the five diverse ways that we as human beings tend to express and experience the big L word; LOVE.  These five emotional love languages are ; Words of […]

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How To Maintain Balance In Your Life


A huge emphasis needs to be placed on the importance of maintaining ‘balance’, in our everyday lives. The reality is that we tend to underestimate the maintenance and effort that must go into creating the balance in our lives. Without the presence of a well-balanced life, our productivity, efficiency and success will decrease drastically over time. […]

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How To Develop Your Emotional Intelligence


I was having dinner with my sister in law, when she turned to me out of the blue and said: “you know, I really admire how you never stress about anything. I wish I could be more like that”. It made me realize two things: 1) YES! Finally it was working. 2) If you spoke to […]

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